Arsenal to rival Tottenham for young England midfielder?

Barkley a transfer target for Arsenal?

Arsenal are just days away from being in the limelight of the transfer speculation centre once the January transfer window opens, but just how many will turn out to be home truths, and how many are rumoured rubbish?

Today’s media report reckons that Everton’s Ross Barkley is an interest for the Gunners, with Arsene Wenger supposedly ready to battle with both Spurs and Chelsea for the Toffee’s number eight. Barkley, who plays predominately as a central attacking midfielder has proven himself in the Premier League over the last few years and has become a pivotal figure in the Everton squad. Now with just 18 months left on his deal and rumours he could consider leaving Merseyside, could North London be a likely destination?

The rumours have mainly linked Barkley with a move to Spurs in the build up to the transfer window, but a late push from Arsenal and Chelsea isn’t entirely unrealistic. Barkley however hasn’t exactly lit up the Premier League like it was expected when he initially broke into the Everton team, but his presence to his side has been as ever important and he is recognised as a regular England international.

Personally I don’t see many reasons as to why Arsene Wenger would be interested in Barkley, especially for the price that Everton are probably willing to deal at. In the current market I wouldn’t expect them to sell for anything less than £25-30 million and that’s way too much for a player that the Gunners don’t really need. Although Arsenal don’t really have much cover for Ozil, I don’t think we need any more midfielders in this team so Wenger isn’t going to spend £30 million on a backup player. Furthermore, is he really Arsenal quality? I mean in my opinion I don’t see how Barkely would bring anything different to the team than what we already have. He’s a very similar player to the squad members already fighting for a place in midfield and if Arsenal have plans of using Wilshere next season, then Barkley’s role in the team becomes redundant.

The only reason as to why Wenger may be interested in such a purchase is to have more English/homegrown players in our squad as per the league regulations. Arsenal are close to being at the limit of homegrown players in our squad and perhaps that’s something the club is looking to improve on. Barkley could also be a long term investment, with the player still only 23, but don’t Arsenal already have enough players in his style of play?

Could Barkley be a true link or is it nothing more than a rumour?



  1. Jansen says:

    We don’t need another signing, and I am quite sure we will not sign a single first team player this window. In fairness, the lack of depth or talent has not really been our problem.

    Best to save any money we might have for this summer when Simeone will tweak the squad in his own image. (Griezman??) 😉

  2. marty53 says:

    This is just another pointless rumour amongst hundreds of other stupid rumours that will happen over the next month. Haven’t we learnt that nothing comes of these rumours, let’s just wait and see what happens. I suspect we won’t sign anyone and we know that Wenger won’t be swayed by fans or media expectation.

  3. Alexis the Great says:

    To be honest most rumours amount to nothing, but I still want to hear about them!

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t see it, none of it. Sure we can’t accommodate Wilshere, Ramsey the supposed fav is on the fringes, can’t even get on the wings these days.

    Barkley looked a real talent, he’s still young, and his goalscoring is still alright for a midfielder who likes to get stuck in. He can pop up with an important goal from time, which for a spell has been more than what can be said for our Brits in that area. I like the look of Mccarthy better though, but we should be aiming higher. We’ve got many good players, but we’ve only got so many top one’s.

  5. Wilshegz says:

    We don’t even get linked to quality players or even needed players anymore.

    what is Barkley, Lookman, Pickford? are we Sunderland in disguise now?

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