Arsenal to swoop after Reus delays on Dortmund contract?

Arsenal have been linked with the Germany international forward Marco Reus for some time now, but the 25-year old star has a contract with his Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund until 2017 and, as far as I know, there is no release clause included in it. However, according to a Daily Express report, there will be a buy out clause of around £20 million in the next summer transfer window.

That and the news that Reus has refused to talk about a new contract with Dortmund at the moment is very encouraging for our transfer hopes and will, I’m sure, mean that Arsene Wenger keeps a very close eye on the situation. There are no shortage of top European clubs after the German, but if it is true that he would like to play in the Premier League, Arsenal have a good chance.

Not only do we already have a good number of his international team mates and the likes of Gnabry and Zelalem on the fringes, Reus is believed to be an admirer of Wenger and the Arsenal way of playing. When he joined Dortmund back in 2012, he said it was to be at a club with regular Champions League football and the ability to challenge for the domestic title. It is too early to say, of course, but Dortmund are already well behind Bayern Munich, in eighth place in fact, having finished a massive 19 points behind their rivals last season.

The report also states that Reus is less than impressed by Dortmund losing their star players to Bayern and this may well make his mind up to leave. So, if Dortmund do not do a lot better on these fronts this season, Reus is unlikely to sign an extension and so will be available for £20 million in the summer.

But I think that the Gunners could steal a march on the other clubs by offering his German club something like £25-30 million in January, especially if Lukas Podolski does not find some form between now and then. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. gnarby could be ox’s long last brother lol, guys for us to be successful in both London derbies arteta has to be dropped. The way Dortmund spun round arteta was painful to see. Chelsea is beta than Dortmund and will murder us (AGAIN). id rather take a huge risk in putn diaby there(maby if he gets a 20mins cameo against the spud) or flamini which is in some weird way a safe defensive option. no walcot means that ox needs to deliver, I think the kid is rushing everything and needs to a tinnyy bit more composed in terms of finishing and shots taken. Kos is arguably the most important guy right now. What the chances of sending Wenger to brazil with some fine a$$ honeys, cause come Jan, a CB and CDM is a must, as I can see Wenger relying on hayden and monreal to a certain extent…

    ok enough of the babble hope we thrash spurs and get a revenge against Chelsea that will be sweeter that nuetella I tel ya

  2. Wenger will play a waiting game so we will miss out as he will try to get Reus on the cheap rather than pay the asking price.

  3. woudlnt mind seeing a 442 diamond

    wilshere at the base
    ramsey and one of cazorla chamberlain rosicky on the sides
    ozil in the hole
    sanchez or theo or welbeck (2 of 3) up front

  4. Arsenal…Reus..these two words can only be placed in the same statement if the words “not getting” falls in between them

  5. rues wants to leave dortmund because he’s upset over dortmund’s transfer activity. How is Arsenal an improvement?!

      1. Dude !! we spent an unnecessary £82million rather than a Simple problem soluing £60 million…
        Secondly You think he’d leave dortmund that Comes Second, beat us recently, actually challenge for trophies, has a solid spine & has a young reasonable hungry coach.. FOR Arsenal that built a stadium around 4th position, Won 1 FA cup in 9years, has an Ambitionless coach & owner, lives on past glories, Starts and ends their season with the words IF & ASSUMING?
        No he wouldn’t !! OR Would you?

  6. Well I can’t see Reus wanting to go to Man U because of the other players they have, where would he fit? He’s certainly not going to Liverpool because they ain’t a big enough club for him, that leaves us, he’d be perfect for us! At the end of the day though, it’s a question of money, Reus is on a reported 35k a week at Dortmund, if we offer him a contract of 120-130k per week that should fit into our wage structure nicely.

    1. Food for thought should we use Campbell,Rosicky or podolski as part of the deal if we were to go for rues in January?

    1. Funny when he signed for them he was talking of winning the league and champions league football… Yes we should make a bid

  7. Off topic.

    A friend told me the Spurs team to play Arsenal on Saturday has been lacked . A very strong line up.
    Shit. Shit shit shit
    Shit. Shit. Shit
    Shit. Shit shit

      1. Even i wouldn’t discount Lamela and Erection (Erikson) and Paulinho.
        They have 3-4 very good players.
        But i would like hair trigger Levy to stay on and keep firing Managers so these players never settlle complety.
        They have had three managers since they came to the PL. AvB. Tim. Poch.

        I wish Wenger had listened to Bergkamp and bought in Erikson.

        If and when Santi leaves, hope we make a cheeky bid for him. 😉

  8. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever get Reus, but if for some reason we pull that off then I hope it’s in place of Podolski and his wages. I do see us getting Draxler though

  9. I think we should go for el shaaraway. Draxler is a long term wenger target. I dont think wenger will forget him. Reaus would be a dream addition. But i would love to see either shaaraway or draxler

  10. LP swoop and 15 million should do the job but AW won’t do it and this great player might just go to man United. They have the cash and they have a great manager in LVG. We will see but in January I think arsenal need to spend big and get 5 players squad players and ship a load out. Then we don’t sit in hope that come summer hope the AW will buy top class bull shit sorry players

  11. Pires believes in Arsenal to win the Premier league. Hence, we should double its power. COYG! #BeatTheSpuds

  12. Since you all are so keen on BvB players.
    Let me show you a pattern.
    1. Nuri Sahin sold to RM for huge money. Form and talent dip. Loaned to Pool. And bought back on cheap.
    2. Kagawa sold to ManU for huge profit. Brought back on cheap.
    3. Gotze isn’t half the player he was at BvB. Talks and rumours of selling him already doing the circles.
    4. Lewa who was in fine form for BvB and country even in Euro qualifiers is struggling a bit at Brayen albeit early days to judge.

    But can you get the flow?

      1. Though we have never met technically but yeah i get your distain for me.

        But can you kindly refute or revalidate the point I was making as of now without mouthing obscenities?

  13. shit im an Arsenal fan and wl always be but im hurting too much when i see how closer we get to hv a complete squad but mgment always fu*¥cked

  14. I think reus comes in Winter for 35£. I cant see a better club for him. Barcelona and Madrid are too good (Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Bale) and Bayern too boring for him. Marco Reus isnt Podolski. he isn’t happy on the bench.

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