Arsenal to sell Walcott even if he starts scoring again?

I sometimes think that the Arsenal fans are too harsh on our long serving forward Theo Walcott, and that he should be given more playing time by both Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and by Gareth Southgate or whoever happens to be the manager of the England national team at the time.

Even the title I have put at the top of this post could be seen as a bit on the harsh side on the 28-year old, as he scored 19 goals for the Gunners last season, at a ratio of just better than one every other game, and he already has three for the new season so far, despite being well down the pecking order of forward players available to the boss.

However, I have also been as frustrated by the form, performances or attitude of Walcott as the rest of you Arsenal fans out there, which is why I am finally ready to give up on him and am not too fussed about the Arsenal transfer rumour reported about Arsenal being set to sell him in the January transfer window.

The Daily Mail claims that he could return to his former club Southampton but if that does not happen there will be a few Premier League clubs willing to sign hi Theo, especially if he starts scoring on a regular basis.

If he does that, however, I hope that it does not convince Wenger and Arsenal to keep him. How many chances has Walcott had and wasted? The last time his contract was up for renewal, for instance, saw him go on a great run only for it to fizzle out when the deal was done.

It is time for Arsenal to sell Walcott, in my opinion, but will a glut of goals make any difference?



  1. Sue says:

    I don’t think he’ll get into the team unless it’s in the league cup or europa. So for more playing time he should go elsewhere.
    I do like him though, he has been good for us over the years

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      Keep him. Veey good bench player. We are a team that suffers from injury and it is important we keep decent players as back up. The current 2nd string can win the domestic cups in my opinion. We could do the double or tripple even if we keep who we have and add. Get rid of debuchy though

    2. gotanidea says:

      Usually Walcott will do the following actions in the field:

      Walcott’s plus points:

      – Has tendency to produce accurate low shots. He scored many goals because of this type of shots.

      – Has a blistering pace. He dribbled past four opponents once, because of his pace, in a counterattack. I wonder what happened with him nowadays.

      Walcott’s minus points:

      – Cannot produce more than three touches on the ball, due to his low skill level.

      – Often gets robbed.

      – Most of the times, he cannot dribble past the opponents.

      – Often falls into offside traps.

      So yes, Arsenal should have sold him, because they already have an upgrade, Lacazette. Lacazette has similar build but he is much more skillful, is more able to battle the opponents physically and can score with many ways (not just with low shots).

  2. Vlad says:

    Personally, I don’t get the stick that Theo gets sometimes. Sure, he can be inconsistent every now and then, but who isn’t? He scores, he assists, he actually defends… if only he could work on staying offside a little less, and improve his finishing, he’d be a perfect player. But as it is, I prefer having him at Arsenal. He’s a good option to have off the bench, and he can start in certain games as well.

    1. kabeer says:

      I totally agree with you on that. With his scoring and assist record, he is a good option to have off the bench.

      I must also admit that my heart is usually at rest when I see him on the lineup for Europa league games because he gives us a chance to win the game with his scoring.

      I repeat that Walcott is a great option.

  3. sniper says:

    who will pay his ridiculous high wages,greedy boy will only leave for free he doesn’t care about his foitballjng career it’s too late to be world-class from avarege

    1. Trudeau says:

      Walk me through he’s a greedy boy please.

      1. Vish says:

        The only reason Walcott earns such a high salary is because he held Arsenal to ransom when Van Persie left . He refused to sign a new deal for months , hoping to run down his contract so he could bugger off to Liverpool on a free for higher wages . They eventually signed Sturridge before the transfer window closed . Walcott had nowhere to go and Arsenal paid extortionate fees to keep him . He is a mercenary with no love for Arsenal , he is happy to sit on the bench so long as he gets paid an exorbitant wage

    2. Durand says:

      Agree with you about his wages.
      1. Too costly for bench player
      2. 11 years later and Theo has only developed as far as a squad player for big club
      3. Holding back Nelson from attacking position in team

      If he took a pay cut I’d love to keep him around. Otherwise, no thanks I’ll pass on overpaying for a diva

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Theo has had a couple of excellent seasons with us. Like the year he scored 21 total goals and 14 premier league goals. Even last Season he scored 10 premier league and 19 total goals which isn’t terrible.

    I think it was nuts to give him such a huge pay rise and immediately afterwards he was played up front instead of Alexis which probably partly cost Ozil from not getting Henry’s assist record (also Giroud went on a 12 game non-scoring streak). Walcott was terrible up front

    I think he is good player to have on the bench but I don’t believe he is worth what he is paid. Especially now with our new formation we don’t have RW (Bellerin plays RWB) so that is why Theo hardly starts.

    I don’t know if Theo will want to take a pay cut though to go elsewhere. I don’t think Southampton (I don’t think any Southampton player makes over £75k per week) or Inter (he would be making nearly the same as Icardi and Perisic) will want to pay £110,000 per week or more.

    I think Theo will stay most probably

  5. The barrel says:

    Arsenal fans hate Walcott, I don’t really understand. He scores more goals than your beloved striker Giroud, but scoring from the wing. He gives defenders a hard time. The three at the back system makes him ineffective because he has to go deep to defend. Look at Ozil, playing behind a striker he cannot even reach 15 goals in a season, he can’t defend, but Arsenal fans still want him to stay and get 300k/week. Walcott is seen as greedy for earning less than Ozil.
    Walcott is better than Ramsey, Ozil, and Giroud. Most prolific goal scorer just like Sanchez

    1. Ganja says:

      Comparing Özil who is one best #10’s in the world and the reason we bought him to Walcott who still doesn’t know if he’s a forward or a winger after 10 years with us is insane in my opinion. Walcott even though he scored his fair share of goals is a very limited footballer who would be more so if not for his pace. Our change of formation makes it even more pointless in keeping him. Sell him, they’re better and younger players out there if we show ambition. Mark my words we wasted almost 5 years of Özil career by not building the right team around him, a better manager would have figured that out by now or a club with ambition should I say.

  6. jon fox says:

    I have a far more anti-Walcott opinion than probably any other fan. Any of you who read my regular posts of Walcott will be aware how much I despise him as a player – though , ironically, he is clearly a nice, polite, harmless family man as a person. But “harmless” is not what an Arsenal forward can ever be and hope to keep a regular place. Walcott is just too nice, too anxious not to get involved in the rough and tumble of Premier league football . And, therefore, he doesn’t and largely has not for his entire Arsenal career. To be a successful top level Prem player, at any position, you need a degree of toughness and physicality AND a will to overcome pain, discomfort and fight your socks off for the club(and therefore fans) who pay your huge wage. All Prem players at all clubs earn huge wages , which can never remotely be justified in the wider aspect of value to society. CONSIDER HOW IMPORTANT, DOCTORS, NURSES, TEACHERS, POSTMEN, TRAIN DRIVERS, FIRE FIGHTERS, ETC. ETC ARE BY COMPARISON TO MERE FOOTBALLERS, HOWEVER TALENTED. But, though we fans are well aware of this inequality, in favour of footballers, we will gladly stomach it when and if that particular player from OUR TEAM is seen to really want it, to earn their corn , in fact to sweat blood for the cause. Only a very silly person could ever seriously claim that Walcott has fallen into these categories during his eleven long years of coasting at Arsenal. It is high time- and has been for most of those years – that we let this polite, good husband and father swim in a “stream” more suited to his delicate disposition; Southampton perhaps or West Ham, where no one truly expects the team to be successful and win silverware. And where a coaster with speed, a reasonably accurate shot, when not under especial pressure and a polite turn of phrase in interviews and a well groomed beard, but little else of use to a top club, can idle the second half of his career away, like he has in the first half , and can find his true level. He has never been at the level we need and never can. He is just not able . It is way beyond him. I wish him well , personally, PROVIDED he leaves our club,very soon indeed!

    1. jon fox says:

      Obviously Walcot still has some supporters on here, though when you actually go to the ground and ask those there you rarely find one who thinks him good enough for us. Shows how different some “keyboard warriors” are who never go , from those who have suffered this man for over eleven years in person.

  7. iffybright says:

    great news…I’m just can’t wait to see that liability leave arsenal….. Walcott and Ozil must be sold asap…cant wait for January

  8. The barrel says:

    Ozil is number 10 in the world? In your dreams. Mr lazy. If Walcott joins 1 of EPL teams, all haters gonna mince their words because he is going to hurt Arsenal badly. TRUST ME. Arsenal fans can congratulate deadwoods like Ozil, Giroud, and Ramsey

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Since the beginning of the season I mentioned that some of our players would serve us best by leaving and joining a TOP club. The Ox has happily started that trend and now all the world knows he’s nowhere near top class. Hopefully Walcott will follow and with luck another top club will come in and pay through the nose for him. The problem is it’s unlikely to happen and he’ll more likely go to a mid-table club which will do our cause no good at all except for the few bob some gullible manager is willing to pay for him and, much more importantly, getting him off the wage bill.

      1. GunnerJack says:

        If he joins another team and plays right wing against us does anybody see him getting past Kolasinac?
        Me neither – although he might make a tasty snack!

  9. Vish says:

    A swap deal with Walcott to Southampton and Van Diyk to Arsenal would be perfect . Van Diyk is a commanding centre back that will marshall our defence and is a true leader on the pitch unlike Koscielny. A solid defence will bring Arsenal one step closer to finally attaining the premier league title

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Yeah alright, Walcott and £50,000,000

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