Arsenal to sell Elneny and seal Carvalho transfer?

These two players operate in the same sort of position on the football pitch, so with Arsenal transfer rumours hitting the football media about our Egyptian international central midfielder Mohamed Elneny and the Sporting Lisbon star William Carvalhe I wonder if it could mean that the Gunners are planning to replace one with the other.

Arsenal have been linked with Carvalho many times in the past, in fact it is almost a common theme of every transfer window in recent years, but you could say the same thing of Alexandre Lacazette and Arsene Wenger made sure he got the striker this summer.

Perhaps the disappointing Premier League campaign of last season has sharpened up our manager and according to The Mirror he is set to put in a bid for the powerful 25-year old Portugal international. As we know, the Arsenal squad is already big and so it may be no coincidence that Metro is reporting that officials from the Turkish club Galatasaray are in talks over the transfer of Elneny.

For me this would be a good move for Arsenal because although Elneny is a decent and versatile player I think the extra power of Carvalho would be a big asset for Arsenal in the quest for EPL glory. Would you like to see these two Arsenal transfer deals done?



  1. achaks19 says:

    Let him go for matic from Chelsea if he needs defensive midfielder….

  2. ruelando says:

    Wenger had the chance to buy him last season but went for Xhaka, i doubt if the price would have been any different to what he paid for Xhaka.

    I really would mind him becoming a part of our midfield, he is not the Kante type, buzzing like a busy Bee in the middle of the park, while Carvalho is a quiet but efficient worker, who reads and intercept passes and not too shabby moving the ball forward. In terms of body type, he would not be more different from what is there already

  3. Black Irish says:

    I don’t know what the problem is with elneny he is a good player never gives the ball away, his positioning is good and even though I like coquelin somehow I feel wenger should start Elneny ahead of him

  4. wengers coat says:

    Carvalho is an old fashioned DM like Javi Martinez, slow but does the job. I dont think hes a good signing for us, many peopl ewho watched portugese league said he is not that good

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      Yeah if only he would of impressed at the Euros last summer Portugal might of had a chance to be competitive with the best teams in Europe. Lol

      The lad would walk into the first 11 if Wenger had the stones to partner him with Xhaka and bench his bastard, love child Ramsey.

      But alas, death, taxes and AR starting for Arsenal.

      1. Arsene Wenger says:

        Between the three of them Carvalho, Xhaka and Ramsey, the last one is the fastest and better on the ball.

        1. crispen says:

          …and is the one who loses the ball the most

          1. Arsene Wenger says:

            False. Can you recall why Xhaka got his red cards?

  5. sunny says:

    Agree with you mate, but certainly would be an upgrade on Element and Coqulalan.
    There is clearly a need of some reinforcement at the middle. Seling Eleny and buying Cravliio will make sense as the net amount we need to pay will be 15 million as 10 million we will get from elemeny. Which i think is a good business

  6. Vijay says:

    why are we paying attention to any garbage that comes out of ‘the mirror’ ?!

  7. paul35mm says:

    Carvalho is not the same player since his knee injury. He was faster than average before getting hurt. Since returning, he has clearly lost a step. It is hard to imagine Arsenal paying the kind of fee Sporting are asking for when Carvalho and Xhaka offer similar skills; with Xhaka being a much better passer, with the added ability to score the odd stunner from distance. Coquelin is a limited player, but he’s a decent defender and has improve on the ball. He’s a useful squad player and you can only play 11 at a time; good clubs need role players.

    A major problem with the DM position is that Arsenal fans keep looking for the next Viera and the truth is, that player has existed once in the history of football and may never exist again. Ball handling, defensive skills, aerial prowess, size, power, and pace are not usually found in one defensively minded player. David Luiz is the closest thing in the modern game, but he’s got a five-cent head while Viera was an intelligent field general as well as a gifted and hardworking player. He also plays center back (by preference). It would be interesting to see if Gabriel coould learn to play DM. He’s fast, strong, good in the air, and plays a decent pass. He turns the ball over too much in one-on-one challenges, but he might improve if asked. He’s also as gritty and passionate a defender as exists. My favorite DM is Maxime Gonalons from Lyon; he’s a classic midfield destroyer, but he’s a lifetime Lyon player with no desire to move on.

    I’d like to see how Xhaka pairs with Ramsey and Wilshire in the middle over a season. The Xhaka-Ramsey axis had some success but lost cohesion when Ramsey abandoned his defensive duties (as he’s wont to do). Wilshire might actually be a better fit in that role, though he does not score like Ramsey does and Arsenal need goals from the CM position.

    It would be interesting if Arsenal were really in the mix to sign Nemanja Matic. A pairing of Xhaka and Matic would make it interesting against counter attacking teams. The two players could interchange the DM and CM roles and make it hard for opponents to do much in the middle of the pitch.

  8. citrenoogeht says:

    William Carvalho is a good defensive midfield player who in my opinion will be found out in the premier league. I say this because from what I have seen, although he is strong and can ping good passes he is only a marginal improvement on what we already have. Leon Goretzka on the other hand has all of the qualities of William Carvalho plus pace and a dynamism (with he assists and scores goals) that would improve our first team.

    Check this out:

  9. jacob says:

    we don’t need matic …matic a left footer n xhaka the same thing all in one midfield …it dosnt make sense…I go for carlvalho ..his strength and height matters

  10. Lev says:

    I don`t know much about Carvalvo, but regarding Elneny, he is a good squad player with decent ball skill but more of a CM than a DM. The problem is his diminutive figure and tackling. For an effective DM in premier league, I think that 2 attributes is a must. For example: wanyama, dier, matic. I remember wenger used coq and elneny when playing away against big teams. So tired of watching them running around without recovering the ball. So, any DM is a welcome addition.

  11. Omonaija says:

    He is just as slow as when watching ‘Metersacker’s replay’

  12. Raj says:

    Why do we need a player like Carvalho when we are going to play 3 at the back.He is more of a defensive midfielder than centre midfield player.Someone who just protects the backline.We need someone who creates channels in the opposition defence so that attackers can exploit it.

  13. Valentine says:

    Who are currently in that defensive midfield position? Xhaka, Ramsey, Coquelin, Elneny, Wilshire, and Carzola.
    Carola is injured!
    Wilshire is going, if he stays, he’ll be injured most of the season.
    Elneny is probably going, in order to trim the squad and recoup some cash.
    That leaves us with Xhaka, Ramsey and Coq.
    Coquelin will stay, but will likely be used from the bench…he can be decent sometimes, but…to win the league, you gotta do better.
    Ramsey can sometimes frustrate the nuts out of you, but it seems Wenger sees his play differently from what we all see. So, he’s staying, but he’ll hardly put together 20 starts in a season bcoz of injury, serious loss of form or something else.?
    Xhaka is of course the first name in that position…but he isn’t particularly that great a midfielder. He can give a few stunners and good with long passes, but he’s a red card in waiting.

    This means it’s a necessity to have a consistent performer in the midfield who will be the fulcrum of the team, a true bridge between the defence and attack. I don’t know who in the market can perfectly play that role (Matuidi? Goretzka? Unknown Name?) , but someone is heavily paid to think that out. Wenger!

  14. Nuel Robert says:

    Hi everyone, i think everyone is correct in his/her assessment of these two transfers. But one thing i will like to add is the lack of quality in the middle of the park because our much loved almighty Lord Santi as i love calling him is without doubt going to be out for a while and might not perform close to the level he is capable of, so what i think we need is quality to pair with either Xhaka/Coquelin in a young and talented midfieder called Alexandre Golovin ( the CSKA MOSCOW and RUSSIAN INTERNATIONAL) as i think he is worthy to put on the Arsenal jersey. #COYG

    1. dutchy says:

      We will have all our midfield problems solved if we buy Seri from Nice. Only downside is we will be even weaker in the air with his 1,65 cm.

      1. Nuel Robert says:

        i think that is why we have a xhaka to partner him. Moreover, cazorla is on the short side but it doesn’t dispute the fact that he is a fantastic player. Although, i haven’t seen Seri but i’ll check him out.

  15. MORUFU TOSIN says:



  16. Antonio Gooner says:

    Gentleman, I am Portuguese. I support Benfica (rival of sporting where carvalho plays) and I am a die hard Arsenal supporter that travels from the US every year to go to the Emirates. Will be there vs Leicester.
    I’ve said it here before in this forum that Carvalho will be an amazing addition. Carvalho is the PURE DM.. don’t compare him to Xhaka or Ramsey, or even with elneny. I am not a fan of elneny.. i remember seeing live at the emirates last season and he looked lost in the pitch.. plus although he is a fighter that shoots well he is not excellent in passing or defending. Can you seriously say he’d be starting 11 at city chelski or even the spuds? If he wants to keep him for thursdays night then fine.
    Back to carvalho.. it’s a done deal believe me but he won’t leave before sporting plays the champions league playoff.. remember wenger mentioning the last 15 days as busy?
    Carvalho is reserved since we loaned campbell last year supporting the wages.
    He is excellent in defending and has aerial game as he is tall. He can play CD if needed in special occasions. He is slow but effective.. he is not slower than vieira was and he is very physical.
    Before Jesus the current sporting manager, when carvalho was managed by jardim the current monaco manager he took the best off him.. you will all be surprised and I hope that all of this things that make the deal logical happen and he signs soon.. I am betting all I have that this is indeed a done deal. And an amazing one. Get a winger and carvalho, offload some players and we’re on.

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