Arsenal to start Welbeck instead of Giroud at Chelsea?

Even before Arsenal lost to Watford on Tuesday night, it was looking like the Gunners would need a win against Chelsea this weekend to keep our hopes of the Premier League title alive. At least the current league leaders did not win their own midweek game against Liverpool, but they did get a point and all Arsenal fans know that nothing less than a win will do for us at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

That means that Arsene Wenger needs to be adventurous with his tactics and set the side up to attack the home team and that would normally mean Olivier Giroud starting as our centre forward, but not this time, as I expect the big Frenchman to be starting this crucial clash on the subs bench.

I do not think it will be Alexis Sanchez leading the line either, but Danny Welbeck who looked as sharp as a razor on his first start since May. That performance in the FA cup against Southampton suggested that Welbeck can do the same sort of target man job as Giroud and his goals will have given the boss confidence in his finishing.

Crucially though, is the fact that Welbeck also adds the pace that Giroud lacks and while Wenger will be hoping that Arsenal dominate, the chances are that a counter attack against a strong and in form side on their own ground could be the best scoring option.

It surely has to be Welbeck starting on Saturday with Alexis and Walcott either side don’t you think Gooners?



  1. Santi19 says:

    I think Lukas should start in the wing. He increases creativity of the team.

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Yep, agreed but I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Ramsey in the starting line up, with a pair of crutches of course. ?

  3. Juhi McLovin says:

    We won Chelsea with Sanchez upfront, Theo and Iwobi on the wings.

    I will be shell-shocked if Giroud starts this game.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I also think that Cech should be dropped to the bench,along with Monreal and Gabriel.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    Anyone can start. I just don’t wanna see Giroud and Ramsey against Chelsea. I will add Gabriel in the mix. Bellerin to replace him.

  6. Pablo Picaso says:

    If Ramsey is out (not that he contributes much) I don’t think we have enough human resource to play the outdated 4-2-3-1 Wenger sticks with. Looking at how Chelsea will line up, my proposal is this:

    Bellarine Mustafi Kos Monreal
    Ox Coq Ozil
    Theo Alexis Welbeck

    4-3-3. I know others are saying Ozil on the wing, well my first choice is Iwobi there though Wenger does not have the guts to drop big eyes. Ozil sandwich between Welbeck and Monreal is good enough balance, granted Monreal remains true to his defending responsibilities and we know Welbz is a work worse, Ozil can also cut in when attacking and this will protect him from hardworking Kante and Matic who may swallow him in the middle especially without Xhaka and Carzola back there when he loses the ball.

    This system can also ensure Alonso and Moses are kept in cheque as those are unsung heroes for the blues with the amount of work they put in. A midfield 2 of Coq and Ox will be destroyed by Chelsea’s 4 or 5.

    1. Midkemma says:

      If Ozil wasn’t such a big name then it would be easier to drop him and the player I would want in that 3 man CM you listed wouldn’t be Iwobi but M-Niles, Iwobi forgets his def duties a bit too much recently for the trust given to a CM.

      M-Niles how-ever performed admirably as a RB when called upon, not the best but Bellerin had a worse start and look how he turned out. He also played much better than I expected in the holding role, only a few mistakes which he seemed to correct as the game went on.

      Last time I was this excited to see a kid step up to the 1st team was Bellerin, he is one of those players that can be special as a complete player.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I was gonna say similar myself. That line up is our 4231, he just wrote Ozil in next to Coq. When we have the ball Ozil is near Alexis, at no10. When we don’t have it he’ll be a bystander.

        I was thinking Coq Niles and Ox, it’d be more industrious when without ball, and I expect Chelsea to see allot of it. Three quick players ahead and we might get some decent counter attack chances. I’m not keen on Ozil with this game, at least Giroud and Ramsey shouldn’t be there, they should rarely ever play in same line up, and I’d think about Iwobi along those lines too. Those four starting together surely means CB’s will be busy.

        I’d still have my worries with Niles and Ox. Chelsea have a very good and experienced midfield. It’s where we’re at though, make the best of our limited decisions.

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I honestly think that we would have a good chance of winning if we played Theo and Lucas on the wings and Alexis up front. I don’t mind Danny on left but not up front for Chelsea.

    Alexis was scoring almost every game when he was CF and his finishing is better than Giroud and Danny

    Also what does Lucas need to do to get a start outside the FA CUP?

    1. Midkemma says:

      I think Lucas needs to show he can run the ball past a player a bit more consistently if he wants to start in the EPL, his take ons are very VERY low!

      He needs to adapt to the physicality of the EPL.

      We also see it in his def work, kinda light.

      Please don’t think I am slandering Perez, I think he has done very well and it is promising to have a instinct type of player ready for us, how much more could he do in say…. 6 months time and he has had about a year to adapt?

      That’s what I think is holding him back.

  8. Midkemma says:

    To Bob
    Giroud could miss the game all together due to an ankle problem.

    I am also a bit confused why you would want Alexis on the left, you do know he is better in the CF role, he is on the same amount of goals as Costa, joint 1st currently in the EPL.

    He already has the same amount of goals as the whole of last season, played largely through the middle and being a real threat as a CF… 13 games less than last season and already same amount of goals scored.

    Welbeck and Theo both have a faster ‘long’ sprint than Alexis, Alexis is very fast in bursts but hasn’t shown he can outrun a player over distance, he always uses trickery. This burst speed also hinders his defensive side of the game, making the pitch length sprints to get back and defend… We moaned at Theo for not doing it and now he is we praise him.

    Alexis has better movement off the ball for a CF compared to Welbeck ATM, at times he can play the ACM role or wide roles, last time we had a CF with this kinda movement was TH14.

    You wouldn’t have suggested TH14 to play on the left for us because he did before he joined us and a CF who has never been consistent in goalscoring to take his place… So why suggest Alexis does the same?

  9. Nwaneri says:

    It must have to be a front three of Alexis, Lucas and Theo/ Welbeck.
    Although we are highly unlikely to win, but we must not embarrass our selves the more there. Giroud should play is super sub role.

  10. marty53 says:

    We must start playing Sanchez up front again, when he was playing there he was scoring a lot more than he has recently. Welbeck must surely start with Walcott as well to add a bit of pace.

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