Arsenal to spend close to £100m on four new players

Arsenal enters this next transfer window determined to sign players that will make their squad stronger.

The Gunners remain one of the underperforming elite clubs in England and they are committed to ensuring that they return to the top of English football.

They seem to have gotten worse and reached a new low last season when they finished outside the European spots.

They are now set to splash the cash this summer to change things around for themselves.

Football London says they have targeted a number of players who could join them for close to £100m.

The report says the Gunners remain keen on making Cameroon goalkeeper Andre Onana their next goalie as a replacement for Bernd Leno, who has been inconsistent.

They are also very interested in Lille’s full-back, Zeki Celik who is being targeted as a replacement for Hector Bellerin with the Spaniard expected to leave the club this summer.

Ruben Neves is another player that they want to sign and bringing him in has gained traction in recent days with Granit Xhaka edging closer to leaving the Emirates for AS Roma.

Arsenal also remains keen on Martin Odegaard and if Real Madrid agrees to sell him, they would jump at the chance of bringing him back to London.

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  1. Onana £7m
    Neves £30m
    Celik £15m
    Pereira £20m
    Back up LB max £15m

    Funded by

    Bellerin £20m
    Xhaka £20m
    AMN £20m
    Nketiah £20m
    Guendouzi £15m
    Leno £20m

    That’s actually making a profit.. and I didn’t even mention Lacazette/Willian/Cedric/Elneny/Kola/Torreira

    1. How far we have fallen, under the ownership of Kroneke we have regressed and will continue to do so, this great club is being managed by a novice, transfers managed by a novice, until they sell up and f..k off we will continue to slide, eventually we will be sponsored by Sam’s Chicken

      1. I agree. It’s just a pity the Kroenkes wont sell to Ek. Because i’m sure he would invest a lot more money into Arsenal, than the Kronekes, who only seem to take money out of the club?

    2. Niles is better than Elneny why should we sell club’s DNA and stay with under performaning player? Nketiah has good number of goals compared to the same age players with same minutes of play. Nketiah, Niles, willock and Guenduzi should stay. Niles played well for WBA coz he got playing minutes same to Willock. Guenduzi score 2 goals on loan Elneny 1 Xhaka 1 we need goals. Willock 8, Willian 1, Partey 0, Odegaard 2. Arteta is the problem not young players I think Unai promoted both Saka n Rowe but Arteta non. He waited till things were worse that when he brought Rowe to play. He mismanaged Arsenal the whole of this season..even playing Willian as striker while Nketiah was at bench. Arsenal have good players from academy but we got poor coaches to give them minutes instead they go out buy flops. Gnabry. Malen, Yusuf musah, n this summer they want to do same mistake. Nketiah has record breaking goals in under 23. Look at Brewster no where near Nketiah in scoring even Auba at 21 he was not scoring same with laca, giroud I rate Nketiah high. He never stops harassing opponents not like Auba. Even kane if for injury of Salido and selling Bale, tote wanted to sell him.

      1. But which manager of quality would take the job with only £100m to spend? Even Sam Alladyce would turn down the job.

      2. I really support this,arsenal are short in coaching not players ,take nketiah to a team like Liverpool,Man u,Chelsea and even mancity .he will score goals,.belarin,wilock,Niles, guanduzi,madineli are better than those players that are being rumoured here.

      3. Remember when arsenal DNA was represented by Adams or Vieira or Henry? Bellerin represents the softness that has infected us over the years.

    3. I don’t think you could identify talent if it….., oh, never mind. A mind that sees swapping Leno for Onana, to gain 13 million sterling probably can’t be reasoned with. I should apologize.

  2. Only Onana is decent and the rest just average players, with that we will have another very poor season…my poor Arsenal

    1. Hakimi, mbesuma, Onana and Ordegaard for me can bring us back in top four next season

  3. Pereira is a gem a diamond that arsenal should look sharp pick it and polish it.May cost 15m.
    His stats are better than all our midfielders 11 goals 6 assist in a “poor” team WBA.

    Let’s us not make that mistake again when arsenal needed to buy kante at 30m but decline to buy xhaka at 34m.Bissuoma should be the top target not neves .but I will be happy to replace both with xhaka and elneny.

    Arsenal should go all out and buy max Aarrons and Alex telles from Man u as terniey back up.

    No need to buy CB now.Mavropanos and Saliba are sufficient give them a chance. If we still have issues at CB sell 2 or 3 of our CBs and buy A quality one.

    1. I totally agree with you Abdul, our first target should be Yves, January issue should not be a major concern as some people might think so, but i believe, having Bisouma is the best for us

  4. Boussoma is leaving for CAF in January…with partly,elneny….so that why it can’t workout.Let go Italy and buy Manuel locateli and joan Jordan from Saville….but we are not that competitive that the problem.

          1. Liverpool are well stocked in their attack with players like Shaqiri and Jora coming in to help, who do we have?

  5. Onana is a good choice, and there’s news that his ban has been reduced so if we get him we’re good to go.

    Bissouma will not be my first choice because of CAF Competitions, Ruben Neves on the other hand is a very good option, more rounded style of play and very combative.

    Max Aarons has always been my pick of all the linked right backs(except Arsenal goes big for Hakimi).

    Odegaard hasn’t convinced me yet, the EPL is very combative and competitive and he’s yet to show that kind of fight.

  6. Every players is been linked to Arsenal, I will not bother myself until end of transfer window and see who we got, then that will determine how our season will be… let not forget this is how we were told that we want to buy Auoar and partey and so many other players, but at the end, we end up to buy partey last minute, Gabriel, willian.

  7. I don’t think selling of Leno will solve Arsenal problem but giving him chance to adjust the inconsistances is more better than selling him

  8. AFCON is not a problem at all.4 weeks of missing a player that is 4 games missed that is if they play to final.and that could happen in suspension (red card) or through injury anyway.How many weeks have partey missed last season without?
    Let’s look at the bigger picture and the long term benefits.

    Liverpool lose salah and mane both to AFCON and still Liverpool won trophies.

    Chelsea always lose Essien and Drogba to AFCON and still Chelsea won trophies
    Why are Arsenal making ridiculous excuse.

    AFCON shouldn’t hinder player signing.

    1. As Xhaka leaving, with torerra and guendouzi, only leaves us party and elneny, if we sign another mid who goes to AFCON we lose 3 players from 1 position, you don’t think this is a problem ?

    2. More like 6 weeks, players aren’t just going to show up and start playing games, national teams will probably want/ need a couple of weeks of training, and that training may overlap what is traditionally the most congested period of games on the Premier League schedule, the Christmas/New Year holiday period. The premier league would be well advised to take an extended winter break, like other European leagues do.

    3. Don’t you know??
      Arsenal n even some Arsenal Fans re Masters of Giving Excuses!!
      It is a Strong Traits passed by Arsene Wenger to Dem!!😒
      Giving millions of excuses while City,pool, Chelsea n even Leicester does dier Business maturely!!

    4. Problem, I believe, is Arsenal is always undecided on who to sign and too tight-fisted. By the time they have finished pussy footing, all the good players are gone and they can then only pick up discarded crumbs. Is there anything wrong in finishing signing business before end of the window? Must everything be left to D-Day 12 mid night?

    5. Please don’t sell Matheo Guendouzi, because he is young challenged player, he play well & is a feature. Look what’s happening after we sell serge gnabry!

  9. I always wish for Arsenal to sign Wilfred Zaha and Ruben neves could also be a reasonable recruitment alongside bissouma together with max Aarons.It could be great to see all of them in an arsenal squad this coming season.

  10. As far as this article is concerned I borrow from the great Elvis Presley by saying…

    It’s only make believe!!!

    Incidentally, I am watching a Women’s Singles Semi Final at Roland Garros between Sakkari and Krejsicova, and I would suggest that either or both of those women, at the moment, would make Arsenal stronger!!!

  11. It seems Edu n Arteta are not good for arsenal to move forward. Villa have done business even they finished 11th arsenal can’t find a player up to now. Chelsea 2019/20 season time like now they had brought in Ziyech. It’s like they dont know which position to buy or which kind of player they want. Max number 2 is there, Lamperty is there, Bissouma is there, Aouar is there,they missed him last season see the damage of dropping ozil n no creativity.. we should sign prayers above 28years old unless messi, Ronaldo or Lewandowski others are poor. They are talking about CB for what? Gabriel, Mari,Saliba, Chambers, Holding, Mavropanos six enough. Others are coming from loan. We need restless midfielder like kante and we got Niles he’s very fast to recover balls. Trust young task and they win him cups stick with experience and keep dropping to relegation..see Willian, Luiz, Sokratis, leincietner, Cech, they are flopped. Sell Auba n Laca bring Nketia n Balogun plus Daka or Dembele or Muriel. We’ve trusted Auba n laca but nothing is coming from them they miss alot of goals. Experience but no goals then why should we trust them any more ..even Madrid sold Cristiano at his peak sell Auba. Sell Laca,sell Xhaka, Elneny,Willian, Bellerin n kolacnac, Runarsson. Promote Okwonko n bring Onana.

  12. As much as I love Arsenal football but seeing what is happening around the club this days, the little man in me is telling me to move on in order to find joy and happiness in life.

    1. Same here, Bro!!
      D Club never seem to get simple it right!!!
      N we have Arteta who seem to have Mid-table or Europa league ambitions!!
      It’s Terrible!!

  13. I comprehend the problem of having average players,none of them can raise £80m in sales and what we need is a batch of mediocres to buy other mediocres .

  14. An average of £25m per player does not transform the 1st team or squad it merely tinkers with it, replacing not good enough with more not good enough.

  15. I would be happy if they put all that on one world class midfielder,and a goal keeper.Aston Villa cant refuse 60M for Jack,can they?

  16. I really support this,arsenal are short in coaching not players ,take nketiah to a team like Liverpool,Man u,Chelsea and even mancity .he will score goals,.belarin,wilock,Niles, guanduzi,madineli are better than those players that are being rumoured here.

  17. I am a die hard arsenal fan but dont watch their games anymore now days as know they are getting bad to worst, we need viera or bergkamp not this arteta dog or edu the gay. Kroenkes have to b kicked out. That sallehi dog like he is still doing biz with arsenal. Arsenal game over trust me with arteta around coach with no experience. Barcelona will never ever hire him.

  18. I’d take Neves for £25m + Maitland-Niles. To me that makes sense, which is why it ain’t gonna happen.

  19. I repeat we only need 2-3 players , I agree that our coaches do not trust our academy players and they end up overspending buying flops instead of developing the young players…Saka, ESR, Goundoezi, Willock, Nelson , Balogun, Martinelli , are good enough to take Arsenal to the next level in 2-3 years.We only need to buy Bossouma, Saint Maximin , and a decent right back… Willian, Elneny, Xhaka, auba, and others should go

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