Arsenal to rest Alexis Sanchez for Swansea City clash?

There is another question for Arsenal on the resting of Alexis Sanchez for the next Premier League game against Swansea City and that is whether Arsene Wenger will be able to replace the striker. Hopefully the next two weeks will see Olivier Giroud get back to match fitness and Lucas Perez showing his manager in training that he is good enough to start for the Gunners against the Swans.

Assuming one or both of them is available I think the Frenchman will have to think seriously about starting Giroud or Lucas in the centre forward role instead of Alexis. We know that he is super fit and that he wants to play in every game but the boss needs to be sensible and make the decision for him.

Sanchez is heading off to South America where he is almost certain to complete both games when Chile play In Ecuador on Thursday before hosting Peru in the early hours of next Wednesday. That means he will only be late back to London and will have just a day to prepare for the 3 0’clock Saturday kick off.

I know he has done it before but Wenger needs to make sure we do not lose such an important player to injury. The 27-year old has played in summer tournaments for the last three years in a row and that is bound to take it’s toll, especially with his all action style.

So will Wenger rest his star striker next weekend?


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  1. Zimbo gunner says:

    Nah, let him start and bring him off around the 60th minute for giroud if he is fit. Hopefully we would have got the game under control by then and we can give giroud some important minutes whilst at the same time not disturbing a team that has one 5 in a row.

    1. Dee@ease says:

      We are winning games without Giroud who slows us down,he’s failed us for 4 seasons proving over and over he’s not good enough,I’m pleased he’s injured or not playing whatever because we’re showing we don’t need him!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        There’ll be games when we need him. His physical presence, aerial threat and his capability in holding onto the ball. Don’t forget that despite his speed he’s been our top scorer over the years. Granted you maybe see that as why we weren’t good enough, but Alexis was playing too, as was Walcott. Against Burnley a fresh Giroud would’ve made more sense than a tiring Alexis. I think our first choice is the three we have now (maybe Welbeck break in), but it’d be neglectant to not rely on the second choice simply because you prefer fast players.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    It’s hard to say. If Giroud looks good in training or fit for that matter well then maybe, but I doubt it. Iwobi Alexis and Theo look like they needed one game off from the last three games, Alexis never stops trying so the boss will have to be strong by leaving him on the bench at times.

    All this talk about spu and liv being title challengers is annoying. Did we not not finish above them last season despite us being poor, did we not sort out our defence this season. There are always teams people love to tip at the beginning before they eventually change teams at the final hurdle, pundits are constantly doing this. I cannot recall one pundit at the beginning of a season over the last 5 seasons that tipped a team and stuck with it and then that team winning, I can’t recall one.

  3. Skandalouz says:

    Wouldn’t rest Alexis for Swansea, they have looked pretty strong against Liverpool AND Man City (unbelievable the manager was sacked btw). Giroud looked off the pace in every minute he played so far. Maybe sub him off early, especially if we happen to be ahead by then (L. Perez?).

    I would rest Cazorla in favor of Elneny and perhaps even Ozil for Ramsey (if he’s fit to play after the Interlull). They have played in nearly every game so far and they looked a bit fatigued vs Burnley.

  4. Jansen says:

    Bob, I agree 100% that we should rest Sanchez at the right time. We tasted the consequences in the past when we did not rest him and paid a big price.

    What did we buy Perez for if we are afraid to give him a start? I would start Perez and consider during the game to bring on Sanchez or Giroud after 60-70 depending what the game requires, if anything. No striker can play every game and especially not the way Sanchez plays. Rest him now rather than in November.

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