Arsenal to sell ONE contract rebel _ Ozil or Alexis?

Arsenal are apparently ready to cash in on one of the club´s star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, who are also being called contract rebels after they turned down the offers of new contracts. This means, with their current deals set to run out at the end of this season the club could lose both highly rated players for nothing.

This situation would clearly not appeal to the money men in charge of our club, or Arsene Wenger either for that matter, but this has to be balanced with the need to be competitive this season, even if the long awaited Premier League trophy is already slipping out of our grasp once again with our wretched away record continuing at the weekend after losing to Watford and with Man City looking ominously unstoppable.

The Daily Star reports that just one of the two will be sold in the January transfer window to avoid the worst case financial scenario, but which of the rebels will it be?

Most Arsenal fans would go for the German, as Alexis with his attitude right is a much more important player on the pitch, but there is less demand for him and probably less money to come. There is also the possibility of selling Sanchez to a club outside the EPL and ensuring he does not strengthen a direct rival.

Which Gunner would you prefer to sell? And which do you think will be sold?



  1. Will any other team pay Ozil 300k a week after how he’s performed recently?? I don’t think so!! What is wrong with all our players! You watch other teams lose but at least they TRY

  2. Our defeat is down to one thing – Ozil. He lacks ruthlessness and if he did Watford would only have been restarting play at the centre rather than taking a fraudulent penalty. The game was tough physically and we responded well especially in the context of an international break. You can’t expect every game to be a walk in the park and we controlled most of the game only for Ozil to do what he does best. However, I wasn’t happy with the way we responded after the penalty. It shows how important Welbeck is to our attack. He’s not a prolific goal scorer but he brings a lot of hard work to our front pressing. Without it, the opposition can build from the back. There’s a lot to play for this season and we’re still in a good position. Top 4, winning Europa and maybe another domestic cup would be a very good season. After all only one side would win the league and at the moment no team comes close to City in terms of quality of play. Every other team in my view, is playing for top 4 (forget Man U, I don’t even consider them top 2).

    1. Wow. I couldn’t disagree more. Ozil created more chances and had so many more passes in his 30 min cameo than the rest of the team. The real problem is Welbeck. Why on earth are we still playing Welbeck. ozil should have started. Welbeck couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.

      Ozil is not the problem. Welbeck is one of them.

      Also can we at long last play Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette and Giroud. And please stop with Elneny too. Play Wishire over him. Heck even Xhaka needs to sit and I am a huge Xhaka fan.

      This is how I would line up the Gunners

      Giroud Lacazette

      Alexis Iwobi) , Ozil, Wilshire (Ramsey or Walcott)

      Xhaka (Coq or Elneny),

      Saed, Kos, Monreal, Bellerin


  3. It’s not a matter of which one most Arsenal supporters would prefer.Its a case if which one would push a buying club to produce an acceptable fee in January.That isn’t going to be Ozil is it!!.Undoubtedly a World Class player under the right circumstances….and those circumstances aren’t likely to be apparent at most clubs.Add into the mix a ridiculously high salary and it’s safe to say that there won’t be any takers!!…Unfortunately…as he’s a luxury that currently adds absolutely nothing to Arsenal at the moment even as an “impact substitute “…without the confidence to give the eyes and calmly slot a ball past an oncoming goalkeeper when presented with a simple one on one!!

    1. I thought he should’ve dinked it over the keeper. Should have scored either way. Bellerin should’ve scored too as there was no need to aim for inside post because he had three quarters of the goal to aim for as well as there already being pace on the ball.

  4. League cup will not be a factor
    as the 2nd semi is on 22nd of Jan.
    Europa League wont be a factor
    as the round of 32 starts in mid Feb.
    Besides Ozil and Sanchez are not really needed in those 2 comps.
    Where Arsenal is in the League though will be critical.
    If we are in line to fight for the title they will stay.
    If only 4th is in sight I think both will be paid mega to leave.
    But will they go when presumably they can get a
    bigger salary if they go a few months later on a free?
    What the market is prepared to pay is another critical factor.
    Does anyone actually want a couple of old, overpaid hacks in January?
    If no club comes for them they might end up pleading to stay
    or going to Stoke on 25k p/w 🙂

    1. I quote you: “If we are in line to fight for the title they will stay.” Based on that “possibility of winning the title and them both staying”, I fully expect to win the huge Euro lottery and will start looking for a huge ocean going yacht today and a mansion in MAYFAIR. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth…….!

  5. Ozil is a disgrace- I can’t believe Wenger would even entertain playing him ever again for the club. None of the other players may be as exquisite as him on the ball but he is a loser off the ball and needs to stay out of the team

    1. That goes for Xhaka too. Seeing him standing there with a perfect view made my blood boil, even unprofessional players care too much about getting beat to just look at unmarked players. Seriously, a pro should not be like that in the slightest, all I can imagine is the game was a means to end with him, and he’s wealthy now so the hard work is done.

  6. Sell both (if we have offers).

    Something in January vs nothing in July? Hmm.

    This season should just be written off now, no expectations. If by some miracle we do well in one of the cups then great, but we sure as hell won’t finish in the top four this season.

    I’d like to see more playing time to the likes of Nelson, Willock and Wilshere.

    Play Giroud as well, because if he thinks he’s going to be on the bench all the time, he might leave in January as well!

    For the next game vs Everton, try this:


    Bellerin Holding Mertesacker Monreal

    Nelson Wilshere Elneny Kolašinac

    Giroud Lacazette

    Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Debuchy, Willock, Xhaka, Iwobi, Walcott

    Can that side actually do any worse than the team that played Watford?

    The answer is, possibly, but at least try something a bit different.

  7. I would sell both and get some players who are going to give us a lift

    We could get 60m for Theo, Ozil and Sanchez and get two attackers and a defender
    1de vrijl, van dijk, Gimenez
    2draxler, Mahrez, Lozano , malcom, Lemar
    3: mertens

    1. I have disliked your comment though I do agree we could get around 60 mill in January for the three players you mention, none of whom want to give their all for the club. Walcott NEVER has in almost 12 years. My dislike is because no way is Wenger ever going to bring top and committed players to Arsenal . The one recent exception is Kolasinac and if Wenger stays, I firmly believe he too will want away next season. Wengers former reputation for attracting top players from around the world, (in his glory years) now lies in tatters and committed professional players of top standard will not come to us while Wenger stays. The last three seasons esp have rapidly shattered his “great coach ” reputation, which was always wrong , even way, way back. He does not improve players, he ruins them! That is what I firmly believe and is why I disliked your comment

  8. I have come round to firmly believing that PROVIDED we finish 7th or lower and win no cup competition, the board will actually sack Wenger at seasons end. Yes, I know they will have to pay him off but I think they will do that, PROVIDED we finish that low, or preferably lower still, to make it even more likely. Even this supine board realise the club is in disarray and drifting alarmingly. Remember too, that two board members, said to include Josh Kroenke, were for sacking him last season but the Cup Final win saved him. A further drift this season , which now seems inevitable and inescapable is to be welcomed , taking anything but a very short term view. We realists have to be prepared for a season or two of mid table mediocrity. When you lose the dressing room , as Wenger has done, at least for some of them, a still talented side can slip down the table fast, like Everton have too. We should actually welcome this happening and see it as the necessary medicine, which though unpleasant, will start the cure we crave. Then all we need is to force Kroenke out which will be a mighty struggle . But first things first. As the old football cliche goes, take it one game/step at a time. Two coming heavy beatings by Spurs and City will aid our fight to rid our club of Wenger. Remember I said, the medicine will be unpleasant, but NECESSARY!

  9. Steve Bould should be gone well before now. Wenger is calm enough without having another lemon in that dressing room with him. Wenger is good at some things, he needs a more vocal person in there that’s good at the stuff that Wenger himself is not. It should be someone like Vieira Adams Keown, he had a great many choices and he picks the f**king tellytubby. I honestly think Merson would be a better choice, they might not understand him but he’d get their spirits up.

    1. You surely don’t think Wenger allows any one else a say in things, do you? Bould is clearly marginalised, as was Rice before him. They are made to be mere stooges by Wenger, who is all powerful at the club. He even orders most of the board around, knowing Kroenke is still backing him. I now firmly believe that, despite the board being scandalously inept and supine , that there is a majority who regret having extended his cointract and who would sack him, but for Kroenkes backing of him. After all Wenger spends no real money and no other manager worth his salt would do the same, since they all know major surgery is needed and would spend accordingly. Even so, everyone has their limit and if we fans vastly step up our Wenger out campaign and we finish 7th or lower, as I think we will, I can see him being sacked at seasons end , with KROENKES PERMISSION. This is only because Kroenkes investment value is being damaged under Wenger and a tipping point is now close, I believe. BEING REALISTIC, WE NEED SOME HEAVY DEFEATS TO FIRE UP FURTHER UNREST.

  10. Sick of hearing about Ozil and Alexis sell them first chance Arsenal get. As for Wenger and Bould they should have gone long ago. These People are just dragging Arsenal down time to go.Arsenal need a New faces to lead the club into the further.

  11. sell Ozil; Alexis gives his all while on d pitch n is always willing to help d team whenever possible by putting in a defensive shift when needed.

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