Arsenal to save Coquelin injury comeback for Man United?

It was a great day in the Premier League for Arsenal yesterday, almost perfect in fact. With all three of our goal shy strikers finding the back of the net and helping Arsenal put in a massively improved performance and inflict a first defeat of the season on Leicester City.

And those three points for the Gunners have made the EPL table a much better thing to look at after Man City lost again and Chelsea could only manage a draw against struggling Newcastle. As I said, though, it was almost perfect but not quite.

For one thing we lost Mathieu Flamini to a hamstring injury. Arsene Wenger suggested in a report on the Arsenal website that Francis Coquelin might be fit enough to play this week, with the Greek champions Olympiakos coming to London for a Champions League game on Tuesday.

I am not sure that we should risk Le Coq for that game though. The other thing that was not perfect about yesterday was another win for Manchester United. Louis van Gaal´s team now sits on top of the league and they are our next Premier League opponents, so we really need Coquelin to be fir and fresh next weekend.

If there is any doubt about his match fitness then, I think we will have to start with Arteta on Tuesday. It might be a risk but in a home game against Olympiakos, the Gunners should still be able to win comfortably, don´t you think?

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  1. I wish Welbeck were un-injured would have stucked with him over this Ox and Ramsey on the wings……..They are just not Living up to expectation playing thr so far!…….and ofcuz welbeck is good defensively as well



    Yea!……save Le coq for the Manure game….Let him regain full recovery, we’d make do with what we have against olympiacos

    1. Do you think the volume of talent we have went against Wenger in trying to sign an adaptive attacker?

      Currently we have Campbell who was a great prospect but unsure about how much he will continue to develop.
      Ox is a great prospect and needs to get game time.
      Welbz can play that spot and he needs game time.

      Next season we will have Gnabry and Wellington Silva back so any purchase could hurt their development.

      I am looking forward to seeing Welbz in a front 3 with Theo and Alexis, Ozil will have a field day releasing that pace and if Welbz can find his scoring boots… I think that could be a fearsome front 3 when all on form.

      I still think we needed a right sided attacker more than a CF and disapointed we didn’t get one, the other side though means we can give our developing talent more oppertunities…

      The problem of being an Arsenal fan 😛
      I would of liked to see talent brought in to help us compete better BUT I am also pleased we give youth a chance >.<

    2. This is exactly what we been saying all summer long that Le Coq needs a back in case of injury, and guess, he did get injured and no back up! This not management it the opposite ! Wenger does it every year and then cries for injury issue lack of Luck, Reffs, and any excuse he can come of with.
      Wenger out.

  2. Wellington Silva is doing good at stoke. Watch few of his game plays..awesome. Ox/welbeck will face strong competition from him. His dribbling ability is eye catching n work rate is exactly same as Alexis.

    1. You already said Bolton ^.^
      From what I have read Bolton are very pleased with him so far, Wenger said that they have a special talent on their hands with Silva and Bolton fans don’t seem to be complaining at him…

      I was pleased to read Silva will get time with Bolton, they have had a soft spot in my heart since Wilshere went to them. I’m looking forward to seeing if he wll be ready next year or will need another loan period but with a EPL club next time.

  3. Can we not play Gabriel as a defensive midfielder just for a couple of games? AW needs to try something different for Man U
    FQ needs to rest so why not of even chambers there with the captain helping him out. Wish Jenkinson was back because the kid is a very hard worker.

  4. ospina
    jenkinson chambers gabriel gibbs
    coq wilshere
    ox cazorla walcott
    is as good as
    coleman stones otamendi shaw
    schwenstiger schneiderlin
    sterling coutinho pedro

    1. @tatgooner………Just cuz most of these players play for oppositions or rivals instead of Arsenal doesn’t mean they are of low quality……Learn to acknowledge a good player!

  5. Hello arsenal fans
    Would you mind answering my question?
    Why is the oppoenets’ color of socks always white while ours always changes?
    Thanks in advance

  6. Chelsea EPL record this season
    Chelsea lost to 11 man City
    Lost to 11 man Everton.
    Lost to 11 man Palace.
    Drew to 11 man Swsnseam
    Drew to 11 man Newcase.
    Won against 10 man West Brom. Won against 9 man Arsenal.
    Drew against 11 man New Castle.
    They just can’t. beat 11 men it seems

    1. And without that thug Costa, cud see loud mouth’s face turning red …. And wen asked, what cud be the problem… He was about to say Wenger…. Gunners are bek… Bring on the Manure…..

  7. Why didn’t we buy a good backup? Now Flamini is injured.
    Arsenal needs to be more proactive in the transfer windows.

      1. Hmmmm. ..I can see why that would prevent us from making any significant signings and decide to manage injuries.
        Good line of thought. Bravo.

  8. I believe he should save Le Coq for the Man U game…Arteta did well in the middle or play Ramsey & Cazorla in the hole with specific orders for Ramsey to sit back and help mostly on the defensive side of the game (he is capable just like too much to get involve ont the attack)! Play Coquelin with 25-15 minutes left so he can get some minutes under his legs and get going for the Man U game…

  9. Honestly,I would prefer we play with everything we have on tuesday,I mean,we need those three points,and no team is a push over these days,but if Coquelin is not fit,then we’ll still with what we have and hope they turn up and perform.

  10. Our best possible team against United would be:
    Bellerin and Monreal as FBs
    Koscielny and ? CBs
    Coquelin as DM
    Cazorla as b2b
    Ozil as CAM
    Alexis and Oxlade on wings
    Walcott up front

    Only thing I’m not sure about is who to partner Koscielny
    Mertsacker = Experience as cb and experience partnering Koscielny
    Gabriel = faster than slow Mert

    1. Selecting Walcott upfront shows that you are one of the forward thinking pragmatic ambitious but most of all possessing footballing intelligence. His pace movement and above all scoring record shows that this mothertrucker is ready to shoot us to the top!
      Love it Sunday night just me and my mate merlot while trouble & strike is cooking!

  11. We made the mistake of thinking only of chelsea completely ignoring dynamo…as if it was already won.
    Let’s not make the same mistake again.
    Short of players. …arsenes fault. He has to “Faire avec”

  12. I very much doubt that Coquelin will be playing on Tuesday night and i wouldn”t be surprised if he is out of action for a few months, let alone being fit to face utd.
    I think that wenger is just gaining time by dragging out the full extent of Coquelin’s injury, He is basically avoiding the backlash for not signing a DM during the summer transfer window and as long as the team keep winning the fans won’t be so disappointed when wenger announces that Coquelin has had a set back and that he will out for 8 weeks,
    (4 months)

    As for Tuesday nights champions league game against Olympiakos, we should know better than to take any team lightly…. We must treat them with respect and field our strongest team possible! Anything less than 3pts will severely damage our chances of qualifying from this group.
    We have enough days rest for the utd game,
    who also have a tricky game against Wolfsburg.
    So no excuses there!

  13. Too many negative vibes Fatboy…come tuesday we ll win. Coq or no coq! Every arse player plater will be pumped up and trusting till the end!

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