Arsenal to risk repeat of Vela saga to sign Carvalho?

Arsenal got just 11 goals and six assists with just 62 appearances from the Mexico international striker Carlos Vela, despite him being registered as an Arsenal player from the age of 16 in 2005 until 2012, when Arsene Wenger finally allowed him to leave the club on a permanent basis.

It was clear from the Frenchman keeping him signed up and sending him out on a number of loan spells to various clubs and countries, that he saw something in Vela and kept believing that Vela would come good. And we know that he was right because he has been proving just that with his new club Real Sociedad.

I can see a lot of similarity in the current situation with our Costa Rican international Joel Campbell, who decided to join La Liga club Villarreal in January to get some much needed game time. Campbell has yet to score for the Spanish club so you could understand if Wenger was planning to let him leave as part of the transfer deal to bring the central midfielder William Carvalho to Arsenal, as suggested in a report by The Mirror.

But just like Vela, the Prof has seen a lot of promise in Campbell and Iā€™m sure that he would hate to sell him and then see the striker realise that potential somewhere else. Should we give Campbell more time?

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  1. Look, even if Vela played as well for us as he has in La Liga this year, he would still be sitting on the bench behind Sanchez, Walcott, and Ox. Vela is a good, but not great player that would have rotted on our bench and only played for rotation or injuries. It was and still is a good decision.

    Campbell could still shine in the right system, likely as a CF in a counter based offense or as a support striker in a system with 2 forwards, but he is just a ‘tweener in a system with either 1 or 3 forwards. I am not sold on him as a winger, and I think he has a LOT of work to do to be a central striker, but I like him and I hope he plays well for someone. I just don’t think it will be for us.

    I’ve been wrong plenty before, so I hope I am here.

    1. vela saga is history…. but behind walcott…LOL…sell the whippet asap and put in appropriate bid for dybala before we have another hazard saga on our hands…that would be a real tragic saga….dybala and kondogbia or either shampton DM should be doable…not even closely bank breaking…and as other teams enter the market we cant assume that this year is any guide to next

    2. Vela is a clinical finisher(bar for decissions of wanting a tall striker)….i remember just shortly after wenger had talked about the need for a tall well built striker, messi scored 4against us while the built bendtner failed.
      Vela is far better than walcot n the ox only that he was never given the time like these 2 in his prefered position (striker) otherwise those few moments he got t in carling cup the boy delivered

      1. Seriously? I think nostalgia is getting to you. Vela looked nice but only at youth level. He could not make the step up at arsenal and could only do so in a weaker team and in a weaker league.

        For him personally he has done great because in truth he didn’t have that much talent. Not quick enough or strong enough. Certainly his speed was stronger then his strength. Technically he was sound.

        Since leaving he hasn’t looked all that special but he looks like he has knuckled down.

        Oxlade on the other had is fast and strong. Can dribble and shoot. Problem he has is he needs a run of games to find his form. Don’t know why that is though.

        Walcott hasn’t been great but is coming back from a nasty injury. He did have that year he looked great. And if you was honest instead of reactionary you would have that in form Walcott over any vela.

  2. Please no carvalho he is just to big and slow. The times I’ve seen him play he just trudges around we can get much better players for the same price

  3. OT : The amount of speculation about our team and who we will buy when the window opens is ridiculous…..Wenger plays his cards really close to his chest, im not sure if Bouldy even knows who we are in for…..I prefer it this way though….the only problem is that some supporters read those weak articles in the metro and get all exited and come throw a fit here when we don’t land those players…..after the last two or three windows im beginning to trust Wenger

  4. @noldo šŸ™‚
    Its part of being a fan
    that we rebuild the
    team every week šŸ™‚
    We go crazy when we win
    we go crazy when we lose.
    We live every minute of the season
    Its called being a football fan šŸ™‚

    1. Except these fantasy dreamer fans get all snotty when Wenger buys real players instead of fantasy football types.

    1. Arsenal +transfer news
      (gossip) = fans having
      fun filling in the days
      between matches šŸ™‚
      The adds mean we get a free site
      I am happy with the trade off šŸ™‚

  5. No! Not Carvalho… Shneiderlin is what we need!
    Plus my wish>>> Lacazette in for Poldi.

  6. Campbell got an offer from
    Italy in the summer but the
    club insisted he come back.
    Then realized the squad is massive
    so has sent him on loan. Not the kids fault.
    But hard to see him in the clubs future plans
    so if he gets an offer I’d encourage him to take it.

  7. over-hyped, overrated, outrageous price tag for a player in a mediocre League…. Carvalho can go elsewhere……. I do not want him anywhere near our Team

  8. I like Campbell but I’m afraid I don’t see him being a regular in our starting line up. We have too many players that are just better than he is.

    I’d let the kid go to progress his career elsewhere.

    1. Hahahaahahahahahahaahaha ! get a real life. Pogba’s sale will fund Juve for 2 years.
      Pogba is going for Bale type money, and his wages are going to be in excess of 220K per week. Pogba is moving to superstar level.

      We can buy two top class defenders for that type of Pogba money.

  9. Hearing Schneiderlin deal has some legs…approach made. Good news.

    Lacazette or Draxler to Arsenal…that’s it for Walcott I am afraid. Frankly when I look at the team we’ve been putting out…if we replaced a player for Walcott in that side would we be a better team? I don’t think so.

    Centre Backs – Gab is waiting to replace Per…I guess he must have learnt a bit of English by now so could be in line for a few games. I like the Gab/Kos pairing but with all CB pairings…it takes time to build a partnership of understanding. I don’t see us needing another CB. Per/Chambers/Debuchy/Monreal are options in case of an injury crisis.

    Joel Campbell should move on. Podolski as well. Sanogo is still a work in progress and will take a couple of years – he wasn’t brought in to be an instant success. Even Dybala – I don’t think he will be an instant success but if we can snag him, we should…his best is yet to come. Welbz can and will improve…he will have the breakthrough year much like Ramsey did. Watch for him in the coming season i reckon.

    There isn’t much wrong with our squad. I agree with AW…a couple of top world class players and we have a team who will match it with anyone and enough quality depth for a campaign on multiple fronts. The final pieces of the jig-saw are coming together nicely.

    Really looking forward to the remaining 5 matches this month…especially Man Utd and Villa in the FA Cup final.

    2nd and the FA Cup…I will consider that acceptable returns for the season. If we get those 2-3 top world class players…Next year I reckon we will win the EPL, FA Cup and at least make the SF of the UCL (if not the final!).

    We will be that good. COYG!

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