Arsenal to secure brilliant transfer for young striker

It was never likely for Arsenal to use our young French international striker Yaya Sanogo as a first team player this season. And the fact that the tall 22-year old was not one of the fringe players included in the Arsenal squad for the pre-season visit to Singapore to play in the Barclays Asia trophy confirmed this.

But Arsene Wenger has always had high hopes for the striker and is clearly not ready to give up him just yet. The loan move to Crystal Palace at the end of last season did not work out as well as we hoped, even though it did give Sanogo some more Premier League experience and allowed him to add an FA cup goal to the Champions League one he scored for us against Borussia Dortmund.

It is definitely his finishing that needs to improve though, as his all round game has been pretty effective for us when called on. So who better to learn from than one of the best strikers to ever put on a pair of football boots? And the fact that Dennis Bergkamp is the assistant manager at the Dutch club Ajax, where Sanogo is heading on loan according to a Metro report, will hopefully see the young Gunner get in the goals and come back to north London ready for more first team action.

Will Bergkamp get the best out of Sanogo or will this be the beginning of the end for his Arsenal career?

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  1. Wonder what Wegner plans for Sanogo in his future?

    But as an interesting OT discussion what do you think OBJECTIVELY of Arsenal’s current squad taking into account all the transfer business confirmed thus far

    Chelsea – Falcao, Begovic
    United – Darmian, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger
    City – Sterling

    1. If there will be another signing then it must be a striker. A real one, not an enabler like Giroud or uni dimensional as Walcott. There are options. Quite some options, honestly.

      1. Elaborate if you don’t mind. The popularly touted name is Lacazette but who do ou have in mind and what are our chances with or without him.

        1. Lacazette can be one, no doubt about it but you must understand that there’s nothing that can prepare you for an EPL shock. Unless you are Sanchez, that is. You can risk above 30 million if you don’t fear default on your debt like Manure but Arsenal must weigh a lot this kind of expense. Here’s what I have in mind and I know that all these are going to add AT LEAST depth to the team : Hernandez (Manure will happily sell), Huntelaar (got at least two good seasons in him and all you have to do is to tell him stay in the area, this guy is a predator), Aubameyang (easy to adapt to Wenger style), Icardi (another predator similar with Inzaghi), Di Santo (he played for Chelsea, Blackburn and Wigan so EPL is something he knows. Right now he’s the send of gods at Bremen).
          I don’t want to point to the obvious targets like Muller, Lewandowski or Cavani because this is self writing. I am pointing to real targets, something that can add these 10-15 goals extra per season.
          I would like to add Benteke on this list but I believe the price for him is unrealistic and I am afraid he is well known in EPL, easy to mark by an experienced defender.

          1. I am glad Budd is not our manager, if he really thinks that Chiharito is better than Giroud, then there is no need to argue with him further!

      2. Lacazette!

        Killed it at his native league, aged 24, quick, good dribbler, French (lol), not way overpriced.

    2. Chelsea-cech,drogba (fillipe,mikel,ramires,remy could all go)
      united rvp,nani,falqao (di maria could still go)
      city milner,richards

  2. I really hope we sign some quality players, if we don’t then I will be SERIOUSLY DEPRESSED going into the new season….The united w*nkers here at work are going at it all day…..

  3. Sanogo gets waaaaay too much crap on here…
    Is he anywhere near good enough for the first-team? No way!!
    But he’s still an incredibly young striker with a massive potential upside. Absolutely nothing wrong with loaning him out for the season. Hopefully he can have better luck with his injuries.

    1. Ajax is a good place for Sanogo to learn more about his trade and while doing so he’ll create space in the squad for us to get a striker who’ll bench Giroud!

  4. We need Sanchez level type of players,I’m really worried teams are strengthening while Wenger says Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott are “like new signings”

    1. he never said that. he said their injuries effected our season and they are fit now.

  5. I like the site cz it keeps me busy especially during the hectic transfer period.. am also a web developer and i admit that keeping people wanting more and more is a real target for whoever owns it but REALLY ADMIN???..SH*T HEADLINE, SH*T ARTICLE…we can do rather we go back to the rivalry of AKB’S and WOB than deal with these type of posts…As for sanogo, he better improve wherever he goes or we offload him next season cz these might become another bendtner case

    1. The time will soon come, when the world will prove us wrong once again. And the fans will come out with their claims. Have feith, be patience. If you are a real guuner you stick to your club no matter what. If we had one striker we would be winning the leuage. If we had one more Dm we would win the leauge, and so on. Excuses overload.

      Or before yesterdays there was one dude who said he loves the club so much that he doesnt give a damn about winning. Wenger is such a lucky dinosaur. I fail to understand people with a loser mentality. Football is about playing and winning.

  6. the truth is that there are maybe 4-5 fitting titles you would’ve use for this article. stop doing nonsense #Admin

  7. manure have brought 2 good mf’s in a week Schneiderlin will cost Man Utd around €35m. Plus over €100k a week Manure also in the market for a striker so we have to be smart . If it comes down to money they win all the time

  8. the reason maybe wenger has let schendrlin go may not be just due to money rumors that we are looking at david alaba of Bayern can play as cdm & lb & is interested in Arturo vidal fingers crossed

  9. The school of football will teach him two or three thing to be a decent striker. With good education i reckon he will come good provided he keeps himself away from the injury table. He just needs to improve on the technical aspect of his game. He already has the pace and power to bully defenders in the prem.. All the best Yaya

  10. Looks like big clubs complete their major transfers before they go out on their pre-season tours. Maybe since Arsenal is out already it is safe to expect no more major signings.

  11. OT: Would you rather we sign benteke now and all of a sudden cavani,benzema,greizman becomes available at the end of transfer wndow? i know wenger likes the waiting game to see if a super signing becomes available at the dieing minute.isnt that how we signed ozil? so can we stop whining and wait.i know sometimes it backfires but let us give him the benefit of a doubt and wait until transfer window shuts pls….but my guts tells me wenger is going to sign that sevilla dm kyroshawk i can recall the spelling and what no one is even looking at is our lb sorry to say this but gibbs cant cut it..thanks to monreal last not saying he is not a good squad player but we need better..and ghoulam is rumour is to be believed is a serious lb.i watched him severally at napoli last season…like every other person who is a true gonner we should wait…boy o boy the two manchester clubs are digging it..premier league this season will be one hell of a competition and if u feel man u isnt a contender then am sorry for you…

    1. We have depth, we have quality now we need game changers…Benzema, Cavani, Higuain, can they drag us over the line? Can they do what Suarez did for Liverpool? The young ones like Lacazette or Aubameyang are as much a gamble as sticking Theo upfront as a striker all season long, hit or miss. We are screwed either ways and unless players like Suarez, Aguero and Ibrahimovic, perhaps Muller are what we are looking at, there are not many proven strikers out there we should be fighting over, afterall Giroud was the highest goal scorer in France before he came to Arsenal.

  12. Sanogo is never going to make it at Arsenal. Joel Campbell has far more potential and isn’t getting a chance. Happy he’s going on loan because I’d like him to surprise me, but I just don’t see it happening.
    Also, am I the only one who’s not massively worried about next season? Seems like everyone has lost their shit since United picked up Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin. Let’s be honest, Schneiderlin is no better than what we have and while Schweinsteiger is a top class player, he’ll spend a good amount of time on the treatment table. Good buys for sure but they’re not as incredible as people have made them out to be. Not worried about City either, ageing squad and they’ve just spunked £50M on Sterling so have already lost a substantial amount of transfer money. I think it’ll be a close season but if we pick up a quality striker we could win the league. It’s definitely a three horse race between us, Chelsea and United. Shaping up to be a great season of football whatever happens.

    1. Couple of things I would like to correct : Campbell had regular play at Villareal and Olympiacos while Sanogo played what? 8-10 games a season at Arsenal? And some at Palace? Campbell had all the time in the world to prove what he is. Unfortunately Wenger was right, he is not EPL material.
      Secondly, I doubt 50 million quid will make City poor. They have a laser printer at Etihad and they print money as they find fit in order to buy whatever they want. That’s the sad truth.
      As for Manure, well, you may be right but don’t forget we dominated the game at home and we lost 2-1 against them. Never rule out any of your competition. Doesn’t end well.

      1. Just don’t see Sanogo making it. Injury prone, touch of a rapist and couldn’t finish his dinner. Would love the kid to prove me wrong but I just don’t see it. I agree about Campbell, but at this minute in time, he is more promising and he doesn’t get into the team so why would a lesser player in Sanogo have a chance anytime soon when we continue to bring in world class upgrades.
        Never said City would be poor, but they are lighter by £50M and £200K a week. Any club regardless of the owner would notice that amount of money so they might be a little bit more cautious when it comes to bringing in more players as they’ve spent so much on so little already.
        As I said, United have made good buys, but I just don’t see them as the world beaters that many do. Schweinsteiger is a great player but he may not have the legs for the prem anymore and even if he does he may not have the chance to prove it when he seems to spend at least half a season out injured every year. Schneiderlin is also a good player but does he eclipse anything we’ve got? No. United have a good midfield now but we have better. We also have a better defence than them. Throw in a world class striker which I have a feeling we will be getting and we are streets ahead of both Manchester clubs.

  13. This will be the Most competitive season in the epl history,looking at our title rivals next season according To what they have bought we will be battling for fourth with liverpool,according to my transfer scorecard so far!

  14. You are absolutely right about the dumb**** click bait articles, but regarding the ads, ever heard of AdBlock?

    1. Justarsenal is a very good site.
      The site is well run and
      the articles up to date.
      Giving members the chance to
      write articles is great.
      I go no where else for my Arsenal discussion.
      If your not happy jog on.

  15. All the others doing real business and we sitting here and watching and wa%nking around.

    1. I already do, don’t worry. This site opens in aggregator for me, I assume it will take a a while or I must empty cache on all browsers until it won’t show up as a visited site. Back in the time it used to actually have way less ” articles” but I assume the admin wanted some extra cash and started this $hit with polluting the site with senseless titles just so people will click on it. Not sure who are you to be honest. You seem very new around here but hey, you can start writing articles so that we can enjoy.

      1. I’d pay 20-25 million plus Ospina to Everton for Lukaku. Mourinho won’t know what hit him. Lukaku has shown he can score goals in the EPL, fast and strong too, with a midfield like ours behind him, there’s no saying what he can do, he was pretty quiet last season but Everton had generally poor season.

  16. Wenger has 9 games to assess the
    team before the window closes.
    By then he should know whether
    Giroud Wellbeck Walcott
    Chamberlain + Sanchez
    are enough up front.
    Similarly he should know whether
    Coquelin Arteta Flamini are enough at DM.
    And finally whether Cech needs one or both
    Szcz and Ospina as back up.
    Sadly I anticipate injuries before Sept 1 so
    I would not be surprised if
    Wenger goes with 3 more players.
    DM, a versatile CAM and a wing/striker option.

  17. At this stage Wenger should not need to assess these positions, (with the exception of the GK’er).
    I cant understand why we didnt do the same as MU and try and get new signings on the plane for Singapore. Are we in for Cavanni that will allow PSG to sign Di Maria?
    I notice Di Maria is not in MU’s pre season squad, he’s going somewhere!

  18. Damn it I just thought of something.
    Maybe Di Maria to PSG will allow Cavanni to go the other way to MU!!
    if MU sign EC I’m off to hibernate in bed until September the 1st!

  19. I really wish justarsenal would stop with all the articles about transfer targets that the media make up on a quiet day. I mean seriously nearlyvevery article i read at the moment is a trabsfer runour with the metro as its source. Its getting beyond a joke and us fans need to stop taking all these rumours so seriously. Only a couple of weeks ago we were made to believe we had signed Vidal and 90% of people on here were putting up there best Arsenal XI all with Vidal in them. This week we are told we are in for Evans and everyone loses there minds. Funniest thing is we havent signed either of these players so why waste so much energy on a bloody rumour? Sorry for going on but this really bugs me. Just enjoy your summer and take no notice of media vlick bait bulls**t

  20. Thank goodness he is going on loan now we have room to sign a top quality striker. And i suggest Welbeck should take the same route, we need as much room as possible for real quality!

  21. Let’s stop castigating this site. Yea, improvement is needed but it’s really doing a good job. I’m sure loads of people come in for the arguments like me and not necessarily the article.
    On a lighter note, let’s just put our faith in Wenger as we hope on a super striker. Please, I won’t want anybody to mention higuain when mentioning those we need. The guy is cursed and we definitely don’t need him. COYG

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