Arsenal to seal Benzema transfer after all?

It was by far the biggest and longest running Arsenal transfer rumour of the summer, one Arsene Wenger had completed the surprise signing of the brilliant Czech Republic keeper Petr Cech from our direct Premier League rivals Chelsea (well we thought they were going to be rivals lol).

But Arsenal fans every where were left disappointed when it became clear that the Gunners would not be adding the name of the Real Madrid and France centre forward Karim Benzema to our squad list. The Spanish club and the striker then said that there was never any chance of the move happening, although I am not so sure.

It all seemed to hinge on whether the new manager Rafa Benitez was convinced that Benzema was the best man for the job and the Frenchman needed to know that he was first choice and a valued and vital member of the team. That is why the latest rumours, reported by The Independent, have got me hoping once more that Benzema could soon be an Arsenal player after all.

The report reveals that the Bayern Munich and Poland star Robert Lewandowski could be set for a switch to La Liga and the Bernabeu. His agent has confirmed the interest from Real Madrid and Lewandowski himself has admitted that he has been learning Spanish, so with all the media furore surrounding Benzema at the moment, could Madrid be set to get rid of him in January? And would Arsenal be his next club if that was to happen?

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    1. and they think arsenal’s the best place to aid him (benzema) in prison reforms and rehab!……in accord we say Thanks but no thanks…..

    1. Players should realize Arsenal isn’t in a financial crisis anymore and we remain one of the biggest clubs in England. Fans have their pride and if you laughed at our interest don’t come calling when you’re interested. This is why I’m happy we let Song and Fabregas go, Wenger made an example of them, they left and their careers went to the drain when they could’ve stayed and become legends. We’re on the rise, building a team around the most talented playmaker in the world and are gradually developing a mentality needed to win titles. We don’t want players that will bring their baggage or disrupt the dressing room, we want players that contribute to the team spirit as much as the style of play.

  1. Don’t even mention his name besides Arsenal. He and his friends laughed off when they heard Arsenal links last summer. If you love Arsenal, please don’t speak of this guy. What striker? we are already 3nd in the EPL in quantity of goals. Spare us this Benzema thing. aren’t you tired pal?

  2. I read that Real Madrid will sack Benzema if he is found guilty!
    And if so, how long will Benzema get banged up for?
    (2 years?)
    If he is found not guilty then I expect Madrid will sell him in the summer…but who would want him now?
    We don’t! … That’s for sure.
    With the help of Billionaire Flamini we are going to get Messi and Ronaldo ? Make it happen Flaminiiiiiii ?

  3. No thanks! we don’t need him. I’m sure Wenger will find a player who suits our style of play better.
    OT: do you guys seen the article when Flamini is talking about a a project he invested in 7 years ago (a company which is about to product that can replace oil). He didn’t talk about it until las week; his family knew it a year ago. He’s about too be richer than Messi and Ronaldo( in other words than any other player). I was suprise but that was very intelligent of him anyway…(wish him the best cuz he seems to be a great guy).

  4. We do not want him.
    Perhaps he can get a part in the remake of Escape to Victory with Stalone!

  5. Benzema will suit Chelsea, afterall they’re sinking downwards. He (Benzema) can sink with them.
    Arsenal is a bigger team, Arsenal are interested in Messi, maybe Bale and d likes.Those are top players, those are Arsenal kind! Benzema? No! We deserve better. We wanted him, he daunted us, now he’s wanting us, we’ll snub him…. GOYG, we are a top club!!!!

  6. arsenal is not a dumping site…I would not like dreaming of benzema in arsenal jersey… NOOOOO….
    arsene has a personality that I admire.. once you show some disrespect to him especially when he’s interested in you then he forgets you don’t worry arsenal fans. Wenger isn’t even scouting or interested in him any more

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