Arsenal to suffer Ozil transfer blow? Unless…

I an just making a hypothesis here and reading between the lines, but I reckon that it is pretty logical conclusion to make about Arsenal and one of the best players in the world at the minute. The problem as I see it is that if the Arsenal forwards keep wasting all of the chances that Mesut Ozil keeps making for them then not only will we lose the race for the Premier League title, we could end up losing the man himself in the summer transfer window.

Ozil has been on fire this season and is probably the best number 10 in the business right now. Do you really think that the biggest and richest clubs in the world will not be looking at the German international and thinking about trying to sign him in the summer, especially if he plays well at Euro 2016?

And are these clubs put off by the fact that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal would never put money before the good of the team? And would Ozil really want to stay at a club with little ambition above getting into the Champions League every year?

For me the club has to show some ambition in the summer transfer market to persuade our best players like Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Koscielny that we are going to win things. Before that, however is the small matter of winning the Premier League this year. That would be a huge step in the right direction and to do that the strikers need to start scoring and start Ozil’s assist tally ticking again.

If Ozil does not break the Premier League assist record this year it could see us lose him. If he does then it will mean we are finishing again and that will mean that we have a great chance of the title and then a couple of big signings and then why would Ozil want to leave?

So what is it to be Arsenal?


  1. So what if his contract runs till 2018 ? It’s a general rule contract extensions are done 2 years before the current one expires,, if we fail to win the PL this season or refuse to re-enforce our squad with world class players he will have every right to doubt our ambitions. And even if he is on contract it doesn’t stop clubs like PSG, City, United or Bayern from bidding a solid 50-60m for him

  2. Typical Budd would rather blame the players who have contributed all season instead of the manager’s inability to build an appropriate squad. Ozil is world class and the fact he’s about to beat Henry’s assist record with average strikers just goes to show how good he is. If we want to keep him we must strengthen our squad with the kind of players that understand his game and allow him to thrive. Look how well he was playing when Cazorla was on the pitch, ever since his and Alexis’s injury Mesut has had to carry this team on his own, you can’t expect him to be pulling off assists each game when the players that allow him to be comfortable on the ball get injured for more than a quarter of the season.

  3. It will be very interesting to see what happens in the summer transfer window!
    What with City, Utd and Chelsea having new manager’s and Money to spend… No doubt that City will be spending the most! … Then Utd … followed by Chelsea.
    You can bet your house on Wenger sticking to the same old Bull ?!!! about focusing on his teams stability and cohesion blah blah blah and how we will have the advantage,
    while the others will need time to adapt! ?
    Its a amazing how everything pans out to suit Mr Wenger’s pockets! ?

    If by some miracle, Wenger does plan on signing someone,
    he will do it before the Euro’s kick off, to avoid a price hike,
    Just incase that player performs well, in that competition.

    When it comes to match day,
    Wenger doesn’t have a plan A or B…
    But when it comes to making or saving money..
    His got it covered from A~Z ?

    1. I would guess you only supported Arsenal after they won stuff?
      If you was a fan for more than a few years then you will know that Wenger isn’t tight fisted with the cash.

      Just to highlight;
      Arsenal had the stadium debt when Wenger bought Arshavin and paid over the odds to get Nasri who had just signed a new contract with his club.
      Arshavin was a record buy for us.

      Gazidis turns up a few months later and we don’t break our record until all debt paid off.
      When we do break our own record then it is with Ozil after the fiasco with Suarez, Ozil said Wenger himself convinced him Arsenal was a good move and after the Suarez fiasco the board couldn’t really block the Ozil transfer.

      To me it seems like Wenger doesn’t think about how much a player will cost, he looks at what Arsenal needs and then trys… if the board backs him then we got a real chance of getting the player Wenger wants like Alexis the year after… and again Alexis said it was Wenger who convinced him to join Arsenal over Liverpool and the board couldn’t really block the transfer considering the bargain he was, Wenger had done the behind the scenes work while he was at the WC… he had no chance to also meet agents and talk business if he was to get some beach time in, which we all know he did.

      Ivan Gazidis has said that Wenger hasn’t a clue on how much players are worth.
      Heck even this site done an article about it!

      Maybe the yank Silent Stan and his yesman Ivan the terrible?

      Anyone who can think for themselves will come to the conclusion I have, it isn’t Wengers fault.
      Any idiot who has the be told what to think from the media will blame Wenger because thats what the papers do…

  4. @ liam

    Just wait and see the significance in signings City, Utd and Chelsea make in the summer! ? ?

    And don’t be surprised if we lose Sanchez and Ozil to either of them!

    Even the midd-table teams will be improving their squads to challenge us for that wenger trophy, yet you talk as if our team is complete…. With no options or availability to improve it ?…. You joker!… Surely you are related to uncle Wenger?

  5. For us to genuinely compete with the likes of Barca, Bayern the following need to happen next season.

    Arsene needs to trust and give a chance to Gabriel to claim the starting CB position now. If he still cannot trust Gabriel as first choice after what is now already a full season for him, he should shop for a well built top quality defender to complement Koscielny as starting CB next season. Mert is top quality but with him in the side Arsenal can’t play a high line at any point in the game against top sides…Chelsea game, Barca game seems to demonstrate this very very very clearly.

    A quality defensive midfielder cum passer/player maker need to be brought in as back up to Cazorla….Carrick is an option if we opt for an experience backup, Adrien Rabiot comes to mind if we look to the future since Cazorla is already pushing 30. Or buy both.

    A quality backup/starter pure DM needs to brought in to provide competition to Coq….I can’t believe that we need Flamini to play in so many vital games this season….Coq needs strong competition, I am not sure of his stats now, but to the naked eye he seems less dominant than last season. Last season he was running non stop and seems to be every where. Ngolo N Kante or someone with good build such as Lars Bender (maybe Carvalho) comes to mind if we want more height/defensive presence in the middle.

    Depending on how Welbeck and Walcott do this season from this point onward maybe add a top class finisher with speed….Giroud is good for the squad but not as starting forward unless he sharpen up his finishing and link up play. He wins a lot of the ball in the penalty box but inevitably seems to direct his header up on top,too left and right or straight at the goalkeeper….We need a top class finisher in the side and unless Welbeck or Walcott improve and prove to be one this season, we need to add.

    Other positions, with Janko coming back I think we are well placed to compete with the best…Wilshere or Cazorla can relieve Ozil when needed….Ox or Walcott can relieve Sanchez when needed, Campbell can relieve Ramsey when needed.

    Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini….They have been wonderful servants to the club and has brought us so much joy (in the case of Flamini some pain as well when he left for AC Milan during his best years after one good season) but I think its time to retire and convert them into backroom staff especially in the case of Rosicky and Arteta.

  6. It seems to me that Arsenal are once again heading for the `Wenger Trophy`, that keeps him in a job, I do not see them winning the League, Spurs will make sure of that. I used to support the Gunners but now I`m more neutral . Wenger is a money manager for Kroenke in the UK, that`s all there is to it.

  7. Unfortunately for Wenger, he has got something to prove. Most of us realize that prior 2012 it was near impossible to win anything because of Stadium debt etc. But the past 2-3 years he has had time to build a decent squad and to an extent he has succeeded by back to back F.A cup titles and a few others…BUT it is not enough. Arsenal need to win the BPL title soon, hopefully this year. I think it’s obvious our squad is not good enough to win the CL and Wenger will also have to strengthen the squad even more to accomplish this. Arsenal have all the resources necessary to accomplish this, I think the biggest problem is, and it’s a bit of a catch 22, is that its commendable that Wenger puts so much faith in our team as I’m sure it builds their confidence, but at the same time when certain players are not performing and are inconsistent, he needs to make some tough decisions by rather replacing these players with players that are capable and proven.

    1. Dude, the politics of the club have fawk all to do with winning trophies. Just the revenue. Don’t expect a single major trophy as long as Kroenke is on the top, trophies mean spending money, spending money is not what Kroenke does in his sport franchises, so just let it go and pray he sells his shares sometimes in your lifetime.

  8. OT: Van Gaal must be the laughing stock of Manchester, what an absolutely embarrassing statement to make. how the hell can you respect a manager who wants his boys to play “horny”! seriously that man has spent too much in De Walletjes, Amsterdam. Could be the onset of late stage syphillis – it damages the brain! Oh my giddy aunt am I glad he’s at Manure…can’t wait to play them…might even watch their Europa game to see if their lads try to shag the Danes!

  9. Anyone ever assessed Chuba Akpom? I believe if given enough chance and orientation, he could as well be our next henry. His got pace, swift movement on the ball and could as well have a psychological impact if played among the big boys (sanchez, ozil nd cazorla). Enough of this Giroud thing, I’m sure Ozil is tired of seeing all the chances he’s creating go begging. Ramsey? Have you seen Xhaka? I just gotta throw in d towel on this ramsey mob. my preferred starting xi/squad if professor of football(our coach)… Will heed.

    Hector, Gab, Kos, Monreal
    Coq, cazorla
    Welbeck, Ozil, Sanchez
    Subs:.. Scezsny, chambers, laporte, gibbs, lars bender, campbell, wilshere, xhaka, akpom, iwobi, icardi
    D point is, create a fearsome starting 11 plus a fearsome bench…competition.

    Sell d deadwoods and loan out d inconsistents.

    I really hope we smash vanchester.

  10. Pretty soon it will be mega obvious that there is no ambition in the Arsenal football club. We are the rich man’s Everton. Both Ozil and Sanchez were brought in because their price was bound to rise. They WILL be sold next season. The fact that there was zero protest regarding the 50 quid scam for the Barca game proves that the fans will go with whatever Satan K. and his slaves offer them.
    So the only rise an Arsenal fan can expect is definitely not rise in form, but rise of the ticket price and that’s about it. Rich man’s Everton.

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