Arsenal to sign another Euro 2016 star within a week?

The next seven days are set to be interesting for Arsenal fans, even if there is no more developments on the striker situation at Arsenal following the transfer snub from the Leicester City and England star Jamie Vardy. Instead we should definitely discover the truth about one of the many Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds of the football media this summer.

It may not be seen as a big priority by many Arsenal fans but the left back position is one of those that may be due for some changes at our club, with Kieran Gibbs rumoured to be set for a transfer away in order to get the regular game time he has been denied by Nacho Monreal in recent years.

The player most likely to replace him, apparently, is Ricardo Rodriguez, the Switzerland international team mate of our new midfield star Granit Xhaka. The talented 23-year old already has 40 international caps and has been very impressive for the Swiss at Euro 2016 so far although we have not really seen him tested too much on the defensive side of things yet.

The reason I expect to know in the next week whether he will be an Arsenal player next season is that his release clause with the Bundesliga club Wolfsburg runs out next Friday and as reported by Metro their sporting director Klaus Allofs has made it clear that the price will only go up after that.

Wolfsburg are tough negotiators and Arsene Wenger knows this so if he wants Rodriguez he will have to move quickly. Do you think this transfer will happen Gooners, and would you be happy if it did?

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    1. I doubt it too that we’ll get him but I like the fact that he’s a free-kick specialist,some games during the season will be tight and a good free kick could be decisive in getting a 1-0 win!

      1. I think Lacazette should be our priority, he can play at ST and if Walcott/Oxlade/Campbell all are not in good form he can be our RW also with Giroud at ST. Could be a decent option this.

  1. The reason Jamie Vardy snubbed Arsenal is because Wenger wanted to play him on the wings with Giroud through the middle,this is disturbing and makes me fear we won’t get any striker because let’s say an offer for Higuain is made there’s no way he’ll play on the wings so Giroud can be CF and it’s clear Wenger doesn’t want a top striker so he’ll be sticking with Giroud!

  2. We should be out ere trying so hard to sign a certain gabonese striker……..we should try bidding at Least….. What are we doing round the clock?

    Delibrating…..delibrating….. Stuttering without end!!!

    1. Arsenal wont sign any significant striker before the start of this season because Arsene and the guys that negotiate transfers are incompetent in these areas.
      If that is not clear to you after the last ten years of ‘balls ups’ then there is no hope for you.

  3. Wenger won’t sign Auba for that 65m especially as he will leave for AFCON in January…

    Concerning Rodriguez, I don’t think we are in for him although things might change,,he will be a solid addition nonetheless, with his free kick and goalscoring threats we could have our own Kolarov! It is highly unlikely tho..

    1. Sad but true goonerboy.

      You would think a person like Wenger who has been in the game for so many years wouldn’t see something like a one month or so tournament that takes place every 2 years as a draw back when casing after a potential WC player that your team is dying for.

      Samuel Eto and Drogba come to mind on WC ST who used to play AFCON but still became legends for their clubs. Its the reason you need to have a good bench and for a moth or two I’m sure we would cope without Auba.

      Get him already Wenger!!!

  4. I think this LB would be a good signing but don’t see it happen. If indeed the buy-out clause expires next week we can forget about it. We don’t move decisively enough in the transfer market. How many buy clause deadlines have we allowed to laps over the years (according to media speculation?).

    We appear to be poor transfer market operators. I once met a guy who used to be close to Wenger and working for Arsenal (a few years back). He confided to us that Wenger drives the club crazy with his indecisiveness. This did not surprise me. I think Wenger finds it scary to buy new players and hates spending money. This leads to moving too slowly.

    The longer you leave your targets out there in the market the more chance someone will come by and buy them.

  5. Truth is Wenger is Jealous of how Leicester won the title. For years he has tried to build a team without spending big, and has always failed. In recent years he has slightly changed this and got one big signing every summer. I don’t think there will be someone coming in this summer that is going to be more expensive than the fee paid for the service of Xhaka. You will most likely see two ¬£25m signings.

    West Ham look like they are willing to spend most of the money they’ve got from TV revenue on Lacazette alone right now. Bilic is a serious guy. Him and Lothar Matthaus are great on ITV Euro coverage, sorry Thierry (his on BBC).

  6. so is it true Britain leaving EU will increase all foreign transfer fees from now on? Guess Vardy was our best shot cause now AW won’t be looking anywhere else but England.

  7. Well a signing that we don’t really need? Yep definitely sounds like a Wenger move to me. Gibbs has said time and again he is willing to fight for his place..and with Monreal moving into his 30s why would Gibbs go now? And who will pay his 60+ a week wages anyway.

  8. If Wenger was seriously interested in signing Rodriguez, he would have already signed him by now!

    The sad part about being a Gooner, is that we continuously and knowingly deluded ourselves, even though we have watched the same old senario’s over and over again.
    The reality is that Wenger has already signed his main target for this Window and just like the signing of Petr Cech, it was done nice and early.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the shenanigans regarding Vardy was another Wenger blag attempt with no real intentions! ?
    just to appease the fan’s… You know, the usal trying to look busy and keen without applying the all important finishing touch… As with Vardy, Who’s to say that both parties already knew that the transfer wouldn’t take place, but the end result was that Vardy got his pay rise and extention and wenger got credited with trying to sign a striker! ? ?

  9. We will sign Rodriguez, Kante, Howedes, Aubemeyang and Higuain
    sell Theo, Sanogo, Ramsey and Ox
    sign 3 youngsters for Wenger

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