Arsenal to start `one of the best´ against West Ham

I think it is safe to say that we have not really seen the best of the Arsenal and England star yet, at leasxt not on a consistent basis. But the flashes of brilliance that we have seen from young Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have been enough to suggest that he has a brilliant career ahead of him.

Once again yesterday the powerful and dynamic player stepped up for the Gunners and produced a moment of magic that was enough to secure a third pre-season trophy and, more importantly, remove whatever mental blockage their might be in the Arsenal squad about facing our Premier League rivals Chelsea.

The Ox and his vital goal were hailed by the Arsenal captain after the game, with Mikel Arteta going on to praise the 21-year old very highly and suggest that he has the potential to be one of the very best players to ever pull on an Arsenal shirt.

Arteta told Arsenal Player, “[The goal was] unbelievable, but Alex can do that every week if he wants to. He’s a terrific player, one of the best talents I’ve seen, and he’s got the world open for what he wants to do. It’s up to him.”

One of the reasons that we have not seen more of Chamberlain and his talent so far is that he has not always been a regular starter under Arsene Wenger, with injury problems and the need to improve his all round game the main reasons.

In fact he might well not have started at Wembley if Jack Wilshere, Danny Welbeck or Alexis Sanchez were available. But they are not and so surely the Ox will be in the XI that takes on West Ham in our first Premier League game against West Ham on Sunday. So will this be the season when he starts to prove what Arteta says and makes the football world his oyster?

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    1. Yup bringing sanchez in is going to be so beneficial for the ox and his development. When him and Alexis started on the wings we literally didn’t lose we had pace power and directness on both wings.

      As of now Ramsey starts on the bench for me (and I just got his jersey) the Ox on the RW is our best bet he offers so much going foward and he is going to make it his position this season and cazorla is the better option currently in the middle.

  1. Ox will have a great season if he stays fit…team looks healthy with healthy competition too. Please take more selfies to piss a lot of people (Roy).

    We are quick to forget that the players are humans and there’s unity and harmony in the arsenal team. The Team will only get better. Players are hungry and focus. Gunners Forever!

  2. Ox, Wilshere Walcott
    have been “could be ”
    players for many years.
    Wellbeck +Sanogo too.
    “IF” they can stay healthy
    and “IF” they can hit form
    the sky really is the limit.

    1. I know what you mean but I have to keep reminding myself that the Ox is only freaking 21 so a bit unfair to give him a failed potential tag imo.

      1. True and wilshere is only 23, I don’t care how long he’s been in the 1st team set up he still has a lot of growing and learning to do which is normal for a player his age.

        The future is bright @jonestown!

    2. @davidnz
      Sanogo is only 20. He just got here. So lumpin him in with seasoned EPL players like Wellbeck, Jack and Theo is a bit unfair.

  3. Cech



      1. Me too. But Wenger is very stubborn

        My preference is Ozil as CAM and OX/Walcott on wings with Giroud up front

        However, that means either Cazorla or Ramsey will be benched. If you put Ozil on the wing you can play both Cazorla and Ramsey, I guess

    1. Okay obviously not very popular with all thumbs down

      How about:


      Bench: Ramsey

      I wish we had another top quality LW

  4. well, alexis will be back and walcot will definetly be a starter(why give hm a hefty new contract to bench him)..and with wenger playing same 11 week in week out, he is going to rust and rot in the bench while hopping an injury to one of the starters rescues him 🙁 🙁




    an oscar freekick and a header from kurt zouma.

    Not hating on wojo but I think we had forgotten what having an amazing gk feels like



    1. Not only that, but AW stated that Cech keeps telling the team daily that he expects clean sheets. Tells me that Cech is competitive and wants the best out of his new team… well that might just be to spite his old team but really idgaf. Having him back there gives me so much confidence. Our big f*ckin goalie is a monstrosity.

      1. They weren’t really world class saves. Szczesny could have made those saves. Ospina may have struggled
        On the free-kick because he isn’t as tall – even Cech had to stretch and he’s a giant – but the saves weren’t the difference that Cech made in my opinion.

        To me, the calm and organisation he brought to our defence was the biggest difference. I never thought Chelsea were actually going to score. There were times where they might have scored, but they still had to beat Cech, and that’s no easy task. Whereas when Szczesny is in goal it’s all a shambles until Koscielny saves the day.

      1. @ ks gunner

        Is that you being positive? Are you feeling ok? I hope the optimism continues from you

  6. There is no doubt the Ox is a great talent but the challenge is for him to be consistent and perfect his skills.He is surely destined for greatness,he is poised to drive us to glory once again as evident in his power and hunger with the ball.Hope the proff gives him enough play time to state his claim

  7. Alex Oxldae Chamberlain is a very good player.Whenever he plays he is world class and yes that is what i see in him whenever he plays.He has destroyed world class full backs and centre backs to earn the world class tag.To me he really is a world class player.It is only injury that has stopped him from carrying on.By the way have you guys seen YASSIN FORTUNE just when i thought Adelaide was the real deal then he shows up.He even look much more promising to me to be honest.Now all, Wenger has to do is to sign a cf and a defensive midfielder although to me i still see some weakness in the team.

  8. Off-Topic

    Tuesday afternoon
    Real Madrid vs Spuds = LOL

    I hope RM put out a full squad
    I predict 4-0

    1. The thing I like about the Ox is that when he’s charging with the ball, it’s generally the defender that gets bowled over, not the other way around which usually happens with wingers.

  9. We’ve seen in practice (and not only pondered in theory) that the Ox has a wonderful blend of physical assets; balance and guile as shown against Man United in the FA Cup with his trickery and through-pass, and surging dribbling as seen against Chelsea with a quality finish off his weaker foot as the end product.

    I’m just hoping that the new backroom additions help to keep him fit and that he is able to notch 30+ games this season. He *will* take knocks through the season given his style and change of pace, but I’m hoping his physical strength will carry him through that with a fearless attitude and an improved physical toughness and durability.

    If all of the above were to pan out, there’s no reason why the Ox can’t go on to become one of the most feared natural wide players of his generation, given his comfort when cutting inside from the wing and causing serious problems for full backs, centre halves and defensive midfielders alike.

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