Arsenal to reject pleas of players to return to families

Coronavirus is starting to get a grip on the United Kingdom at present, forcing the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to once again increase the urgency on those ignoring his previous pleas to isolate themselves.

Premier League football had already been cancelled by the FA, following the news that Mikel Arteta had contracted the virus, shortly followed by reports that Chelsea player Calum Hudson-Odoi had also picked it up.

Both are believed to have recovered now, and the self-isolation period ordered by doctors has now been lifted, but the club have announced that they will not be returning to training as of yet.

The Premier League has extended the suspended period from three weeks to six currently, although there is expectation that once again that could be extended, and despite no football or training scheduled at present, players are having pleas to return to families rejected.

A number of players have asked for permission to travel abroad to accompany families undergoing tough times in the current world climate, but visiting airports and travelling is something that should be avoided at all costs, and the club are continuing to enforce as such.

It is believed that European players have already been denied the chance to return home, and now some of the South American contingent are being added to the growing list of players looking to return to families, but there is no change in the stance of the club.

The PM has made it very clear that everybody needs to limit themselves from going outside as much as possible at risk of a fine, and the club’s stance appears to remain in line with that.

Do we expect any players to go against the wishes of the club? Could players get special dispensation if a family member became unwell?


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