Arsenal to start with Ox instead of Walcott?

I have not gone a little bit crazy Arsenal fans, even though Theo Walcott would usually get the nod over his England international team mate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for a place in the Arsenal starting line-up. There are a few good reasons for Arsene Wenger to give the Ox a start away to Aston Villa.

The injury situation is one, of course, and we should not ignore the fact that Walcott is only just back from a spell on the sidelines. He has not completed a game since his return and he also played a good portion of our Champions League win over Olympiacos in midweek.

Another reason, along similar lines, is that Theo is the one fit player we have that could replace Olivier Giroud in the centre forward role. The French striker is sure to start but the boss might not want him to play the full game after his Herculean efforts in Greece.

And assuming that the real Arsenal turn up at Villa Park you would expect us to be in the lead with around half an hour to go. The home team will have to press and they will also be tired. That is the perfect scenario for a flying Theo to enter the fray.

The final reason is that Chamberlain really needs to play and hopefully Villa will be a great game for him to regain some confidence and form. His place is under serious pressure from Joel Campbell and that should give the Ox any extra incentive he needs to shine.

What do you think Gooners?

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  1. OX is a player with all the talent in the world, just awful decision making… time and time again… Hopefully he can get a goal/assist to gain some confidence.

    1. He has a way of doing everything good and spoiling it in the end. No doubt, he’s beastly.

    2. That’s exactly what I was thinkin. He has huge talent, his dribbling skills are better than anyone in the team even Sanchez. Some may disagree but I personally think with better decision making skills he can reach the likes of robben and Sanchez but unfortunately this season hes had some bad games and injury which has made his confidence drop and now he hardly even takes on players anymore. Which is bad because when he’s on song, he can make full backs look like training hurdles. Both AW and his father have told him to believe in himself. Hopefully he does and bring out the beast he is inside.

    3. Another overated English player who was overhyped too soon .You guys know that he was involved direct or indirect in most own goals we suffer in last to seasons? .he scored more own goals than any other player in the team,He cost us the game against Monaco,for me is time to send him back to Southampton and get Wanyama, at least he will be useful for us,Oxford is useless for us.

  2. Hopefully, Theo will get a run out at least. He needs some playing time. I am hoping we finish off Villa early so that Theo can get a run out. Although, we can’t underestimate Villa. Recently Villa drew with both Man City and Southampton

    We will definitely need Theo against Man City

    1. I actuaLly wished we’d have a front three of Sanchez, Theo and Ox against city. Would be great.

      Too bad my man, Le Cock, is out.

  3. I had hope and faith in ox but not anymore.talented but never improves.never ever. maybe we should send him on loan to a mid table pl team and if no improvement sell him and buy someone else or promote the accadamy starlets

  4. The Ox has to improve. No time for messing around. He should drop all those over elaborate skills and focus on the basics. Just like campbell, keep it simple and fan out whatever trickery you got. Its so obvious campbell is ahead of him now. Wenger when are you unleashing the JEFF.

  5. What a player Walcott would be if he had the industry and work effort of either the Ox or dare I say it Sanchez. For me he doesn’t do enough when he hasn’t got the ball.More effort on that side of his game and then you may have some player.

    1. I’m feeling a tad greedy today myself. Theo does need a brace for confidence. Love to see one of Joel’s left boot woder strikes go in with that assist too. Giroud alos needs at least one to keep ticking over. Ox certainly needs one when he comes on as sub. And I just love it when Ozil scores coz it shuts all his critics up even more 🙂

  6. Theo, Ox, Wilshere, Gibbs and to a large extent Welbeck all have something in common…..they are all English internationals, they all came through the youth systems of English clubs, they were all hyped up to be the next big thing, they all all underachievers so far in their careers….personally I think this has a lot to do with the too much too soon syndrome that plagues young English players, obviously aided by clueless easily excitable English press…..a look at their careers so far in relation to their development is sjust abysmal to say the least…..

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