Arsenal to sign replacements for Ospina AND Cech?

I was happy to see some Arsenal transfer rumours this week suggesting that Arsene Wenger and his scouting team at arsenal are looking at at least one keeper, with the idea being that David Ospina is not quite up to the level we need and that the team could be in trouble should anything happen to rule our veteran keeper out of the Premier League games this season.

I would go a step further, though, and say that the boss needs to be looking at a replacement for Cech, not just a back up. He still has plenty of ability and more experience than almost any other top class keeper still playing, but at 36-years old we have to wonder how long Cech can continue art the highest level.

Retiring from the international scene after winning 124 caps for the Czech Republic should help to preserve his career at club level, but I think we are already seeing a Cech that is not quite as good as he used to be. Mistakes are creeping into his game and there are not so many world class saves as there once were.

We see our big Premier League rivals Man United with arguably the best in the world in David De Gea, while Cech’s replacement at Chelsea, Thibaut Courtois, is very young as well as talented. Some are saying that Liverpool’s best transfer deal of the summer was Jordan Pickford and I hate to admit it but Tottenham’s keeper Loris is pretty damn good as well.

Do Arsenal need to koin the party and look for a younger top class number one?

Sam P.


  1. Brian Uweh says:

    Psst psst Jordan Pickford is an Everton player lol

  2. Salmonella says:

    Rui Patricio for me

  3. Maybe if Everton go down we can tempt Jordan pickford away…the guy has class. He is huge, spreads himself all over the goal and his distribution and saves are top notch. He is very confident on the ball and as we all saw, he can time waste a bit without any consequences. I believe all the goals Everton have conceded are down to a poor defence and not Pickford.

  4. wenger says:

    Pickford is our best choice, EPL proven, English and young experienced. Signing the best keeper doesnt guarantee success unless you are Neuer. Courtois and De Gea went through a shitty early spell if you dont remember

  5. Hayzed says:

    My heart weeps seeing spuds beat Madrid. I’m nervous spuds is becoming…

    1. Bond 007 says:

      Sadly true.
      If anyone told yous 5years ago,that Spurs will finish above Arsenal…and give Real Madrid a drubbing, no one would believe (at least, no Arsenal fan).
      The BIG thing Arsenal fans hold onto now is we had an Invincible season (a feat not attempted by any other PL club).
      However, the way Man City are playing now…if Arsenal does not stop them, we could kiss that prestigious title goodbye. The onus is on Arsenal to protect that record.

  6. Alkali says:

    Lafont and oblak for me

  7. jermaine bryan says:

    Jack but land will be England’s no1 why not go for him?

    Alternatively go for someone at a good level with world class potential
    Geronimo rulli, rico , Leno ect

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