Arsenal to sell Alexis Sanchez after PSG’s £70m transfer bid?

This may just prove to be an offer that Arsenal cannot refuse, despite the recent comments from Arsene Wenger about the Gunners deciding not to sell Alexis Sanchez during this summer transfer window. Those comments were made, after all, when it looked like it was our Premier League rivals Man City that would be the destination of the Chilean international star.

How much difference will it make to the Arsenal board and our manager that it is now the French club PSG who are bidding to buy our star striker? Quite a bit I presume and with The Mirror also reporting that the value of their bid is around £70 million when the previous fee talked about was something like £50 million or less it really will be a hard offer to refuse.

We have been hearing through the Arsenal transfer rumour mill that Alexis wants to stay in the EPL and play for Pep Guardiola once again and if Arsenal make him see out the final year of his current contract we will only be putting that off but with PSG said to be willing to more than double his current salary and put all their focus into winning the Champions League I think he would join them if we let him.

So is it time for Arsenal to sell?


Updated: July 22, 2017 — 10:56 am


  1. The mirror is the same source that said Sanchez has agreed a move to bayern for 350k a week.

    1. And in june said Alexis would join Man City by the end of the week. Maybe time has stopped and we are in mid-june lol. Anyways as i said unless the put up like 160m i doubt we are going to consider it. Alexis is at least half as good as Neymar and if PSG are prepared to spend 197m on Neymar then Alexis is at least 160m.

    2. Sell him coz it’s not fair that a world class player has to stay at a club like West Ham for another season and until wenger goes and Ramsey xhaka Walcott elneny and the other 10 rubbish players we’ve got go nothing will change! To think griezmann waited for a while transfer window for wenger to sign him but it never came so he went the to think kante was all done for wenger to then choose xhaka and he was offered kante before Leicester city to think Mendy was offered for 4mil but wenger thought it was to expensive to think bakayoko was the player wenger needed more than lemar but didn’t bother and ontop of that he’s the only manager to of not been able to buy one Monaco player is laughable! And van dijk 10mil from Celtic when mertesacker was our first choice lol This is the team we would of had if we had a manager who sees clearly!

      Alexis. Ozil
      Mendy bakayoko kante bellern
      Koscielny van dijk mustafi

  2. If Alexis goes abroad then so be it, but we must never strengthen our league rivals unless it’s for silly money. Alexis is not getting any younger and if our direct competitors want a 29 year old player turning 30 at the end of his contract, then that’s better than giving them to him now at his prime.

    Lastly selling Alexis is a no-brainer. You cannot force a player to play for a team he does not want to play for and who has ambitions elsewhere. All you are doing is keeping a player against his will which in return will damage the morale of a team. Rather reinvest and start acclimatizing new players now and cut losses than being obtuse. Look at Liverpool now when they lost Suarez several years back, they are above us now. The only concern I have is this board and owner as well as the managers ability to steer our ship.

    1. Wenger gifted Liverpool 4th last season.
      First game, no CBs fit for us end up conceding 4 at home. 2nd game against them Sanchez was benched because Wenger wanted to go ‘long’ with Giroud and Welbeck.
      If we drew either game we would’ve been 4th.

    2. Liverpool have a football manager tho arsenal don’t Liverpool have a board that spends money if the player is good enough arsenal don’t so comparing arsenal to any big club that is run like a big club doesn’t work! Wenger thought Walcott was good enough to not sigh mane when I was telling me friends we need to get mane to replace Walcott but that’s what being an arsenal fan is (knowing what we need) never getting it done! Van dijk was another one I wanted years ago same deli Allie after I was watching adobe on loan the list is endless but wenger thinks his players are way better than they actually are! In his mind Ramsey won us the F.A cup so he must be like Zidane when he won the CL winning the F.A cup has come back to haunt us coz wenger now thinks xhaka and Ramsey are great when Chelsea have just strengthened there midfield even more now it’s laughable

  3. Their opening bid is £35 mil. When it gets to £70 mil, accept.

  4. As Arsenal supporter we need trophies from Wenger,he should sale unreliable players like Welback,Giroud and Walcott get better one mahrez,lamer,mbambe etc.

    1. People are wasting time talking about Lemar to Arsenal it is getting tired because the man has no any special to talk about. It could have been worth if those time used to beg Sanchez to stay. He is among the top five current footballer elites.

  5. Forget todays game. the one in cmmunity shield will be a better indicator for what lies ahead for this team.

  6. Arsene’s sayin there’s really no substance to Sanchez to PSG – so all that matters now is what poo rating we attach to this latest offering of “fake news”…so there really is no urgency to sell for £70 when we mean to hold the player to his contract, understand that. What we do need perhaps is to have a serious look at this van dyk lad and work at returning some “defensive-pride” to our game. Why? obviously, wins establish team belief and conceding does nothing positive for team moral.

  7. Why would PSG bid £70 for Sanchez who’s in the last year of his contract?If I’m not mistaken isn’t that in the top 5 highest transfers if it goes through?Just because they have money doesn’t mean they won’t spend wisely.I think Wenger selling him abroad will be the best move because he won’t end up leaving for free at the end of the season and we won’t be strengthening a rival.I also don’t know of a top team which allows it’s best player to leave for free unless there’s a mutual agreement.Wingers with lesser quality than Sanchez have won the EPL with their teams so we can also do it.All we need to do is replace quality with quality and not quantity as we saw in 12/13 season where the only positive was Cazorla.

    1. Because having one season on his contract would only work in their favor if he wanted to play for them above all others. They can’t say ..we’ll wait a year and get him for nothing. You need to forget how long he has left, evaluate his quality and see if they can get better than him. Is he worth 70m, yes. Is there a chance he goes somewhere other than Paris next season for free, yes.

  8. Reports in Portugal say that Arsenal is all in for Carvalho. Like I said and will say it again campbell didn’t play one season in sporting for free..
    As for Sanchez either that pay 70 mil or he goes nowhere and plays an additional 12 months in a 125/150k a week salary. Then with almost 30 he can go wherever he wants

    1. Sweet news if true

  9. this story is getting boring now. There’s no smoke without fire his agent is clearly pushing for a move. Let the man go and move on.

    Just sign a couple of replacements

  10. If its his wish to leave arsenal let him go after all he made whatever name he thought he has at the emirates.why are these teams not rushing to buy him 5 years ago.arsenal has been before him and arsenal will remain ever great even after him.pls let him go and let us rest and get a wonderful one with that money.he said he want to play in champions league,havnt he play champions league before after all pogba didn’t play champions league last season and he help man u to win Europa league and qualified for champion league same goes to ibrahimovic.

  11. Much better than selling to premier league rivals. I’m still a bit bitter over RVP to United and Nasri, Toure, Sagna to City.

    Those days are over
    We are not a selling club anymore
    Selling Alexis to a PL is unacceptable

    Wish he would have signed a contract like Ozil but if he wants to go than I’m good with £70 million abroad

    BUT if he goes we must spend the money to get a top replacement

  12. Today we saw our attacking force without alexis…and it is a shame…for all of those talking nonsense about alexis being to selfish qnd that affecting our “fluency”…lacazzete is a cf so he needs people behind him…if we dont buy q world class player to replace alexis we are done, we would not fight for the tittle…today was a friendly, but the difference was huge…dont lie urself about we play with 2nd teqm players…we start with oyr first team in the middle and front line, and we did nothing…hope that 280k a week to ozil is a bad joke

  13. We need to get rid of Ramsey Walcott Gibbs ox welbeck theses players would
    Not get in any of the top teams you tell me if any would get in PSG or real errrr don’t think so and Xanit coqoline not good enough wenger has got it wrong again

  14. I v never liked ramsey

  15. If they make a mistake and say 7 before the complete the 0 sell him but get Lemar and Mahrez adding 30m to the 70.
    Alexis mind is no longer with us. So any team outside PL coming with such amount, sell and re-enforce appropriately.

  16. …… wether Sanchez stays or not,now i don’t give a damn shit about it.!, basing on today’s game performance and result it only showed me one thing; Wenger will never learn ( he is old enough to adjust to the new changes of the game), wether we buy new players, he will play them out of position still, he will still wait untill the 75 minute to make a sub!, when we lose he will turn to the linesmen to express his frustration!, when we start to express our frustration about poor result, he will tell us to wait untill the end of the season to judge him!.

    …so my fellow Gunnerz, as long as they decided to gave him another two yearz, lets wait for the worst,coz personally, i don’t see anything special (new) that the same Wenger of the past 13 seasons will do for us!.

    ….top four will be the main objective as usual, and they (top) will feel sad only if we will finish 5th again, and considering how everton have strengthen, we need seriously to pull up our socks to finish 4th!, and pls, pls and pls, FORGET ABOUT THE TITLE, that league is not ours!

  17. Ludgush. He was there when we were beating by Chelsea two seasons ago home and away. He was there at Stanford bridge 3-1. He played the full 90 mins against Watford and crystal place. He was on the pitch both home and away against B.Munich. if he was there today it will be anther Alexis tantrum show.

    1. And he was there in many other games, big games, doing the job while the others were watching….my point is, we are not better than last year without alexis plus lacazzete…we need a lot more that that just to be in the same level…but we need more that that, we deserve more than that…we fault with the first and most important step to do that and we have to wait two more years now, but besides that…we need to be better on the transfer line, because in the other way to get better in wengers words, we are not stepping foward

  18. Mark my words, Wenger will never right this ship..and frankly we might deserve this fate because we’ve let it go on so long…Gazidis is the equivalent of a prison bitch, Kroenke is the destroyer of all sports teams he touches and their are way too many complacent fans who believe we are the only club in the world that can’t find a suitable replacement(try explaining to fans of clubs like Bayern, Barcelona and Real, who have had more manager changes in the last 4 year than we’ve experienced in 35 seasons)

    Time for a tough critiquing of our current squad:

    Goalkeepers—Cech is a solid keeper but can no longer make those big time saves that require stretching from post to post…Ospina plays too small and often does the same things we used to crucify Szczy for but nowhere near as talented…as for Martinez, it’s too early to tell, but the fact that we seem to be looking elsewhere for Cech’s replacement suggests that he’s backup material

    Defenders—Mertz is way too slow, not dominant in the air(I’ve never seen a guy so tall have such a pathetic vertical in my entire life), horrible passer and simply a waste of bench space…much rather have someone with some future potential taking that spot

    Kos has some moments of greatness but this past season he was totally underwhelming…not enough leadership provided, too many dumb mistakes in big games, emerging injury concerns and provides next to nothing offensively(he should watch some Sergio Ramos video because that was what I was hoping from him a few years back)…keep in mind, he is by far our best defender, which is problematic considering my previous comments

    Gibbs is too inconsistent, too injury prone, not a good enough crosser of the ball considering his pace and too weak defensively—if he couldn’t unseat Monreal in 3 years, he should have been gone long ago

    Gabriel—this guy is a bag of toys…you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s rarely good…it’s too bad because I think his heart is in the right place but he’s clearly in way over his head…he should never have been brought in…another panic buy that served absolutely no real purpose…how is our farm system so bad that we didn’t have a single player who could have filled this role

    Mustafi—love his energy and he clearly has some potential but he needs to be playing beside a stay-at-home CB…only CB we’ve had in years, since Vermaellen, who likes going forward and involving himself offensively…by far the best passing CB we have, just needs to make some better choices on the pitch

    Bellerin—obviously great pace, but regressed this past season as a crosser, dribbler and on the defensive end…likened him to a faster Alves type who didn’t always run to the end-line and would cut back into the middle, beat defenders and take some shots from outside the box(we desperately need better shooters from outside the box on this squad)…wouldn’t give up on him because he has a lot of potential but if Barcelona came calling and offered anything over $45 million and we are using a 3-back going forward he would be gone so fast it would make his head spin

    DeBouchy—enough said…I feel for this player because he was one of the only Wenger players ever that he gave up on because of injury so there must be something we don’t know about this situation…strangely enough his skill-set is much better suited for our current formation than Bellerin

    Jenkinson—love this guys moxie but not good enough if we really care about doing great things, which I doubt anyways…stop stringing him along and let him go elsewhere to try and fulfill his dreams

    Chambers—seriously $16 million considering our frugal ways…like some of the things he has to offer but always felt he might be better suited as a DM than a CB but not sure if can pass well enough to do the job at the highest level…should be loaned out to someone who sees him as a starter unless someone offers even a dollar more than we paid for him, then sell without any regrets


    Ramsey—overpaid, overused, injury prone, not clinical enough as a passer or finisher and he’s played out of position way too much to the detriment of our supposed offensive and defensive schemes…obviously I think he has some skills and I’m pleased he didn’t let his horrible injury years ago end his career but he holds on to the ball too much, gives away the ball too often and too cheaply, doesn’t play good enough defensively considering the previous concern and often finds himself to far up the pitch way too often for a guy who doesn’t score or assist near enough…better suited for Wales where the team is set up to accommodate his and Bales skills

    Cazorla–too bad he was lost too soon…not blinded enough to think he would solve all of our ills but he was and is the only deep-lying player on this team that can pass more than 12 yards on a consistent basis…like Rosicky, gone way too soon but can’t dwell on it too long or we end up in the crazy world of Wenger’s man love for the one and only Diaby…don’t resign because even if he were to come back he’s been out to long and he just gives Wenger an excuse to not replace with talent

    Xhaka—paid $3 million more for him than Kante was sold for…another of the many ridiculous Wenger sanctioned moves…like some of his skills, especially his long-ball potential but he’s looked a shadow of his Swiss National team self and that really worries me…too slow and can’t seem to master the timing needed to tackle in the open field…this might have something to do with the lack of leadership and coaching on this team, made more obvious by the fact that when he plays with Coquelin he plays in a deeper role(WTF???)

    Elneny—love his energy, his shot(albeit inconsistent), his attitude and his desire to fight for a position but I’m not sure he will ever be top class and he certainly won’t play enough under this manager to figure that out

    Ox—until this year I would have said he was another Wenger failed project…that being said, he still only showed us some inklings of the things we thought he would start bringing a couple of years ago…liked his role as a wing-back in the 3-back system but his moping around and general demeanor about not being sure if he liked this new role was a little off-putting considering how long we have waited for him to show up…I wouldn’t hesitate to sell if the right number was offered but probably not to a top 8 team

    Wiltshire—he will never play a dominant role on any future Arsenal team that cares about finishing in the top 4…too injury prone and fragile on the pitch for someone who must stick his foot in and dribble past defenders to be successful


    Walcott—like Wiltshire, too many injuries to do his job effectively or consistently…straight line player who can score goals but it’s time to cut the cord, get something in return and say a few kind words as we shut the door on his past

    Welbeck—like his energy, industry and determination on the pitch but he’s just not skilled enough to be a starter on a team with higher aspirations, which is why his presence on our squad really bothers me…his horrible first touch and inability to hit the target on a regular basis makes me think he’s not even good enough to be a back-up…god forbid we need to rely on him to score as a starter

    Giroud—too slow, too inconsistent, no good enough to link-up play and he’s symptomatic of when the Wenger plan truly fell off the rails…he obviously has some great skills but they would make far more sense on a team that was fighting for much lesser objectives because we have never used a formation that works to his strengths(2 up top like France) and as such he should be sold to the highest bidder regardless of who it is

    Ozil—obviously this player has some superior skills but his posturing is hard to swallow when things aren’t going well…love his link up play with Sanchez, so just imagine if Wenger gave a shit about the Striker or right forward positions…I feel a bit for him because he was liekwise given promises about our direction and they never materialized; that being said he needs to grow up sometimes and find a way to handle the pressure a little better…I wouldn’t get carried away about locking him into a much higher wage for any length of time if we aren’t planning to properly revamp the current club

    Perez—intrigued by his potential, which is surprising because we he first came I thought he was the usual Wenger panic buy and I was really upset considering how long we’ve waited for some real striker help…now that I’ve seen him a couple of times I can’t figure out why we haven’t seen him more, but it might be too late for that now…Wenger doesn’t like when players speak outside the locker room and he’s mouth might be his ultimate downfall

    Sanchez—by far the most threatening player on our team, especially considering that Ozil has never been a goal scoring machine throughout his career…wished he and the team had dealt with the whole situation in a much better fashion because even if he end up staying his time here will always be tainted by the memories of this year…Wenger has always hated confrontation but this isn’t like the crazy years of Bendner or even the back-and-forth that he would have experienced with leaders like Viera or Keown, this was a battle between a guy with a lust for winning versus a manager who had lied about being the same

    This is the Arsenal created by Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke…if you think the people who created this mess desire our respect and support, keep your blinders on and enjoy the ride down, but if you think this just isn’t good enough continue to speak your mind until real change is forthcoming…Cheers

  19. Arsenal will perform much better with alexis around. Selling alexis is like taking 10 steps backwards, because Alexis Sanchez is among the top 10 strikers in the world and is worth £80m-£85m based on todays market. Alexis should stay and help arsenal win the epl finally. After that he can sign a new contract and focus on winning the UCL with arsenal or he leaves next season for free and arsenal sign Mbappe & Mahrez to replace alexis …..

    Its gonna be a tough season, tougher than last year for sure so it would be a joke if arsenal fail to reinforce properly especially for Santi Carzola replacement .


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