Arsenal to start Debuchy not Bellerin against Chelsea?

First off let me say that I am a big fan of Arsenal’s young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin. He came on in leaps and bounds last season and was a key factor in the Gunners having such a strong second half of the season. I fully expect him to provide very strong competition to Mathieu Debuchy this season and if the France international is not on his mettle he could well lose his place in the Arsenal starting XI.

But we should remember that Bellerin only got so many games last season because Debuchy was struck down twice with the Arsenal injury cures. He is fully fit now though, and I think he will be Arsene Wenger’s go to man, especially in the big games.

So I think he is a sure starter against Chelsea in the Community Shield today. The Frenchman is a top quality right back, who is chosen over Bacary Sagna for France when fit, and he has the added bonus of bags of experience; with 44 Champions League and Europa League games under his belt and 26 full international caps.

And if that was not enough, Debuchy is that bit more defensively solid and alert than Bellerin and with our right back likely to be up against the tricky Eden Hazard on the massive Wembley pitch, I cannot imagine why Wenger would not start with the Frenchman. Can you?

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    1. ego aside….bendtner was one level higher than giroud…and am not saying these because of his heroic performance against bayern….just look at his international games track record and ul see what i mean

        1. @NY_GUNNER these new goons especially the ones on these site wouldn’t know these…when we the veterans tell them that adebayor was once a good striker, they object since the only saw him play at spuds, when we tell them that cesc was quality at 19 yrs, they object arguing he didn’t make it at barca…when we talk of a DM like vierra, oops they can only scratch their heads as the only one they’ve seen is le coq…when we tell them that giroud is nowhere near arsenal quality, they argue that he was the top scorer in France and reference his youtube videos…when we tell them that arsene was once a manager who meant business, they tell us that he is better now than he was before….and most importantly, when we tell them that we need a top class DM and a killer striker, they tell us to shut up and that arsene knows best….these babies should learn to respect the veterans for god-sake because we’ve been through their phases and we damn well know a winning team

          1. I have been an arsenal fan for 20 yrs & how many current players would get into the invincibles squad maybe cech/sanchez

              1. Love the competition at RB, improves both players. GK also and central midfield.

                wish Per was challenged like that by Gabriel. Also Giroud needs the challenge; he’s said so numerous times. (Welbeck doesn’t count).

                Benzema or Lew proper challenge. However, I’m guessing any big signing will be at butt end of window.

      1. Unfortunately Bendtner’s stats prove that Giroud was much better at Arsenal.

        I think Bendtner has/had more potential and he was often fantastic playing for Denmark but for Arsenal his numbers were just not good. Sorry. Facts are facts.

  1. would prefer bellerin his pace will be difficult for chelski he did well against hazard during that draw at emirates

    1. we have all seen how good bellerin is and i think its time we see how good debuchy can be…right now i cant tell who between them is better because i have only seen bellerin play regularly…get debuchy there today so that i can evaluate him

  2. That’s the problem wit stats it dosnt tell the whole story, but lemme tell u the whole story, bellerin is better…maybe u should start watchin some matches n leave stats…

    1. How can you say Bellerin is better? He’s still young-will you still say he’s better after he makes a mistake that will lose us a game in future like most youngsters do (ala Rambo, ox, Theo, etc). I say Debuchy should be our 1st choice-the guy is really good! Bellerin needs to improve his defensive

      1. Guess you did not watch the Dortmund game when they tore him apart, be he bounced back very admirably. I’m not saying that he’s better than Debuchy, but to say that he’s not better because he’s younger, is ridiculous.

  3. Either would be fine.
    I’d prefer we rest the
    likes of Kos Coqu
    Cazorla and Ozil for the long season ahead.
    Wonder who will play in goal?
    Isn’t Ospina supposed to play the cup games?

  4. Bellerin has much more offensively while Debuchy is probably more solid defensively because of his experience. This is a tough call. If I were manager, I would go with Bellerin.

  5. At 17 messi was better than almost d whole barcelona team, so was aguero, torres at 17…so leave age out of this, if bellerin makes a mistake n he will, pat him on d back n encourage him…

  6. bellerin is quick but he is still young and often makes lounging tackles inside the box and we all know that is what chelsea needs
    one penalty and dam they will park 3-4 buses till rest of the minutes thats why i think debuchy should start
    besides, I think neither theo or giroud will score against them, both are predictable
    to score against them we need some magic and thats why my money is on santi or rambo or jack

  7. Tactically, If Debuchy starts, then Theo plays on the left, because Bellerin alone can’t handle Hazard and Theo won’t offer enough defensively. If Bellerin starts, then Ramsey should play on the the right ( the two have enough pace and energy to nullify Hazard like at the draw in emirates) and if that is what happens, Theo should play on the left..



    All in all we need Ramsey’s energy in this game… Cazorla should be allowed more freedom while Ramsey’s energy with Coq in needed to nullify Chelsea’s “park the bus and hit on the counter” tactics.

    Opinions divided… What do y’all think? Any better line up reply.

  8. we damn need a TOP TOP TOP striker…. theo walcott is not physically and technically mechanized for that position. he will definitely perform against a mediocre and average team like the spuds but not against a formidable team in any country. however, i have a wry smile on my face whenever i read fans agitating for theo to fit into that over size shoes and a huge vacuum which eclipse is natural ability to perform against a world class team. he’s best a winger even cazorla ones acknowledge theo should stick to the wings. Wenger can promise heaven on earth but he will never utilize theo on a permanent bases but a temporary occasion.

    Benzema will be an upgrade to some extent but i hope we acquire a Lewandoski or a cavani. Fingers crossed…… COYG it’s high-time Arsene shut that maweeeno to the oblivion

    1. And so is Bellerin even at his age. Too close to call and good for different games depending on tactics, opposing team and who is at RW. Happy that any at any time is a top class. Need such at all positions (just as GK).

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