Arsenal to sign promising defender but need quality NOW

It is all very well for Arsene Wenger to keep on planning and building for the future of Arsenal Football Club, and pretty commendable and selfless if he is coming to the end of his time in charge of the Gunners as appears to be the case, so I was not surprised to see the recent Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with Rob Holding.

The 20-year old is a highly thought of up and coming centre back who currently plays for the Championship club Bolton Wanderers. The lad definitely has talent because he only made his debut for his hometown club at the start of last season and by the end of it he was voted as their Player of the Season and was then called up by Gareth Southgate to play for the England under 21 team at the Toulon tournament this summer.

So it is good to read in The Sun that Arsenal are in pole position to sign the promising young centre back in a deal said to be worth about £2.5 million. All well and good, but my problem is that Arsenal need to add some top quality player4s to the side now and Holding is not a player that is going to help us win the Premier League title.

We already have Calum Chambers as a possible defensive star of the future, after all, but does Wenger not realise that he must plan for the present as well as for the future of our club?

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  1. Arsene never has a problem signing the cheap ‘one for the future’ players but his cheque book gets harder to open the more pricey the target gets.

  2. I thought that everyone knew that Wenger believes in his current crop of player’s? ? ? Hence his only business being the penny pinching for the young wannabe future stars.

    He has already suggested that Xhaka was bought to replace Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky. And in away, he has a point, as I’m sure that Xhaka will play more games than the 3 who left, put together. ?

    Furthermore, Wenger stated that the player’s who are in training now, are the ones who will be starting the new season ? there was no mention of possible new signings being included in that.

    Wenger won’t be signing a quality striker or any other quality player, Unless one becomes available on the cheap, towards the end of this window.

    You know there’s trouble ahead when even David Seaman is telling wenger to sign a player. … ” Any Player” ? ?

  3. In this case, Wenger has 2 major problems

    1) He wants to buy the good
    players at yesterdays prices, which is not going to happen in this rich league

    2) His Lack of interest in the transfer window and the desire to bring in Top class quality

    3) Many of the big names don’t want to play under such a management

  4. The Lacazette Rumours are back………. This time they claim wenger is uping the quoted bid from £34-42mil

    well its just the mill spinning as usual….

    But if asked to pick btw Lacazette and Icardi……would go for the french star…..not just for his goal tally but for his mobility, dribbling ability and differentiation from what Giroud offers!….. Then i would keep Giroud as back up…..and go for mahrez / the drax or better still Leroy Sane…

    Koulibaly or The Holding guy for CB (if i wanna go cheap) , Raphael guerrero as cover for Monreal…. Assess Jenkinson to see how he’s progressing on the injury front as backup for Bellerin

    Then close shop!….. Too much to ask i guess

    1. If Wenger signs Lacazette trust Giroud will not be played as back up but rather our 1st team main striker. As good as we may think Lacazette is he couldn’t be picked in the same squad where OG’s name was one of the 1st to be picked.

      Sucks doesn’t it. The only striker Arsene can bench OG for is Higuain and for obvious reasons (price tag, reputation, and I’m sure guaranteed starting spot in his 1st season at least would be demanded from his team). Players like Icardi, Lacazette and even Draxler who doesn’t necessary play in his position would have to take a sit and watch lamp post start.

      Wenger logic!

      1. How do people continue to just make this stuff up…
        Theo was in form. Guess who sat on the bench?
        Danny came back and was scoring.. Guess who sat on the bench?

        The massive issue we have is lack of competition for half the season in which Giroud was playing 90 minutes multiple times a week… And for the record, Deschamps was the one who preferred Giroud to Lacazette. Wenger has yet to have to make that choice!!

  5. Well if this is true then fine.

    Get Mahrez and Higuain. Chambers, Holding or Gabriel can step up for the defense.

    “… and then I woke up…”

  6. Its important to get in Young talents in the CB position, its an area lacking in numbers throughout all arsenal age groups.
    If he is bought i think we will be seeing him in the near future, in the various cup competitions and couple under 21 matches.

    I do not actually expect arsenal to spend any large money on the CB position, he could have already got some cheap experience buy already, so i figure it will be the same 4 battling for the CB position (Mert, Gab, CHAmbers, Kos).

    GAb is a good CB, very similar to Kos, with Kos career he was not looked at being called a world class CB at the start of his arsenal career, now many see him as the best in the premier league, Gab is on the same path, with some errors but he will get there.

    Chambers is raring to go and is an improved CB, have had couple bad days, but it is to be expected from a budding CB, probably become arsenal captain in the next 2-3 years

    Mert is what you call the thinking CB, not the quickest, actually probably the slowest in the EPL, but he uses his brain by taking up great position to foil the forwards attack, if he could just learn not to get caught out at the half line with a pacey forward he will be good for another year gradually bring fade out.

    But that is not the major issue here, our defensive line although being poor on several occasions is perhaps in the top 5 or somewhere near there, our major issue is our offensive line , which as not provided enough goals to get us over the line in first place, that is where all our problem lies. How many of our attacking players got into double figures, i can only remember alex and Giroud , thats the area we need to fix quickly

  7. Holding will not solve our CB problem as he is too inexperienced at 20yo
    Chambers needs more matches and experience
    Gabriel makes too many mistakes
    Mert is is ideal backup as he is even slower now but still a good CB

    We need a good reliable CB to join koscielny
    We have excellent RB in Bellerin, excellent LB in Monreal

    ie. Koulibaly, Murillo, Hummels, Howedes, Godin, Mustafi, if we want to get PL defender than lower in quality but Van Dijk, Ashley Williams, Reid, Dann

  8. why haven’t we bid for mahrez yet? Why do we take forever to make any real move in the transfer market, while others clubs can sign players in 2 days…

    1. Why? ? Even Siri knows the Answer to that ?

      How about a more interesting question, like Why do we have a dinosaur for a mascot? ?
      Is it because our manager is a fossil ?
      Or is it because we haven’t won the premier league since the prehistoric age?

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