Arsenal to start BOTH Giroud and Walcott at Olympiacos?

Because of the difficult situation Arsenal find ourselves in going into the final game of the group stage, there is no margin for error. The Gunners do not have to worry about what happens with the other two clubs, we just need to win against Olympiacos.

And because of the way things are decided if two clubs are tied on points, the task ahead of Arsenal is even more clear, to score goals and try to win by two or to win and score at least three times. Although this is a tough task in the cauldron of their stadium, it also makes our approach a simple one.

It is clearly a big blow to have no Alexis Sanchez for the game but at least Arsene Wenger’s striking options have been boosted by Theo Walcott and his own return off the injury list. While some Arsenal fans might want the boss to start the England flyer instead of the big Frenchman I think he has to start with both of them.

Unfortunately for Theo that means a place on the right flank although with Arsenal needing goals you would expect us to be the proactive side while the Greeks will try to be solid and hard to break down and that sort of game suits the talents of Giroud at centre forward more than the pace and movement of Walcott.

The Arsenal manager has already spoken about the need for us to go for it and grab the initiative, as reported by the Arsenal website, so will that mean both our front line strikers starting? If so who will be the third forward and will they have enough to get the goals to take us into the next phase?

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  1. edbryt says:

    Knowing Wenger he would put Walcott on the bench and go with Giroud.we shd try and score an early goal which would unsettle them. If we go into the second half with at least a 2 goal lead, they would come out and attack,this is where Theo will come in and hit them on the counter.all the same, I wouldn’t mind both starting. We need to go for it

    1. almostawinner says:

      would prefer to see OG (at the only posn he can play: CF) and walcott (who would then be forced to RW).
      campbell on LW, ozil behind.
      ramsey at B2B.
      the main weakness will lie at CDM w flam. since coq left, we’ve had more goals scored against us and our probability of keeping clean sheets has gone down.
      back 5 will be solid.
      if walcott & campbell scored, it’d get them going on their trajectory.
      we need goals to be able to come from many players.

  2. muffdiver says:

    walcott and joel to start with ozzy behind them- there pace will frighten the olympriks
    giroud on as a sub will change our play completely an baffle there defenders like it did against bayern at the emirates

  3. BabyPlease says:

    Listen baby please

    Both Giroud AND Walcott up front


    This lineup should win us the match

    1. Persian8oy says:

      Thats 12 players genius.

      Little more thought and a little less “listen baby please”.

    2. optimisticgooner says:

      A win is obvious if u start with 12 players. Problem solved.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    how much did u pay to FIFA to allow u field 12 players?

  5. Aussie Jack says:

    I`m old fashioned , I know. This would have to be the most unusual season for several decades when teams are so evenly matched, and the question now is “can money buy it”?
    Myself I became tired of selecting the champions from the top four.

  6. Nebs says:

    Theo should be used as a super sub on this one. Giroud has to start against a side like Olympiacos and the wingers need to give such a hard time to the Greek defense, to wear them out in an hour so that Theo can really make an impact.

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