Arsenal to raid BPL rivals again for striker transfer?

Until Arsene Wenger spends some of Arsenal’s reported £200 million on a centre forward or until the summer transfer window slams shut in a little over a month from now, there will be Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Frenchman with any and every striker the football media can think of.

The Gunners’ one and only transfer of the summer so far has been Petr Cech from Chelsea and while transfers between Arsenal and our Premier League rivals are usually the other way around, there is a suggestion that our next signing could also come from one of our main rivals.

This time it is Edin Dzeko and Man City and while I have serious doubts about the accuracy of the Daily Star report suggesting this, there is a quote from the City boss Manuel Pellegrini which offers Arsenal fans some hope that he could be available.

The Chilean said, “Edin didn’t play the last game as it’s not clear if he will continue with us.

“But he is still working here with the whole squad.”

I think that the Bosnian international would be a good fit with the Gunners and would offer Wenger a very good option and strong competition to Olivier Giroud. He does seem to want to leave and Man City do not seem too determined to keep him but I still doubt whether they would be willing to strengthen a rival as Chelsea did and they are certainly not in a financial position where they have no choice.

Also, Dzeko did play the last 25 minutes of Man City’s defeat to Real Madrid yesterday, so is that another name ticked off the Arsenal transfer wish list?

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    1. Yawns! ………….. Sdhjeryxz tweybxcsgh jaiwn bnzxs klasdeybnxsdytba Dzeko? Jmms,dhjjjne buas nmwebehju *spits*

    2. £200m and we are linked with dzeko and strongly linked with an £8m move for llorente lol what a joke

        1. Ok then “apparently” we have that, even if its not £200m im sure we have enough to buy better then dzeko or llorente!!

  1. Would prefer to run with giroud Welbeck Walcott and akpom than spend big on dzeko. For me it’s about buying a striker who is better than those 4 not adding one of similar quality.

    1. Considering Walcott and Welbeck’s injury troubles, Dzeko would at worst be a good safety net to have. That’s worst case. I can’t see him going for much more than 20ish mil

  2. May be Lord Harris was in
    on the deal when he said
    we can spend mega.
    Perhaps while everyone’s watching us
    move for a super star we are secretly
    bringing in an unknown talent from Bulgaria for 5 k 🙂

    1. Probably get with the times David.. A few seasons ago Santi and Arshavin were our transfer records. Now it’s that sort of money we invest in future players like Chambers.
      Signings for the first-team haven’t been gambles in a long time. Talent’s where it’s at!

  3. I think we’ve got a perfectly good tall centre forward capable of scoring 17-18 league goals in a season. The guy we bring in needs to be ultra mobile and making runs that pull defenders around all over the place, creating spaces, etc, as well as a predatory finisher. In other words, the kind of striker that’ll score against tight defences that we typically draw a blank against.

    I’m quite happy that both rumours regarding Dzeko and Llorente are not that convincing.

    1. umm aside from the ‘ultra-mobile’ part you’ve pretty much described Dzeko… Giroud and Dzeko are both tall, but their style of play is extremely different. Dzeko doesn’t play back to goal nearly as much and is more a traditional poacher than a target man. Their movements are completely different.
      I get that their are far more lucrative targets out there, but judging by the comments I think a lot of fans are selling Dzeko short. When he’s in form he’s pretty deadly.

  4. Scenario: You have £200m – that means you can buy ANYONE except Romaldo or Messi

    Wenger logic: **** that – I want Ronaldo or Messi

  5. I’m not saying this is necessarily the case with all players, or even Dzeko for that matter. But based on a lot of comments about Cech being second choice at Chelsea I think a lot of fans really take being second choice at their current club as the biggest indicator of quality when in a lot of cases with the bigger teams it’s not always the case.
    The two most successful transfers last season in the premier league would have to be Fabregas for Chelsea and Sanchez for us, but if both of them had stayed at Barcelona their first-team opportunities would have been slim at best. I don’t think there could be any reasonable argument put forward questioning their quality and input to their respective teams and if their transfer fees had been between 40-50million I don’t think anyone in their right mind would question the investment. We needed a high-risk, high reward kind of forward who could spark big moments in big matches.. Mourinho played a more defensive, counter-attacking game in which Fabregas thrives in. Both players strengths don’t really fit Barcelona’s style of play but they’ve flourished elsewhere.
    Another few key examples. Look at the Sturridge of Chelsea vs the Sturridge at Liverpool. Or the complete opposite of Torres at Liverpool vs Torres at Chelsea. A lot of the time with strikers they can really flourish and come into their own in different systems. I’m not suggesting for one minute that Dzeko should be our main target, and I too would be underwhelmed if he was our marquee signing. But I also wouldn’t at all be shocked if we did hypothetically sign him and he turned out to be a dominant striker for us.
    I’d still rather Lewi or Big-man Benz!! But there is still a very real possibility that neither of them will want to leave the clubs they’re currently at. Dzek’s is hardly a scrub, the guy is clutch, saved City points on numerous occasions they’ve desperately needed a goal.

  6. True and don’t forget Ashavin
    returned to Zenit 2 years ago
    on a free after costing us 15 mill
    and 20 mill in salary after sitting
    on his Arse most of the time.

      1. Eh?
        Arshavin was worth
        nothing in the end.
        Santi is still worth 15 mill.
        Are you awake yet or what?

  7. Wenger was cursed to be mean.Wenger will remain wenger he dismissed the board statement that we need a striker,he can only be a success as a national team coach where he does not have to buy players.The old man is so jealous when other teams splash the cash,his mean agenda of youth policy and financial fair play Has caused us boring 10yrs wihout a title!!!!

  8. sell welbeck(injury prone)/he will never bcm our no.1 or even a reliable backup striker bcz hes average/we got akpon who will come better/we got better wingers on sanchez,Walcott ,gnabry and Chamberlain ..replace him with dzeko…but benzema or lewadoski

  9. Wenger is really making this superb club his. If board said there is money, there is money. Why do we hv to buy someone only on availability? Why not bid for a wc striker and then who knows, we might even make them available by biding for them. Why the heck do we have to wait for someone to be available before biding. Yea right to prove my point. (Kondogbia to Milan, Vidal to Bayern etc) betchu they weren’t available but Clubs biding for them makes them become available. But Wenger won’t understand this, I mean I wasn’t paid 8m per year to manage a team. My heart’s gonna bleed red again by Xmas if wenger refuse to bring in a wc striker.

  10. Rumours From Benzema, Lacazette, Higuain, Jackson Martinez to Dzeko and Llorente. Very sad if true

    It’s always better to identify a top player early and start negotiating. I’m not saying Wenger didn’t do that, but I hope he didn’t wait for a good deal. That’s great for most transfers but not for 1 very important transfer. We were very lucky to get Ozil on transfer deadline day.

    I hope Wenger at least thinks about these players
    Lacazette, Cavani, Reus, Pedro, Greizmann, Draxler, Aubmeyang and Benzema (albeit 1000% unlikely)

    1. I’m not criticisng Wenger’s financial expertise. Wenger kept us out of the red and kept us in the top 4 for over a decade.

      However, once in a while when you need 1 or 2 top players to complete a team it’s necessary to not be so picky or look for a deal.

      95% of the time go for good deals, 5% get a top player and pay the asking price early like we did with Alexis

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