Arsenal to show more faith in Arteta by offering him a new deal

Mikel Arteta is all set for a new Arsenal deal after impressing as the club’s manager.

The former midfielder joined in 2019 as a rookie boss, having not been a senior manager before then.

He had spent the previous three years at Manchester City as the assistant to Pep Guardiola.

Arsenal believed he had enough experience to replace Unai Emery, who had been sacked.

He won the FA CUP and Community Shield within his first few months at the club.

That earned him a lot of respect and probably more time on the job. He is now overseeing a rebuild, and the Gunners trust he can make the club great again.

The Sun says as a reward for his consistently good performance, the Gunners are preparing to offer him a new deal worth £8.3million-a-year.

The report claims the former Everton man has just 16 months left on his current deal and will sign a three-year extension.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta has done well on the job so far, considering the number of changes he needed to make to fix the culture at the club.

The Spaniard will become one of the finest managers in Europe if he continues to get the backing of the club.

It would be interesting to see if he can secure a top-four finish at the end of this campaign.

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  1. Smh😱.

    He shouldn’t be offered anything until the season ends and see if there has been any tangible progress imo

  2. Top 6 is just fine by me. You get to play everyone in the PL home and away. Semi final Carabao this year FA Cup win two years ago EL final three years ago. Arsenal has never won the CL since the CL started 65 years ago. And pursuing this goal you have to spend mega on players and pay mega salaries. Then when you don’t win you change managers every 2 years and spend mega on more players who you can’t get rid of. It’s a poisonous toxic expensive pursuit of the impossible. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is madness. Chelsea will Sack Tuchel soon. Man U and Spurs sack managers like crazy. I would prefer stability to chasing moon beams. Top 6 means you can mix with the stars participate in Europe but without the vast expenditure and constant managerial changes. Trophies are bonus.

  3. IMHO should wait until the season ends before negotiating any extension. Why extend a manager who has not shown progress in terms of table finishes?

    Wenger was moved on, Emery was sacked, so why extend Arteta if he can’t finish at least 6th?

    We have a real chance to finish top 4 which would be overperforming in my opinion. A top 6 finish should be the minimal from Arteta this year. Both would merit an extension.

    Anything worse should call into question his ability to manage a club this early in his career.

    1. Your point about Emery being moved on and this is the comparison I found
      Played: Emery: 78 – Arteta: 77
      Won: 43 – 42
      Drawn: 15 – 14
      Lost: 20 – 21
      Goals scored: 156 – 136
      Goals conceded: 105 – 86
      Points (all comps): 144 – 140
      PPG (all comps): 1.85 – 1.82
      Premier League points: 88 – 78
      Premier League PPG: 1.73 – 1.53
      Overall win percentage: 55% – 54%

      Now if you add to those facts league positions which read
      Emery 5th -8th
      Arteta 8th-8th and now sit in 6th
      I’m struggling to see any tangible evidence of any sort of process which is spewed out weekly regarding Artetas time here .
      I’m at a loss where a experienced manager was moved on (rightly so IMO)for the same kind of results we are seeing with our manager now.
      ,and now talk of a new 3year deal .
      Personally I’ve judged our last 3 managers the same and I’m really struggling to see what all the fuss is about with Arteta .
      Like you said these kind of contracts should be earned and definitely not before we see olhow this season plays out .

    2. Yes. Give him the contract, he deserves it. He hasn’t done too badly as a rookie and he’s getting better. Arsenal is playing better, we look more likely to win games now than lose. The team has a core, defensively more organized and more solid defensively irrespective of the personnel deployed. Addition of a very good striker and a midfielder or two to replace whoever is leaving, makes us more competitive, we’ve already gotten a good back up keeper in case Leno leaves, this will definitely lead us to a better standing on the table this coming season.
      The future looks promising with the current set up. We are not too far from the top teams anymore.
      Giving him a new contract saves us the time of having to start another process if we were to bring in a new coach.

  4. worst idea ever…we can no longer enable this little experiment until it produces some tangible results

    1. I would say maybe the second worst idea ever only after the decision to keep him on after last seasons escapades .

            1. Unless
              You was being sarcastic @Greco ,which going by you’re reply you wasn’t .
              My comment was directly pointed at you and Hardy below

          1. no surprise whatsoever, considering the source, but it does make one wonder how we could be in the same footballing camp as these lightweights DK

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