Arsenal to sign Lewandowski after sealing transfer of his pal Gotze?

Arsenal fans are well used to seeing all sorts of dodgy transfer rumours as our club is the subject of more than most, so like me you may well be a touch sceptical about the report in the Daily Mail suggesting that we might be able to sign the brilliant Poland international striker Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich.

The theory is that Lewandowski has become increasingly unsettled at the German champions and even though negotiations about a contract extension are ongoing, the Pole has let it be known that he is open to offers and would like a move to the Premier League, so of course arsenal are one of the clubs being linked with a possible move for him.

I am really not sure about all this as I said, especially after the prolific striker banged in 42 goals for Bayern last year at almost a goal a game and if the rumours of a poor relationship between him and Pep Guardiola were true then the Spanish manager’s move to Man City would have solved this.

If it is true, though, how could Arsenal beat our EPL rivals to the transfer of this top quality centre forward? Well having a team in which he could thrive and expect success would be a start and with the likes of Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in the squad Arsenal would surely look a good prospect.

But how about bringing in one of his team mates as well? Is this why Arsenal are planning a £27 million transfer swoop for Mario Gotze, according to The Sun. Gotze is at Munich with Lewandowski and they both enjoyed good years at Borussia Dortmund as well.

The German star is apparently being frozen out at the Allianz Arena, hence the low transfer fee, and if Arsenal can get him could it be the precursor for a serious bid for his mate Lewandowski?


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  1. Why when Arsenal Wenger said ” Oliver Giroud is his 1st choice centre forward for next season ” would he try to sign Robert Lewandoski….
    That’s like owning a Ferrari but driving a rental car!.

    1. @dan

      Arsene said he is looking for a striker because Giroud scores in a moment and often has some spells of goal drought. Again he said the modern football need quick strikers and responsive quick defenders. So those words like he will be leading the lines next season were all about looking for a potential buyers but honestly Giroud is not in Wengers’ plan wait and see

  2. Yes if we get Goat’s
    Louiantski will follow.
    If we sign Moreratt.
    Messi will come too.
    And no doubt Neymar and Suarez
    are bound to follow.
    So by retaining Giroud surely
    Pogba Greyezzzman and Payet
    will be signed too.
    Your on to it Bob.

  3. How many Arsenal transfer rumours have the Sun and the Daily Mail got correct between themselves?

    1. I honestly do not believe that this is going to happen. He is the best striker in the world now.
      Now coming to your question that if at all he wants to come to PL, in that case we can beat our rivals in PL. Only Man City have qualified for CL out of potential buyer of this guy and Man City have Auguro already at his position. Levendoski will think twice to accepts city offer where he needs to play out of his position. So in case if this guy really wants PL move, I think arsenal can get him if offers good money
      Again I truly do not beleive that this is going to happens as Madrid will pay whatever amount (50 or 80 or 100 million) to get him

  4. i have also heard that messi and ronaldo are also becoming increasingly bored with winning regular trophies for their respective teams and le prof is considering signing them as backup to sanogo and walcott respectively.. apparently the scums like manu and city too wants them but according to ‘Daily Fail’ we are the front-runners for the signings as only wenger can guarantee them no league titles till they retire

  5. £27 m for Goetze ..a is that cheap? . Had you said £15m ok..but 27 for someone who we don’t know his skills because he never plays is too high.

    1. There’s a lot of classy players that would still be on the bench behind Muller, Robben, Ribery, Costa and Coman…

  6. Goetze is the Nasri of the Bundesliga… I think he’ll go to Liverpool IMO.
    I’d still prefer Mahrez of all our rumored, non-striker targets… Personally, I think he’d be very attainable for us as well and well worth throwing some money at.

  7. Why would Arsenal want Goetze and Lewandowski when all the reports indicate Morata is the best and most coveted striker in the world??

  8. It really is a puzzle to know who will start upfront at Arsenal next season but till then the rumours like Lewandowski will continue. Bayern won’t want to go home without a finisher in him maybe Ancelotti can change that and improve his mood. His style suits their league and Arsenal can still sign from other league considering the fact Real are targeting Aubameyang.

    1. How is it a puzzle who will start upfront when Wenger already said Giroud will be our number one striker. As Alexis is a guaranteed starter it will be Ramsey/ Iwobi on the right. Pretty obvious for me.

  9. I don’t want Gotze! Would Love Lewondowski but that is just a pipe dream.

    I don’t see us spend more that 50-60 million max this summer, so if we spend 27 on Gotze this will mean we will not sign a top striker and CD since we already spend 35 on Xhaka, in my expectation.

    I would see Xhaka for 35, Vardy for 20 and a project CD for 5 or less as a typical Wenger summer.

    If he can earn some of that back by selling one or two players, that would make him that much more pleased with himself and for the owner.

  10. It’s not a typical wenger summer. It’s a typical arsenal summer

    Xhaka was a season ticket/new kit signing, the next signing will be announced when the away kit is released.

    Wenger is just an employee of Arsenal holdings Plc, I don’t understand why people think he decides what we spend?

  11. Why can t we go for Milik ? He is very energetic and proved himself at club and national level. Even in EUROs, his form is very good. Besides he is very young at 22 and has a huge potential. The other winger/striker is Kingsley Komman. He has a lightening pace, tricks and good dribbling skills.

  12. Not going to happen…not now and not ever.

    I think we should take a punt on Lacazette if Vardy isn’t on his way.

  13. Why is no one talking about Greizman? The best solution for me from all perspectives, cheaper than lewandowski/Aubameyang, solves the right wing problem and provides goals and assists if Giroud is to stay.

  14. article on stupid rumor its better if we pay attention on the players we have already ,and their performance at euros

  15. Another delusional article for Gunner fans to ease off their transfer frustrations. Lewandosky is not heading our way any time soon and if he wants a move from Bayern, Madrid will snap him up before Wenger could bit an eye lid. Abumeyang will sound more realistic if at all we want to go for a very big name. Since Wenger wants Vardy he should wrap it up as quick as possible and get it done and over with. And get Janssen as a backup and for the future.

  16. One of the most ridiculous rumors I have heard in a long time… just laughable really. Lewa is one of the best strikers in the world right now. Who will Bayern get to replace him? Not to mention that if they do decide to sell him, he’ll go for a ridiculous amount of money, and will probably want to go to a club like RM himself to be able to compete for trophies. Arsenal is highly, and I mean very HIGHLY unlikely destination for someone of Lewa’s caliber. As painful as it is for me to say it, we’re not exactly a top club in Europe, and not even in EPL. City, Chelsea, ManU, and maybe even Pool with his old manager in charge have more chance of signing him.

  17. Ridiulous Rumour
    But that would Be a dream double signing
    I rate both Lewandowski and Gotze very highly

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