Arsenal to swap Theo Walcott for Lionel Messi?

Well I didn’t start it, but there are lots of Arsenal rumours around saying that Barcelona have drawn up a short list of players, including Theo Walcott, that they want to replace the injured Brazilian Rafinha. The 22 year-old Brazilian midfielder has injured his cruciate ligament and is expected to be missing for the next six months (If he was an Arsenal player we’d be guessing more like a year!) Or, alternatively, they want him as a replacement for Pedro, who just moved to Chelsea.

This rumour is beyond ridiculous, even for the Spanish papers, so I am going to take it a step further and predict that, if this was true, that Arsene Wenger would respond to Barcelona by telling them they would have to do a swap deal, (make the call Arsene!) with the Gunners getting Lionel Messi in exchange for our Number One striker. I suppose we’d take Neymar or Luis Suarez instead at a push! Yeah right……

For starters, there is no way Barca would entertain bringing in a wannabe striker that has only started 16 games in the last three seasons, and I doubt he actually completed 90 minutes in more than a handfull of those, with another 16 appearances when he came on as a replacement sub.

Secondly, Walcott has made it clear over the last few years that he only wants to play as central striker, so surely he wouldn’t want to move to be put back into midfield even if Barca came calling.

Thirdly, Barcelona have already bought Aleix Vidal and Arda Turan, but they won’t be able to play for their new club until January. In which world would Walcott get picked in front of those two – or any of Barca’s three established front men?

Surely it will be difficult to make up a more unlikely transfer rumour in the January transfer window….

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  1. I will propose to Arsenal FC, especizlly to Arsene who is French, to change (whenever related to Arsenal) the Word transfer for “tr Enfer”.

    1. I am only trying to make JustArsenal a friendly website, I don’t care about the rest of the world, just the Arsenal world…

      1. I understand. I just have a feeling you are too serious these days. Trust me, you’ve been doing greatly and still are.

  2. Barcelona want. Theo??? To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Theo has what it takes to play for Barcelona. Theo is good, but far from being world-class and I do not think his finishing is well polished yet, but he is far much better than Giroud, hold-up play apart (whatever that is).

  3. Some of your followers on this site are either too childish, don’t understand a thing about football or are just too thick and ignorant. I called it as I saw it on Saturday on three counts: Gabriel’s stupid behaviour, Cazorla’s irresponsibility as a Captain (he must be made to understand that Captaincy is not just about the armband but the duties that go with it) and Arsene’s cluelessness. I was shouted down by some of these followers I have just described with some name calling chucked in as well. But thank God for a few good sports journalists and commentators who saw things exactly as I did and for that I am grateful and happy that at least some with common sense spoke out in my support. I just wanted to get this in! Grow up you lot and talk some football for a change!!! Thank you.

    1. As you can see I am trying to cut out the personal abusers and swearers. It’s not like my Comment Guidelines haven’t been up for years, but what is the point of having them if they are constantly ignored.

      A reminder to all (again!)
      COMMENTS – PLEASE READ – ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED We have a strict policy at JustArsenal. There will be NO swearing or personal abuse in the comments section.

      I don’t have a lot of rules,but I intend to enforce the ones I do have.
      Thankyou for listening…

    2. @Darlingbudsofarse, you are so smart and respectful that your comment sounds very mature, pleasant and worth commending. Your **No Swearing*** comment simply expresses your personal opinions and no one is bound to agree with you, “thick and ignorant”.

      You are thanking God for “good” sports journalists and commentators who saw things the way you did??? Wow!!! I guess you will also blame God and call them bad when they don’t sEe things the way you do. How Mourinho of you.

      1. KickAssFan: to your comment I will hastily retort, ‘if the cap fits, wear it’. A generic comment is very different from one specifically directed at one person. …..”thick and Ignorant”, hadn’t come in isolation but rather within some options of either or! I hope you get my gist. It’s funny that I find you as one of those who have talked some good sense on these blogs in the past but at the same time respect your opinion equally on this one. If on the other hand I call it wrongly as I have done on a few occasions, you wouldn’t hear me moan when respected journalists have an opposite view to mine.. Except that journalist is of course Adrian Durham whom I’ve long stopped listening to with his ill conceived “The Daily Arsenal”! Any absurd criticism of The Arsenal is best kept in the family if however those criticisms are constructive and above board! I still maintain that Gabriel was wrong in taking matters into his own hands and did it excessively. Thank you.

    3. ‘too childish, don’t understand a thing about football or are just too thick and ignorant’
      so people disagreed with you and this is your response??
      No. Costa staying on the pitch was dumbfounding. Mike Dean’s inconsistency was as well.
      Fair enough, if it’s going to be a no nonsense game then fine. But be consistent.
      Costa – Gouged Kos’s face, then knocked him to the ground when Kos didn’t retaliate in the slightest. Gabriel third man in (yellow, that’s fine) but he then scratched him!!!!
      Judging by the straight red that followed, that’s three instances that were a lot worse than what Gabriel did. Three….
      Then post Gabriel’s (silly, yeah) red card. Zouma grabbed him by the throat, Costa kicked out at Ox, Pedro intentionally hand-balled (Card… Every day a card)

      How a very tame kick-out got punished so severely but the multitude of worse offences by Chelsea players went unpunished was just criminal. We should have done better, though the referee changed the game, and let the harshest offender off completely free!!

      1. Absolutely agree. I’m getting fed up with Adrian Durham etc, going on about it being a physical game – if it is a physical game then it applies both ways, not Chelski dishing it out, and Arsenal taking it. SC19 being warned about his behaviour is an absolute joke – if he got a red card, then almost the entire Chelski team could’ve been sent off, and all he did was put his hands on his head in disbelief.

        The one criticism I’d have as Arsenal is that we do need a strong man in the Viera / Adams mold to have pulled up the referee when he was harassing Gab and Keown. Wenger just tends to appoint the best player as Captain, but that shouldn’t be the case.

  4. Speaking of Costa, I watched that game in a pub with some guys who were Chelsea fans. It’s not amazing that most of them were not pleased with him. The man is thuggish, behaviourally decadent. Some of them were screaming for MauRhino to take him off just so he doesn’t see red, but the Mouthy one left him on for as long as he did (to tell you it was all planned and Maureen himself is as dirty as Costa is).

    1. Probably when he kicked out at Ox…
      Surely after the early precedent a kick-out is a straight red?? Oh no, yellow maybe?? Heeeey Mike?? Where you at?? Didn’t see it?? Good job ref!!
      What we should have done was had half our players shield the chelsea players away while Ox, Cazorla, Ozil, Theo and Arteta swarm the referee… Pure class

    2. Sooner or later he will get caught by the referee now that there is clear evidence of his character. Then you will see Mourinho accusing the referee of making mistakes. If the opposition player did it to one of his players he would’ve said that player should’ve been sent off. It might even be this weekend when they play Newcastle away, or UCL vs Porto next week, I’m sure we will see another Costa incident soon.

    3. @KickAssFan: all your sentiments about Costas are 100% right but as they say, and which is absolutely true, two wrongs can never make a right. I’ve never liked Mr. Dean being in charge of our games as he comes across as being very anti-Arsenal hence my angst with Arsene that he probably did not spend much time drumming it in his players ears about this referee and Costas’ non-professional behaviour! He could and would have just walked away or pulled away by his Captain. I’m upset but not blinkered. This is a game we could have won but we blew it!

    1. ……..that they want to replace the injured Brazilian Rafinha. The 22 year-old Brazilian midfielder has injured his cruciate ligament …….

      Who said he was?

  5. We can’t score against Mourinho team only 1/7 games we scored vs Chelsea since his return.
    Even the Dinamo zagreb manager says Arsenal are predictable attacking down the middle.
    Berbatov said it last season after first leg win that Arsenal are too predictable.

    We don’t have proper wing play. Everyone who plays on the wing likes to come inside. this then leaves Bellerin and Monreal for actual width, which can be dangerous if you keep doing it.

  6. Bellerin is our best winger in the team and is also our first choice RB. Wenger should play him at RW at least instead of Ramsey.

    Ox is not 50% effecient to play in wing position, Wenger even knows this, but I think it’s wrong to put Ramsey there. Ramsey’#s best position is CMF b2b.

    Vs Tottenham it would be interesting to have LW Joel and RW Bellerin if not Walcott.

  7. As Long as Wenger is at the helm of things…….. Stagnation and backwards are Arsenals Official Sponsors….
    And as for the Article……..
    Dude… Please it’s dumb

  8. Breaking news, Harry Redknapp had his latest say on Costa ban… and its heart breaking for Gooners

    Harry Redknapp does not believe that Chelsea striker Diego Costa deserves to be given a retrospective ban for his behaviour in the Blues’ 2-0 victory against Arsenal on Saturday.

    “People will now be talking about retrospective disciplinary action but I think that would be wrong. I do not think he should get a ban. I really do not believe Saturday’s incident merited that.

    “He has not elbowed someone in the face off the ball or gone over the top in a tackle. It was niggly stuff rather than trying to hurt someone,” Redknapp told the Telegraph.

    Although Costa’s performance against Arsenal did not warrant a ban according to Redknapp, the Englishman admitted that the striker could struggle to avoid the officials’ attention in the future.

    “The other referees all talk to each other, they will have seen what he did and they will be looking at him. He will have to be very careful.”

    So next time if any of you(pro-footballers) are feeling frustrated, you can slap, punch, kick, have a wrestling fight with opposition players, Redknapp will surely defend you all. Just don’t “elbow in other’s faces” or “go over the top in a tackle”.

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