Arsenal to rescue unhappy transfer target Cabaye from PSG?

If Arsenal had been a little bit more determined and a little bit less parsimonious in the transfer window last summer, then the France international Yohan Cabaye would have been an Arsenal player already. As it was, the Gunners offered his Premier League club just £10 million for him.

Despite the player clearly wanting to make the transfer to north London, with Alan Pardew dropping him for a couple of games while his head was not on the job, the offer was dismissed as disrespectful and, unsurprisingly, turned down. A few months later the central midfielder did get his move, to the French champions PSG who paid around double the amount that Arsenal had bid.

But the move has not gone as well as Cabaye hoped, as a report in the Evening Standard reveals, and Cabaye is getting fed up with his lack of opportunities and being used mainly as a sub. With PSG’s multi million pound squad including the likes of Blaise Matuidi, Marco Verratti and Thiago Motta, it is unlikely to get much better for Cabaye either, so it sounds to me as though he is hoping for a return to the Premier League.

The 28-year old Frenchman said, “You have to accept being a substitute, but I don’t resign myself to that. In training sessions, I have to give my best and show my desire to play.

“When I am on the pitch, I feel it is not perfect and that I often have to leave too soon. But I know the coach and staff have to make choices and I respect that.

“Have I spoken to Laurent Blanc? No. What do I tell him? I am 28 years old and not new to the job. But I am not satisfied with the situation.

“Am I completely happy? To be honest, no. It is a new situation for me, but I don’t complain. It is the first time I haven’t played regularly for my club.”

So we already know that Arsene Wenger is a fan and we also know that central midfield is a weak area for the Gunners. What are the chances of a bid from Arsenal in January?

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  1. Hmmm. I think I’ve read this article somewhere. Let’s see…. indeed I have! It’s just a couple of articles away. It’s entitled “Should Arsenal go back in for this £14m midfielder?”

    1. Khedira would be the perfect man to complete the AFC injured XI. Rumours are that our first fixture will be against the Stephen Hawking rollers XI.

      1. Khedira is a walking injury.. We have the most injury prone players in the whole footballing world. So why add another walking injury?

        We can’t be that desperate to be prepared to sign an injury prone player only rivaled by DAIBY on £150,000 to £180,000 a week..

        Please no keep Khedira away from our club. We have so many better DM players out there..

          1. Rumour has it that Diaby would start against Hull but sustained a long term injury while sitting on the bench. How unlucky…….

            Guess we have to wait for our new signing. My prediction is this… If Diaby plays more than 10 premier league games this season Arsenal will be Premier League Champions. So all our hopes Lays strickly on DAIBY. COME ON DIABY. OUR FAVOURITE NEW SIGNING.

  2. Write an article about how are going to get out of this mess! Our star players are injured, our manager has lost the plot and our medical team are a bunch of witch doctors. Can this get any worse??

  3. Good player but we have lots of players in those positions. If were interested in cabaye, y didnt we go for fabregas?

    1. We did not need Cesc at the time he was sold.
      Now, due to the injuries to Rambo, Arteta, and now, Ozil, Wenger is rightly looking at options in January.
      He is also, rumoured, to be looking at Cavani again, presumably because of Giroud and Sanogo injuries.
      Would not surprise me if, he was looking at CB and DM options to in the window.
      HAD Cesc been available in this January window, I am sure he would have snapped him up.
      Cabaye is a top player. He was the Newcastle saviour during his time there, and since he left, they have plummeted to depths of despair. Doubt we will get him, assuming the rumour is true, but, if we did, I for one, would be a happy Gooner.

      1. So after almost 2 seasons with us. SANOGO has contributed the following. NO GOALS and LONG TERM INJURIES… LOL. Probably hurt himself while walking to the bathroom. You know he cant control those legs of his. LOL

  4. Slow football week. I am really bored. Nothing to look forward to this Saturday.

    Atleast I can see Freddie play on Sunday.(Not live though). ISL starts. Anyone saw the reception Pires got in Mumbai?

        1. Sadly it is nowhere near sold out!!Give it another try,am sure you will get tickets!
          and yea I am going! 🙂

          1. Enjoy bro.
            But the online counter is showing us sold out. Thats why we booked the FC Goa match. Cause i want to see Pires. 😉

  5. It would be great if we signed another central midfielder. Because we don’t have enough. While other positions like CB are oversubscribed, the central midfield is somewhere where we just don’t have enough players.

  6. When are Giroud and Debuchy meant to return? I swear Giroud was meant to be out for three months therefore he should be back towards the end of November and Debuchy was two months so should also be back in November?

    1. This is Arsenal. Players never return when they suppose too. Walcott was suppose to be playing already. Apparently he will be back after the international Break. Im holding my fingers crossed to see if that comes true. Injury updates from Wenger is the same as Transfer rumours of players to Arsenal. They are never TRUE

  7. Anyone reckon Walcott and Gnabry will be in the squad to face Hull next weekend? I reckon they could hopefully make the bench.

  8. Read somewhere Koscielny has been pulled out of the France squad due to achilles injury.

    If true, then just great.

  9. I am quite amazed seeing lot of defenders going to Man city & Chelsea.Why can’t we buy kompany’s, mangala’s, cahill’s, terry’s,……..list goes on. I think it is the arrogance of our manager “Arsene Wenger” which is impacting our title chances by only having offensive players but no defensive players. I dont know how our defenders are considered one of the best in premier league. Currently, I would say we have the worst defensive players and worst strikers (giroud, welback & sanogo) in last decade.

    I hope we can recruite Simeone or Martinez for the manager’s position next season.

    Gunners forever………………….

  10. Wenger made a biggest mistake by not signing Fabregas. He should have sold Rosicky and arteta and bought fabregas and sami khedira. Don’t know how wenger thinks. Very sad to see former players playing against Arsenal and winning those matches too…

    Very annoyed and very upset to see our team going down to top teams.

  11. I would prefer Reus

    Reus can play both CAM and Winger
    So, if Ozil is still injured or not at his best Reus can play CAM. If wingers can’t play we can use Reus. Lets face it he will always get chance to play because we have injuries continuously.

    Cabaye won’t be a huge step up from Cazorla and they are both roughly same age.

  12. Btw

    We need defensive re-enforcements immediately,actually months ago.

    January should be priority to get top defender and DM. We can still salvage something from this season.

  13. Also if Welbeck and Giroud are out or not in form, Walcott or Sanchez can play up front with Reus on the wing.

  14. If Kos gets injured and Flamini gets a red card( which is very likely due to his style of tackling), do you guys agree that we are royally F**ed??…. Why oh why do we get these injuries every goddamn year huh ?

  15. 27 comments posted:
    27 negative complaints…
    the fickleness of socalled arsenal fans here is unbelievable…
    hahahahahshshahhshshaha really:
    if u hate another club,being a gunner is not by force..
    u can support city or chelsea…
    atleast chelsea and man city are winning all the trophies every year in Fifa 15 hahahahahhahahahaha…

    1. What are you going on about mate, were not singing cabye it’s almost fact, most of the jokes are satire, we have to be, we can’t all be like mary poppins.
      Trust me i’m grey bald and fat

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