Arsenal to sell Wilshere and offer Alexis Sanchez big money?

Some of the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds this summer have focused on the need for the Gunners to clear some room in the squad, and more importantly ease the weekly wage bill, before we can sign anyone else to go with the new striker Alexandre Lacazette and the defender Sead Kolasinac.

Both of these new additions to the Arsenal squad are said to be getting a hefty salary and with Premier League rules stopping any club from increasing their wage bill too much between seasons you can see why Arsene Wenger has a lot to do.

It is not all about transfers either, because we have Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez in the final year of their current contracts and any new deals will surely involve more money, especially the Chilean international.

Sp with the Daily Mail reporting that Arsenal have told Jack Wilshere he is no longer required in north London, is Wenger trying to free up the cash, with Jack drawing something like £100,000 a week, to offer Alexis enough to persuade him to sign an extension?

It would certainly make sense, although we need to find a buyer for Wilshere rather than another loan deal.



  1. No… Arsenal should instead sell to get a new winger ASAP to as for the new arrival to blend with the team against the new season….. Since it is clear Sanchez wants to leave…. At this junction, I don’t care if he stays or leave again… All am concerned about is the well being and success of the team. Any player who does not believe in the team should go… After winning two trophies within the space of 3 seasons… Is that easy?… This term, we are gunning for the league… No going bk… At least, Lecister won it with average players…

  2. I’ll sell Jack so he can try to further his career somewhere else but not to increase the salary of one spoilt kid who even if we pay 700k weekly will always sulk and pull Tantrums at the club like it’s everyone’s fault but his. One thing i’ve noticed, Alexis doesn’t believe in his team mates, come on we all know the boys are good but it’s their mentality that’s stopping them, Alexis who has a strong mentality instead of pushing and encouraging his team mates whenever stuffs are going bad will be doing the opposite. Complaining and stomping around like he doesn’t need his team mates. I’ve seen Suarez encourage and push his team mates, seen Ronaldo done, seen Messi did it, Seen even Gerard done it a lot. Why can’t Alexis try it instead of complaining and sulking.. you know we all know the rest of the boys believes in him and the younger ones look up to him, but if he should learn to encourage the team verbally and psychologically. It’ll go a long way in helping them fight together as a team

    1. Am an arsenal fan..I don’t so much believe in those boiz talk less sanchez believing in them..the teams needs to dispose those non talented lots n give room for good signings n let’s see if d mentality won’t get bk

    2. I’m not defending his sulking but trust me if Gerrard,Suarez,Messi and Ronaldo were here they’ll all be left frustrated.They will have to encourage the Arsenal players more than hundred times in one match.The big question remains if our players ever listen?I’ve seen many matches where Sanchez has urged and encourage our players to show more fight.He’s done this a lot through his actions and words too.I’m remember when he came here and was tracking back,showing fight to win the ball and all that it made many of our players copy the same thing.We even confessed that Sanchez is having a positive impact in our team due to his efforts.Now becausehe wants to leavexpeople are speaking only about his negative side.I remember many people here saying they wouldn’t bother and be angry if Sanchez wants to leave because our players show no fight.Didn’t we say this here?Peopleare not giving him the credit he deserves.

  3. Let Sanchez go! If he doesn’t want to be here, he must go! He has become a prima donna! Let’s sign Lemar and Dembele. Out with Wilshire, Chambers, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Debuchy and Walcott!

  4. It makes alot of sense holding alexis to the final yr of his contract. Its about time the club learned from the RVP experience whereby we yeilded, sold him to “a rival” and watched an ex-striker of arsenal’s in his peak catapult them to winning the epl. So keep him, bring in lemar, keep giroud, keep Ozil, trade theo for £30m and promote 2or3 arsenal young guns and its a thumbs up from me.

  5. You can not blame A S. How does the team move forward when you have key positions manned by players like Ramsey. He loses the ball like an U-14 player.
    Get real players on the team and you won’t have issues with A S.

  6. All good things come to an end. Jack should have left Arsenal 3 years ago.

    The club has tried to keep faith in him though it seems his body is not suited for English football. With 90k a week, I would rather we bring in someone who will contribute to the team or promote a youngstar .

  7. Why bother?He would still not sign.After all another club can offer him more than that.This is going to be a very long season I tell ya.The funny thing I’ve been hearing about Alexis here is that he usually sulks.But I think we need to be fair to him..There were many matches where it looked like he was the only one trying to make something happen and those around him went to sleep.He wants everyone to play with his strong mentality but little does he know that Arsenal is mentally weak team.Do you think Alexis can repeat this sulking in other top clubs?It’s only Arsenal that opens themselves uo for such things in they way we behave and play.That being said I don’t see the point in keeping a player who doesn’t want to play for you but a rival.It’s just sick.If I was Wenger I would’ve sold him but at am not.But mark my words we will be vindicated by his performances for another club just like the rest who left.

    1. perhaps wen Alexis looks around, sees the likes of theo being paid close to the same and possessing far less in the way of a potent threat – its enough to give anyone depression and turn to prosac.

  8. I like Jack, they don’t come more Arsenal thorough-bred than Jack. But injuries have not been kind to him. Once a £30m English asset, now subject of a £6m bid. It’s better for all if the shadow of unfulfilled Arsenal potential is lifted. We can insert a first refusal clause like we did with Silva and Fabregas. If he goes a season uninjured, there might be a route back.

    He is not on £100k. Only Ozil, Kolasinac (£140k), Sanchez (£130k), Walcott and Giroud (£110k) earn above Cech, Bellerin, Lacazette (£100k) at the Emirates.

    Paying Sanchez £275k will obviously upset the apple cart but it can be funded by getting Debuchy/Gibbs/Wilshere (£70k each), and Jenkinson (£40k) off the wage bill. Add Perez (£80k) whose shirt number has gone to Lacazette, You’re talking £330k a week before the £70k a week Szczesny agreed with Juve for- that’s £400k a week or £21m a year.

    Give Sanchez what he wants. It’s not about suitable replacements. Anybody else believes they are worth the same money, they should bang on the managers door and ask for a raise.

  9. I would sell jack Wilshire probably to another premier side, and also give Alexis Sanchez a big pay rise nearer £3500 he is a key player with ozil, lazaratte and himself up front we got a lethal front free i would get lemar or m as mahrez too with Europe league football to rest players.
    Sell giroud, Theo and Perez as well to. Free the budget

  10. @kev:
    some people here dont like to here the truth,now Sanchez is nobody to them simply bcoz he wants to leave.!, wish he could sign a new contract, then you will see how they will start again to praise him.!!

  11. I find it quite funny how everyone thinks they know who earns what and with some authority but everyone’s knowledge of the wages are different.

  12. It gets a bit boring hearing people say “sell Walcott, sell Giroud”, the first of our forwards out of the door should be Welbeck.

    Welbecks passing, and shooting is abysmal, Wenger never really wanted him, and I think at 26 years old, it’s too late to see any real improvement.

    Nice enough bloke, but not the standard we need, Giroud, Walcott and Perez all offer more than he does.

      1. Welbz provides evidence that the team includes:-
        1x eurpean cup winners experience, 2x epl winner experience, 2x fac winner experience,
        2x league cup winner experience, 1x fifa club world cup wins and an outdated bart simpson hair-do for good measure: he does pose a serious and potent attacking threat and “recently” he’s topped englands goal tally (6) as most productive striker. So cut him some slack fgs

  13. Sell ….wallcott….30 millon
    Chambers 20 million
    Wellbeck. 15 million
    Gibbs. 10 million
    Jenkinson 10 million
    Elneney. 10 million
    Willshire. 10 million
    Debuchy. 5 million
    Total….110 millon
    Buy …leamar…van dyk…maharez. cm

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