Arsenal to sign a replacement for injury hit Rosicky?

As usual, the Arsenal fans are left pretty much in the dark about whether there will be any more transfer business completed before the transfer window closes. Arsene Wenger is doing his regular job of denying everything and trying not to give even the merest hint of his intentions.

The Frenchman was asked a few questions about his transfer plans today, in the pre match press conference reported on the Arsenal website, and once again he spoke about the difficulty of finding the right players available for transfer. He also suggested that there is no need to panic and rush into a signing just because of the one bad result we suffered last weekend.

Wenger said, “We are as open after that bad result as we were before. We were working very hard and we are focused to do what can strengthen our squad. The availability is not big. It is Friday today and we play on Sunday so it is important that we focus on our performance on Sunday.

“When you lose a game you always get that kind of demand, we have to be honest enough and ask, ‘Could we have won the game without any addition?’ and I would say yes. Always the solution comes from outside, lets look inside at ourselves and produce the performance that is expected of us. I think that would be much more intelligent than always expecting a miracle from outside.

“Look it is exactly the same situation as before the West Ham game. If we find somebody anywhere who strengthens our squad then we will do it. It is not easy, it is not supermarket stuff where you go in and say, ‘I would like this, please can you give it to me.’ The availability is not easy.”

But Arsenal do have plenty of money and are an attractive option for most players, so Wenger is being a bit too simplistic I feel. And while I do agree that we should not panic after one game, we have also been hit this week by the news that Tomas Rosicky has had surgery and will be out of action for months. With Wilshere also out, that does leave Arsenal a little short in that creative area.

And with this possibly being the midfielder´s last year as a Gunner, does this injury blow not constitute an emergency and one we can do something about? Do you think we need to sign a replacement? And if so, will Wenger agree?

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  1. With two creative players out of action, wouldn’t be a bad idea to perhaps maybe give Zelalem and Crowly an opportunity?

      1. So there’s a twitter war going on between MUZZI OZCAN and JIENNY LIZARAZO concerning Benzema’s transfer….. Let’s see who prevails in the end…. The fraud will be revealed

        1. Plastik, Its an opportunity on the bench and if we were to get a couple of in play injuries we might end up being grateful that we had someone on the bench who can use ball to split a defence. I wouldn’t mind if we could make room for either Jelalem or Adelaide. If Sanchez were to get injured I think Adelaide could give Welbz a contest.

      2. Arsenal PR department in ACTION and trying to shape fans’ opinion.
        You have time to reply .
        The likes of wilshere , Walcott and Gibbs have barely developed .
        More kids in a team crying out of peak level world class players

      1. But a 16yrs old taught us some lessons on Sunday. After last Sunday, issue of experience should not be No 1 but who can play. What if Bellerin had played on Sunday, won’t it have been better? Chambers somebody? Forget about experience, Hector is my No. 1 RB. Bring in fearless youths that can play the ball.

    1. Use youth or get new players. Arteta, Wilshere, now Rosicky. Ramsey and Ozil have had injuries. No cover for Le Coq seems silly not to get somebody?

  2. Have to trust Arsene….winning third FA cup in a row would surpass even winning the league or CL.
    Allez Professor!

    1. give me a break AKB….winning the champions league for the first time in the club’s history would be ecstatic…though a good trophy, we sometimes overate the FA a bit…the feeling of winning the league or cl is nowhere near winning the FA….why don’t we set the goal of winning the champions league unbeaten instead of your suggestion??…..Arsene has surely impacted a lot of loser mentality in you guys… four is a trophy, giroud is top-class, 10+yrs waiting to win the league, belief, cohesion etc and now winning FA is better than both cl and pl????….i need to get really high

    2. I disagree with you my friend , winning the fa cup in a row wouldnt surpass anything , its a good achievement nothing more , the big clubs are judged on winning games they have to win , they need to , and most importantly are under pressure to do it , i think any club is not under pressure to win the fa cup as much as he is to win the league games , our problem is that we dont perform when we are under pressure becuase there is something wrong in our mentality , we need to win big games and beat big clubs and deal with big expectations and high levels of pressure , other than that we cannot be successful

        1. recall the other day NIKK was enquiring about where to buy Wenger’s rose tinted glasses. The lucky bugger must have got hold of one!

  3. was wenger programmed to say these crap or what????….he answers the same damn way season in season out since 2005…but why am i complaining, he has also used the same tactics since 1998 so i shouldn’t be surprised that he is not creative enough to answer differently…how AKB’s refuse to include wenger in our failures as a club is still a mystery to me….the successes have been everyones contribution but the failures have been solely wenger’s because of his stubbornness and lack of creative mind…i sometimes feel that wenger is a prisoner of his own rules and that is one person that you don’t want to work with

  4. I’m not against their development…. I’m for us making that extraordinary signings(ST,DM)…. Having the boys around the team to blend in will be a bonus…. Do you really wanna rest the responsibilities and pressures of the entire season on 16yr olds?….oxford reece might probably be a star in the rising for the future…. And him dominating Ozil in that game means virtually nothing at all…. Reality is OZIL IS MILES AHEAD OF REECE

  5. @Godswill…I’m not against their development…. I’m for us making that extraordinary signings(ST,DM)…. Having the boys around the team to blend in will be a bonus…. Do you really wanna rest the responsibilities and pressures of the entire season on 16yr olds?….oxford reece might probably be a star in the rising for the future…. And him dominating Ozil in that game means virtually nothing at all…. Reality is OZIL IS MILES AHEAD OF REECE

  6. No panic buying YET!
    But If we lose to Palace on Sunday ?
    You can bet on Wenger’s butt flapping all the way to transfer market ?

  7. If you listen carefully to what Wenger has been saying you would understand that he is in the market.Something tells me he wants 1 or 2 midfielders bcoz of injury records of Wilshere, Arteta,Ox and now Rosicky. Plus he has created extra space by Selling Poldi & probably Campbell while loaning Szcesny,Martinez,Akpom and Sanogo.
    Surely he cant do all these & still expect to compete on 4 fronts with the remaining personnel unless he is REALLY MAD!

    1. Yes, his words are not ruling out signings, which for him is a sure sign stuff is going on behind the scenes…I can feel it in my water..

    2. @Jose

      How about last year and the CB debacle. Remember Monreal and Debucy filling in at CB?
      Gabriel can’t seem to get a sniff of game time for some reason. Why spend money and very rarely play him?
      Makes me wonder if Wenger wasn’t keen on buying Gabriel in first place. I would appreciate any info anyone has on Gabriel situation so I can know the truth.

      Lastly, why replace Rosie if he never plays? Wenger doesn’t play him but doesn’t let him leave. Seems like serious control issues to me. Like to know more about Rosicky saga

      1. Rosicky, not rosie. Spellchecker spuds software evidently. Always gets things wrong, interrupts train of thought, and in the end you question if it’s worth it in the first place.

      2. The best thing to happen to this great Arsenal team is for Mr. Wenger to pack his bags and leave every team in Europe are bringing new players in order to compete but our manager man i just dont know what to say

  8. I know Wenger loves playmakers but why the the need to replace Rosicky when Wenger doesn’t even play him when he is injury free? Rosicky came as matured player in 2006 and has in my opinion been the most loyal player for staying with us when players where leaving and gave us his best years.

    I know there is a lot of competition in his position and he has his injury issues but our manager seems to find reasons to play everybody else and not him. I’m maybe biased since he is my favorite gunner but this is not how Arsenal should repay someone like Rosicky.

    1. Key quotes from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s latest press conference:
      * ‘Are we interested in signing Krychowiak? No.’
      * ‘Flamini? I expect him to stay.’
      * ‘When you lose a game there is a demand to sign players. Let’s look inside and not except a miracle from outside.
      ‘We have a great group with a fantastic mentality. We are united and we will focus together on the next game.
      ‘One result does not affect our transfer plans. We are working hard on that

      So all good news then, nothing to panic about, our ambitions have not, I repeat HAVE NOT changed. We are the same Arsenal that you have loved for the last 11 years. Players with ambition will leave at the end of the season, we cant have them screw up squad harmony..

  9. Mesut Özil has created 145 chances during his time at Arsenal, with only 16 of them being converted


  10. Crystal Palace 2 Arsenal 1 Wenger has a heart attack, Klopp replaces him and brings in Reus and Gundogan. Team starts playing Heavy Metal football and challenges for it all.

    Oh that was just a nightmare… we beat Palace 1- nil and everything is back to normal. Team has another mediocre season and finishes 4th. Eliminated at the last 16 in the CL, but we win FA again, AKB’s are ecstatic, Normal fans are hopeful for next season, everything back to normal.Phew, that was close…

    1. The fact you fantasised of Klopp bringing Reus and Gundogan with him should have been the give away that you were dreaming since Klopp isn’t even Borussa Dortmund’s manager anymore. As for people saying Klopp should bring Lewandowski aswell, they are even more deluded than they accuse Wenger of being since Lewandowski doesn’t play for Dortmund anymore so Klopp wouldn’t have any influence on him coming to Arsenal if he did replace Wenger.

  11. Maybe Wenger will End up buying someone like Kim Kallstrom by the End of Transfer Window , To me Wenger is selfish and deluded if not how can a Person explained a Manager that always tell the Media that Arsenal are only looking for exra Ordinary players that can add Value to a TEAM ended up getting Kim Kallstrom in January .

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