Arsenal to see best of Ozil against Bayern Munich?

While I am a big fan of the Arsenal and Germany play maker, I have to admit that all the recent criticism of Mesut Ozil has been on the mark and well deserved. Our number 11 was largely anonymous once again in the Premier League win over Hull City and that makes it three games in a row when the attacking midfielder has been challenging for the role of worst player on the pitch.

The fact that we all know that Ozil has the ability to be the best player on the pitch makes his bad games all the more frustrating. Mesut playing the way he has in our last three games is not going to be much help in the massive Champions League away game at Bayern Munich, but an in form Ozil could help Arsenal to upset the odds and reach the quarter-finals, and I think that this draw against the German champions could be just what the doctor ordered.

Ozil was recently voted the best player by the German public and he does tend to turn it on against Bundesliga clubs. If I was Wenger I would be having serious words with Ozil and telling him straight that his form needs to show a big upturn in Munich.

We do have options after all, with Iwobi and Oxlade-Chamberlain both playing well at the minute, but will Wenger stick with Ozil and will the chance to shine in his home country again get the best out of him?



  1. Break-on-through says:

    Neville says we can’t win the crown with Mesut in the team, I see where he’s coming from. Leic done it with Marhez however, who himself is very lightweight in certain areas. Mesut is in the centre though, and that is where the battle is won and lost with it being so crucial. Leic also had nine work horses in each of the other areas, and lets not forget the collapse of other big team rivals. I think Mesut should play in a front three of Mesut Danny Perez, with Alexis taking up central responsabilities, Iwobi and Walcott are light defensively anyhow so lets put a guy there who can hit the perfect cross. If Alexis must be up-top, say Danny’s not ready, he didn’t look as good v Hull. Well then I’d go with Iwobi. Mesut is our most expensive player, yet his performances have been some of the worst ever seen in an Arsenal shirt.

  2. Bobbyraz says:

    he should be benched

  3. frank says:

    Wenger should play a defensive game with counter attack but he won’t so we will probably be dominated in midfield. If Ozil plays, we will lose.

  4. ger burke says:

    i would like to see ozil have a great game against munchen, but i doubt he will . he is totally over rated at this point in his career, sadly for us.he no longer has any intrest in playing for the arsenal in my opinion . he is never dropped, so he knows he is safe, and his manager will back him to the hilt.i would give anything to see the ozil, the old ozil , the ozil before he joined us , turn up against munchen. but i very much doubt it , but i am hoping i am wrong .

  5. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I do believe we could win the match, with Ozil and without Ozil..depends on the selection Wenger makes. we all know the man gets his selection against big teams wrong always.
    with Ozil play

    Ox has been brilliant yes no doubt but Xakha gives us more edge..he just needs to channel his aggression to the right things.

    without Ozil play


    Giroud walcott second half.
    Perez has been turning up, we’ll need his pace,creativity n positioning against bayern’s defenders. only thing Walcott has is pace. With these line ups we get to defend as a team n still attack more faster. if i was wenger i’ll tell em to take cjancss inside the box and reduce the 360 degrees passing between themselves and i’ll tell Ozil to up his game and tell the team “I DESERVE MORE! THE FANS DESERVES MORE FROM U BOYS!! I’VE ALWAYS TOOK THE FALL FOR U GUYS BUT I DONT NEED JUST A WIN, NOW I WANT U BOYS TO FIGHT FOR DAT UCL!! TURN URSELVES INTO LEGENDS!!! U MIGHT THINK UR FAILING ME, UR ONLY FAILING URSELVES IF U DONT DO THIS!! TAKE THEM AND RIP EM APART! SHOW NO MERCY, I BELIEVE WE CAN AS A TEAM”

    well dats a fairytale, i doubt wenger ever talks to his players or motivates them.
    i hope he does this time..i hope!

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