Arsenal to prove last week’s ‘accident’ was just unlucky?

Arsenal have already bounced back verey well from the defeat away to West Brom last week, putting in an emphatic and exciting performance in the Champions League to blow the Croatian club Dinamo Zagreb off the park with our fluent football and great goals.

But the Gunners must do the same again this weekend as we travel to Carrow Road, with a 14 minute plane ride, to face Norwich City and get the race for the Premier League title back on track. Arsene Wenger has been talking to Arsenal Player ahead of the game tomorrow and while the Frenchman is confident that last week was mainly down to bad luck, he knows that his players need to prove it on the pitch.

Wenger said, “I believe we were very unlucky to lose at West Brom and you have to take a distance with the result a little, even if it is really disappointing for us to lose.

“You have to show after that it was an accident and the way we responded on Tuesday night was therefore vital. After that the confidence can drop quickly so it was important for us to respond quickly and keep our chances alive in the Champions League.

“Our team play was very good, we played like a team, we responded like a team and we played together. My love for football is the team play and I felt the quality of our movement, the quality of the way we combined was very, very strong and when you are responsible for a team that gives you hope for the future. The basic ingredients are there.”

Because of the lengthy injury list currently affecting the club, a lot of Arsenal fans felt that the Champions League game this week was one that we could have done without but as it turns out it could have been ideal. The question now is whether we can carry on from that demolition of Zagreb and take our form into the Premier League.

So which Arsenal do you expect to see tomorrow?

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  1. We beat a Champions league team who are Europe’s version of Accrington Stanley and now we are the best thing since sliced bread. …. Again! ?
    Come oooon!.. ?

    The only bad luck from the west brom game was Wenger’s choice of bringing on Arteta instead of Flamini and as for the penalty miss, Why didn’t Sanchez or Giroud take it, neither of them have missed from the spot, as far as I can recall.

    I always laugh at wengers comments, I’m sure that he would have been a great painter and decorator, as he has mastered the art of covering the cracks!

    How many times has he labeled his team as being immature or naive in a defeat?
    Yet he is quick to give himself a pat on the back, when they win.

    Wenger talks of bad luck, but the truth is, if all the other top teams weren’t under performing as they are, we wouldn’t be hyping our chances of winning the premier league right now!

    1. Nah!…… had to be carzola who’s been rusty and had never found the back of the net for quite sometime now……. I mean it…… Carzola was meant for that penalty(panenka)


      But Arteta is to blame for the whole commotion


      Thank u wenger!

  2. @fatboy I really don’t think you should obsess over every word Arsene says. The man’s intellect is obviously beyond your comprehension. Arsene is accused of being mad for being one of the few people who see the sport as what it should be. Entertainment.

    1. Well said wizardry.. Thank you very very much, it always angers me to see this guys bashing the prof for stupid things, i am an akb but i dont think that he is perfect one can critisize him, but when i see guys here talk as if they are 3 or 4 times more intelligent than AW it really makes me angry, lets be honest the intellectual niveau on this site is pretty low, and many guys here who bash AW (not all) are in comparison to AW as intelligent as Michael Owen or for guys from Switzerland as intelligent as Mehmedi

      1. You are both welcome to your two bob comments ?
        it’s a good job that we are not all like Lemmings! ?
        (Fart… followed by heeheehee)

        My comment was based on facts and what our manager says and does!

        Please show me where I stated that I deem myself to be more intelligent than mr wenger?

        @ wizardry
        I am glad that you found the Wba game entertaining!
        No doubt you are a Harry Potter fan? ?

        @ krish
        Nevermind mate, you can always jog on to Arseblog,
        There’s plenty of AKB’s Lemmings on that site!

          1. stop being obnoxious ? I mentioned that at the start of my first comment!

            Obviously you’re only taking notice of what you want to see, Instead of seeing things the way they are!
            But that’s not entirely Surprising for an AKB!

      2. Your only as good as your last game in Football,

        Its right that AW was praised for at least the first 16 years in charged he has achieved wonders but I find that his lacking a bit lately and putting his personal goals ahead of the Club by taking huge risks trying to prove his critics wrong by not buying

        He is still one of the best managers in the game and can still achive greatness but he has to strengthen his squad with two or more top quality players and we all know which position.

    2. can’t help but Laugh!………… That was one huge counter attack by fatboy……. Just like the one done in an oziL-sanchez-walcott esque!

  3. @Fatboy You are such as pessimist!
    “We beat a Champions league team who are Europe’s version of Accrington Stanley and now we are the best thing since sliced bread. …. Again!”

    Hmm okay so we beat Zagreb. Have you forgotten that this season we have also beaten Chelsea, DESTROYED Man United who were top of the League, MASSACRED Leicester who are the current leaders who have lost to no other team, never mind beating a supposed invincible Bayern team that had won every single game up until then?


    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

    1. Hahaha
      You joker!
      So what were we when we lost to teams that haven’t beaten us for 10 years? ?

      You’re right about me being pessimistic!
      But that’s me ? and my being that way shouldn’t effect our teams results! … right?

      It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of slating someone who has a different opinion, just for the sake of trying to look cool,
      but your comment was completely out of index to my point!
      I am not a Spud mate ?
      when I started supporting Arsenal, wenger was somewhere in France, shoveling manure onto a back of a horse cart lol… So don’t chat ? about smoking pipes!

  4. Listen Baby Please
    We have beaten teams like Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man City but also lost to West Ham, Dinamo, West Bromwich

    We need to be more consistent and go into each match with belief, high intensity and purpose.

    We will get three points

  5. Insults aside, Fatboy is very inconsistent! He says that Arsenal is surviving because the other teams are not doing well. What is the meaning of that? Why aren’t they doing well? Is Arsenal the cause of their poor play? If the other teams are not doing well it means Arsenal is not the only team having an inconsistent season; therefore there is no season to bash Arsenal unnecessarily! Fatboy needs to realise that all true gooners love to win but we also hate irrational behaviour. I don’t intend to compare the intellect of Fatboy and Wenger’s because it is uncalled for here. In any case many of the fans on this website and many others are not reputed for great intellectual capacity as evidenced by the many submissions! More often than not the contributors to these columns speak out of emotions rather than reason. That can’t be a hallmark of intellectuals!

    1. ? It must be that time of the month… again ?
      What is it … with you bitchies ?

      And what is the meaning of your dribble?

      Quote: “Therefore there is no season to bash Arsenal unnecessarily” ?

      Your interpretation of my comment was absolutely ?

      In future.. Just thumb me down and move on officer,
      I am not the subject / topic of this Article ??

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