Arsenal to suffer DOUBLE Dortmund transfer blow?

It looks like Arsene Wenger has already taken an early blow to his Arsenal transfer plans for the end of the season, if you believe what you read in the latest Arsenal transfer rumours that is. And what is even worse than the reports that the Frenchman is set to miss out on two top class players from the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, is that both Mats Hummels and Ilkay Gundogan look set to sign for our Premier League rivals Manchester United instead.

The Daily Mail is today reporting that Dortmund’s 24-year old central midfielder Gundogan is still determined to leave this summer and, with just a year left on his contract, will be available for as little as £20 million. But the versatile and dynamic player, who has apparently been eyed up by Wenger and the Arsenal scouts for some time, prefers a move to Old Trafford. There are even rumours that the deal is almost sealed.

The reports about Dortmund’s central defender Hummels are not so concrete, with the player himself declaring this week that he was sick of all the gossip and speculation about his future, as a Metro report explains. The centre back was being questioned about earlier reports that United had lodged a bid of just over £20 million for him.

Hummels replied, “I don’t want to talk about that topic constantly.

“I did it a few weeks ago – and that must be enough.”

Dortmund chief Nichael Zorg also refused to confirm the bid from United but those in the know in Germany seem to think it is just a matter of time before Hummels joins our rivals. That is an early setback for Wenger although it does at least give the Prof time to find some more top targets. But who should it be?

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    1. i rate gabriel…but who needs hummels- wtf?! hahaha

      if united get gundogan hummels an depay….will be kinda speechless

      why the hell arent we raiding dortmund?

      1. That’s a “name over ability” type summation Muff if ever I saw one. Hummels has been dire this season, he’s barely quicker than Mertesacker, and while he’s capable of being dominant he spends a lot of time watching the game with an injury. You can keep that for 30-40mil thanks.

        Gundogan is a good player but we don’t need him. Jury’s out on Depay, Eredevisie is hit or miss with their ‘stars’. For every Suarez there’s a Kezman. United need far more than those 3 guys to leave me speechless. None, bar an on form Hummels would make our 11.

        Who would you see us take from Dortmund? Other than Reus I can’t see who we’d get overly excited about in the positions we need (GK?, DM, ST/Winger?)

        1. Agree, will be a lot of managers round Europe fishing around assuming the squad will disintegrate. Personally don’t think that many will go. Quite like Aubameyang as a Podolski replacement, can play anywhere along front 3, good finisher, decent passer, good dead-ball player and massively rapid. A little raw, still quite young 26 – looks like the sort of player Wenger could polish up in to something pretty tasty.

          1. Yea he’s an interesting one, i’d agree with that. Could see him as one of those fluid front 3 options, but smacks me as a clinical Welbz so would maybe prefer someone different idk.

            Point is I don’t think, as you say, that Dortmund are this tree ripe for the picking as is being made out. On top of which I can’t see who we would buy other than Reus and Aubameyang as you point out.

  1. Are you twinkies panicking already? Gundogan? How long was he in the treatment room?
    Tomorrow is Chelsea, then FA Cup at the end of May. Transfer panic is two months away, relax, you nervous nellies.
    I remember some of you frothing at the mouth when Navas went to City? What happened to Jesus? Has he delivered a cross into the box yet?

    Wenger and his 2 million stats package will find us the best three players we can AFFORD.
    I am going to quote the Boss ” Any more than three players disrupts a team.”
    If you self-satisfiers thinks that Arsenal are going to bring seven players like the twatty Spuds you must be smoking whatever Hafiz sells.

    1. Muffsie, are you playing FIFA15 again? Dortmund just hired a coach. I will bet that Dortmund does NOT have an exodus.

      1. i dont mean buy all ten dude lol
        come on! just mean ten to pick one from

        those players idolise klopp, genuine man love- him leavin means quite a few will be questioning there future, plus no champs league for them an a manager with little pedigree to replace klopp.

        we should be there

        1. I know you did not mean ten. I was doing the online exaggeration for internet chest pounding.
          Dortmund will be back. This season was a blip. The team has too much class to disintegrate. Dortmund is not Leeds or Notts Forest.

  2. If thats the case we must make it a priority to get schneiderlin and dybala, and i’ll be happy! Coyg!

      1. Poldolski, Campbell, Arteta, Flamini and Schez out

        Cech, Reus and Schrindelin in

        3 players will within our budget considering players out

  3. ” It looks like Arsene Wenger has
    already taken an early blow to his
    Arsenal transfer plans…”

    What makes you sure that Wenger has a plan to sign Dortmund stars? I wouldn’t say Arsenal suffered or will suffere because he couldn’t sign these players.I am sure Wenger will bring the players that he wants.

    And I really don’t get people who understate the quality of Hummles and Gundogan just because Man utd are going to sign them.The players are quality and if man utd manage to sign these players it’s a really good business for them and good addition to their squad.

    1. Wenger will get a player nobody expected like he did with Ozil and Sanchez, I’m just gonna wait until the last week of transfer window. Gundogan and Hummels are severely overrated, we should forget about buying them.

  4. Transfer is not just about adding great players, its adding players that makes team great and balanced, untd is trying to do “city” they want to buy league, but i doubt it will work like that, what happened to their superstars Falcao and Di Maria LOL, bigger flops than Chamakh, Wengers loanee is better than theirs 60m players!!!

    1. What loanee? Sonogo…. Please!!!! for now he is arsenal worst player. Let’s all hope that changes in the very near future because for me he is simply not good enough.

    2. Buying the league is the worst thing they can do because when VanGaal leaves they will have to rebuild from scratch and spend another 100m, FFP won’t allow it to happen like they’re currently doing with Man City

  5. We have now passed regular Stupid and advanced to B@tSh$t Stupid.

    You cannot “lose out” on the transfer of players that were never yours or that you never intended to pursue. There is NO real evidence that Wenger was ever seriously interested in any of these players at all.

    STOP! The transfer rumor season is long enough without spewing fantastical nonsense before Arsenal have even finished their season.

  6. Its been long I commented here, I’m xo glad I’m back and above all I miss yhu guys a lot buh not as much as I miss mai beloved arsenal on non-matchdays…..didn’t knw zan is still selling those stuffs…*winks*

  7. I’m a bit worried that if we finish 2nd and Win the FA Cup, Wenger may think we have enough quality and not get a top quality player in the summer. I hope I’m wrong because Chelsea, United, city, liverpool, spuds will all strengthen

    1. He bought 3 players when we were top of the league for half a season.. He’s not gonna stop spending, but don’t expect him to be desperate and spend 50mil on Hummels, that’s just brainless spending

  8. I thought sir alex retiring would mean atleast MU can take a backseat to us but what that has done is woke up them in transfer market. Manchester United are forming something great here, they are not going to fade away like we all wished or thought.

    AS FOR THE PLAYERS, I may be in minority but I would have gone for Depay. I know people will say it is dutch league but I have seen the kid play since the world cup and let me tell you the kid is a beast. He can score goals for fun and is very quick.Scoring 30 goals in a season and that to being a winger is not a child’s play. It seems he is going to team with his ex dutch coach LVG. But I Really would love if arsenal atleast tried to get him.

  9. I wouldn’t worry too much. This “every team will strengthen in the summer” gets trawled out every year. It hardly ever works out that way, it is not inevitable. Might look stronger on paper but the trick is to immediately translate that in to performances on the pitch. This is the difficult part. If improvements were “inevitable” then by now team would be near perfect with all the “strengthening” done in previous seasons. Imo, most improvements come with continuity and incremental improvements – and these improvements normally felt in the following season after players have bedded in. Alexis in his second season after a freakishly brilliant start, Ozil coming in to consistent form at the end of his second season, Coq now with a proper body of work under his belt and a whole summer to work on it, Bellerin with his first season jitters out of his system, Giroud finally realising he might be a pretty decent striker, Gab with some solid performances and the close-season to bond further, Monreal maturing in to an unspectacular but tremendously solid FB, Ospina settled – it is my opinion that these and others will be what will bring the bigger improvements and the consistency needed next year rather than any wholesale changes. Wenger will possibly bring in one new world class 1st X1 starter in the summer – no more. And a couple of decent squad options having moved on a maximum of 3/4 players.

    Man United are the only team that can go properly ape-s**t in the transfer market with FFP as it is. And who knows how that will go. Not sure what Mourinho will do – wouldn’t surprise me if he went again with what he has with only minor changes – a back-up striker to replace Drogba maybe. Hear alot of Chelski fans not mad keen on Cahill for past few months – may see Zouma more. City have a huge job, they basically need a new team apart from maybe Aguero, Hart and a few others and have no great recent successes in the transfer market. Will be a transitory season for them imo. Liverpool have almost as much work and an even more appalling record in the transfer market – can’t see them making the mark next season and I predict the same top 4 but in a different order.

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