Arsenal closing in on Paraguayan star (plus video)

Arsene Wenger confirmed that he was close to sealing deals to sign Lucas Perez and Shkodran Mustafi at the weekend, and they are now reported to be close to signing Lanus midfielder Miguel Almiron also.

The transfer window will close at 11PM on Wednesday evening, and it could be another busy one for our club, as we look to complete three deals between now and then.

Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez will hopefully be announced before Wednesday, with formalities having begun before the weekend, and Paraguayan journalist Ruben Dario Da Rosa has now revealed that Arsenal are also close to signing Almiron also.

Which roughly translates as ‘Miguel Almiron is very close to England’s Arsenal, for €9.4 Million’. My understanding of the latter part of the post is that 20% of the fee would belong to somebody outside the club…

We have seen Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini leave the club since the end of last season, and Granit Xhaka is the only replacement who has so far come in to cover for their exits, and Almiron could now be set to join our star-studded midfield.

The exciting youngster will be somewhat of an unknown to the majority of you, but some kind people have created a Youtube video of his impressive skills, goals and creative vision.

Could he be a future star for our club? Or do you think he could earn a role for us on his prospective arrival?

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  1. Unknown, Check. Midfielder, check. Young, check. Resale Value, check. Typical Arsenal signing, although, I don’t think Wenger would spend right now. In other news, Wilshere seems to be heading out on loan. That is a win-win as we would free up some wage bill and Jack gets regular game time.

    1. Free up some wage Bill? is it your money? Does it change the way the club operates? What happens when Ramsey , Theo, Ox , cazorla etc get their regular 3 months seasonal injuries? What happens? We have a big squad full of fragile players and I am sure that the injury situation won’t change.
      We have changed Physios and use sport science and still the players are getting injured. Solution, get the squad as big as possible so that when it happens there is adequate replacement. Simple.

      1. We have too many midfield options. There are 5 midfield slots and we have the following players: Wilshere, Cazorla, El Neny, Xhaka, Coq, Ozil, Ramsey, Theo, Sanchez, Iwobi, Welbeck and Ox. That is 12 players. To retain so many players would mean, even if all the first choice players get injured at the same time, there will be a couple of players who wouldn’t get chances. The best thing to do with them is, if they have a future, then loan, else sell them. Don’t forget that Wilshere is one of the highest paid players. Wage bill doesn’t mean a damn thing now, but paying for a player that you don’t intend to use is even more worse.

        It might turn out to be pretty good for us, as I think this may be Santi’s last full season and might become a bit part player next season. Wilshere needs to play consistently so that we can assess whether he can replace Santi or we must be looking elsewhere. And Wenger saying Jack to go on loan, Jack, of all people, shows signs that Wenger is ready to be ruthless and go for the title this season. Atleast let us hope he does. If Wilshere does go on loan, it might mean that this is Arsene’s last season indeed.

        He is a good player, too good to be second choice, atleast for England’s sake. I think this would be a win-win for both of them and Jack will return strongly.

        1. Everyone is right about the loan thing. The problem with Arsenal injuries is that , they are hardly ever spread.
          Some years ago all our strikers and wingers got injured . We had Arshaving as striker.

          Last season it was the midfield. Rambo cazorla Coquelin JacK Theo and OX got injured at thesame time. I couldn’t belive it.

          This season we had Per , gabriele then rumours of Kosielny back pain. I was almost going mad.

          Our injuiries usually targets one position and murder it.

          A loan is good. I don’t just trust the innjury situation of the club to change. We already loaned out campbell as well.

        2. The more the merrier! The mid field is the engine of the team. We also need options when the form of some players drop. There will be competition amongst them and hopefully this will bring out their best.

      2. Why do you think a bunch of talented players would be satisfied riding bench? Jack is clearly not happy with that, and Wenger has obviously not guaranteed him a starting spot like he usually does every season.

    2. If we do get this guy I just hope he can have more of an impact than ox and Walcott.

      But i really do just think that with the signings we have already made Arsenal need to be brave and make that galatico signing. Go all out and make a player the most expensive In the world to give the likes of Sanchez and Ozil something to stay for. Whether it be griezmann or aubameyang and make them the poster boy of Arsenal the way Ronaldo and Messi are for thier clubs then clubs will fear us again.

  2. Sky: Arsenal will allow Wilshere to go on Loan. This is something strange I never expected. Anyways it seems to be good idea as he will not be getting that many chances as our MF is overloaded. He should be loaned out to some EPL team and not out of England.

    I hope OX is also loaned out so he can also play regularly.

    1. u want to loan out ox and jack?
      we have 60 plus games to play . wtf hahaha no chance

      loaning jack is bizarre to me ….unless.we’re…u know…come on …C.O.M.E ON … dont be shy…its ok no-ones ….u can say it…unless we’re bu…AH almost…
      come on say it……

      1. As far as i’m concerned Wilshere is too slow and too lazy. he lacks stamina. for his height and size he should be more mobile! if he doesn’t improve on his loan (that’s even if they play him!) we should seriously consider letting him go!
        Ox too has to step up. He’s always putting Monreal in a tight spot by not falling back. I don’t know why Wenger doesn’t shout at him when he does this (or when other players are not up to it).
        Wenger has to be more vocal. He needs to correct the wrongs during the match and not after it!!!!

  3. Just saw @RSH state that Wilshere has been told to find a club for a loan. If that’s true then it’s JACKPOT for every party involved. We get him off the bench and Wilshere gets the chance revive his career.

    Concerning Almiron, never heard of this guy. But he’s South American: that already makes him exciting player to watch. He’s a LW apparently, but if we actually buy him and he cost less than 10 mils, then we probably won’t get a working permit for him and he has to be loaned..

    1. i know all about the kid…ive watched 4 really grainy videos on youtube in past 12 mins
      im talking 240p here…
      an either he looks good or its a walk through of tetris

      damn u retro technology!

      1. That sounds like all you need to become an expert on the player… What do you think Muff? Sign him up? Gonna be better than Messi?

  4. wilshere to be loaned. Perfect!! Thats balls my friend Arsene, you find them.. Its abou time…

    1. see i dont know if your saying its about time or its abou time…like its injury man time (shouts out to glass man diaby- we miss u like tupac big homey)

      its chico time!

  5. Loaning Wilsher is a bad idea all round. We have loads of games to play and we have a huge reputation for injuries. Who was surprised When ramsey and iwobi got Injured?

    Who will be surprised when cazorla, Coquelin , Walcott and Ox get injured? Truth be told, I won’t be surprised when that happens.

    I know it is good for Jack to get games , but this is poor move from the club. Why? I don’t trust our players to stay fit.

    people may thumb me down but I don’t see Ox , Theo, Rambo, Kosielny, Cazorla etc STAYING FIT. If i did, i would send them jack on loan but I don’t just see it happening.

    1. Oh the irony..

      If OX, Rambo, Theo, Boss and Santi get injured, it doesn’t change a thing because Wilshere will probably be injured as well..

      1. Well That is true. I would rather take the chance. I don’t trust the players to stay fit. Thats all am saying. Cesc always got injuired at Arsenal. Went to Barcelona and Chelsea and played every league game.
        How many games till Ox hold his hamstring? Just how many games? What about Rambo , Theo , Cazorla etc

    2. Yeah, we have a bad reputation for injuries BECAUSE of Wilshere. Ramsey’s worst injuries are usually one month tops, so it’s never a huge tragedy (obviously excluding the leg break). Wilshere is always majority of the season. Guys on big wages too. A loan is what he needs badly, because now nobody can even justify him starting in any game, because everyone’s better than him at this point since he hasn’t been able to play a decent game in 2-3 seasons. Wilshere needs to leave his comfort zone and revive his career. He will achieve nothing this season warming the bench. We have too many superior midfielders at this point to justify Jack starting. Plus, his loan may give Reine-Adelaide a shot at the 1st team as well.

  6. Wilshere to be loaned? Well good or bad u gotta say that wenger regained his guts to make decisions in the last week or so…
    Acc to me loan works perfectly for him… revive ur career mate.. ofc it will hurt to see him play in another shirt.. but i believe he will be back stronger… COYG..

    1. Guts … Not really it’s clear santi is ahead of him in starting 11 wenger favours the mediocre ramsey as second choice and wilshere has stagnated over last 3 years with injuries … Easy for both ….Guts would be saying Walcott is surplus and should go … But he knows no top club wants him and no average club can afford his stupid wages … He’s arsenals albatros

  7. Wow Wenger loves them left footed playes , doesn’t he? I can’t remember any team in football with so many left footed players


  8. Jack Wilshere was seen as future arsenal and england captain, remember him as an 18 year old showing barcelona how to play football at the nou camp.

    Now it is on sky sport that we are considering loaning him out. We did not envisage that six years ago, perhaps being forced to sell but not loan out. And all because of injuries.

    1. I don’t believe Wilshere will be loaned out, I could imagine for six months but with Ramsey injured I don’t see Arsene going for it. We’ve only four senior players who play that position besides Jack and Aaron. He bought Xhaka because he said we are short after three leaving, my opinion Wilshere is not getting loaned.

  9. If true then wenger has really put huge emphasis on Rene -Adelaide to get games in midfield thus season and from what iv seen the boys class 18 but a beast.

    I just wish Ramsey/thei the one season wonders follow suit, atleast wilshere we know is naturally talented and it’s only his injury record that is proving to be a hindrance, but those 2 season after season of garbage living off the past.

    1. If Ramsey was an English international he’d get first team football no doubt whatsoever. He’d get it ahead of Jack simply because he has more about him.

  10. Well,, Juventus fans have open a page already for jack wilshere as a potential pogba replacement. That was quick. Not bad for a so call average player.

    1. is he guaranteed game time at Juve though? Pjanic, Marchisio, Kherdira will certainly all be ahead of him.

    1. I don’t want to see a midfielder coming in unless it is something big! Like ISCO or James, else I’d prefer to give game time to our youngster.

      1. Isco yes James no. That 60 odd mil would be better put towards a striker. Even if it means waiting til the next window.

  11. I seen another article by his manager or else club owner saying that there is no truth to this story. He said Almiron will make his way to Europe one day but stays with us for now. And Almiron himself was being very vague with his comments. I couldn’t understand what he was hinting towards. Maybe just trying to get himself a move I reckon, with it being that time and all.

    If it were true only someone really talented would basically try scupper the deal by revealing everything about price agreed but nothing signed. It’s not like a bigger club than Arsenal is gonna come in at the last minute for a player who scored two goals and one assist (I think) over a season.

    1. i read the same thing. Sometimes we get linked with random south americans. It happens. Can’t see us paying a reported 11mill for this guy. We would bring in another midfielder, but let Jack leave? Don’t buy it for a second.

      1. At less Jack is now down to pecking order. We don’t see that for years. So, the worst thing for him could be close. Nothing is impossible.

  12. Apart from this Almiron kid talent, ain’t AW learn something about buying South Americans? Working permit, hello?!!! This kid might spend his time moving around Europe before he plays for Arsenal (or he’ll never be). Wellington Silva, Joel Campbell?

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