Arsenal to take advantage of United´s Ramos transfer plans?

None of us really know what Arsene Wenger is planning for Arsenal on the transfer front this summer, but we can hazard an educated guess. It looks like the deal to bring in a top quality keeper is almost wrapped up and the football media are expecting an official announcement on the signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea very soon.

After that the most likely additions are in the centre of defence, central midfield and centre forward but we are really no closer to knowing which players the Frenchman has on his wish list. The news from Germany last week, straight from the mouth of the player himself, was that we were after the Borussia Dortmund defender Neven Subotic, so I think we can safely assume that a central defender is one of Wenger´s plans.

And I think that Manchester United could be doing the boss a big favour on this with their pursuit of Sergio Ramos. While they are in this wrangle with Real Madrid, with their keeper David De Gea tangled up in the talks, Arsenal could move in for the player they were being linked with before, Nicolas Otamendi.

The Argentina international is currently starring in the Copa America and it will not be cheap to prise him away from La Liga and Valencia, but he is a brilliant player and with Cech behind him and Koscielny, the Gunners would have a fearsome defence to launch our fight for the Premier League. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. Really bored myself mate. We arsenal fans suffer d most during transfer period, we use 1 month for only negotiation ND 2weeks for medical. Was Mr Wenger born this way

    2. Liverpool have made 4 signings and what about us??? Can’t even finish the cech deal..tired of shittty transfer window again

      1. There was a year that Sp*d (FA you can’t charge me) make almost 11 signings and paying big ans we were rule out of top 4 because of our activities in the market. Yet we were better. It is not how many you buy but what quality you buy. We need 3 new first 11 players and not just any player. Let Liverpool gather their players and I would not mind if 3 WC players at the 3 positions we all know we need new legs.

  1. Otamandi would be a great addition, but I think our top priority should be DM and the striker departments..after completing these signings then we should move for a defender. The thought of otamendi and the boss together scares me, that would be a strong defence

    1. Sad to see ospina leaving, he had a great match against Argentina. Why can’t we loan out ospina for a season?? Do we have to sell??? Will cech make mistakes??you never know. I think we should loan him to fenerbache for the season. We might end up regretting if we sell ospina

      1. Ospina doesnt want to be loaned out obviously. Stop complaining. Fans want Arsenal to be more ruthless and do what it takes to win titles, well these are the descisions that have to be made. Cant have it both ways.

  2. transfer madness has arrived.
    ive started doing regular daily search on my phone for updates…

    missus not impressed

  3. Pls who wrote this article? Admin, you don’t have to post every write-up sent to U. What’s the point to this article? Pls we can do better, we are not Tottenham!!!!
    GOYG, COYG!!!!!.

  4. You can make assumptions based on fabricated transfer rumors or you can listen to what Wenger said last month. He said Arsenal are not looking for CB because we have 4 already plus Debouchy and Monreal as emergency cover.

    1. i would take that bet..if i didnt already know that ur broke an live in ur uncles caravan

  5. Waiting for Arsenal do deals is like watching grass grow, It’s going to be a long summer, any one have any Jokes ?

    1. I meat a fairy today and he granted me with a wish

      “I want to live for ever I said”

      “Sorry I can’t grant you with wishes like that” said the fairy

      ” ok then” I want to live untill Totenham win the Premier Legue

      “Oh you crafty Bast,,,d” said the fairy

  6. If we are planning on getting a CB then I think Kos to RM will happen unfortunately, but we solid in that department with quality, so hope we keep back 4 in tact.

  7. The trick about not being disappointed and frustrated with Arsenal during the transfer window is to have very little or no expectations at all. Trust me. ..It works. 🙂

  8. On other news (jeez):

    Is this the new AFC away kit. I personally hope not as I thought the argyl pattern was for golfers jumpers!? The Ox doesn’t look that happy about it.


  9. wenger sign one world class player every season, so i won’t be surprised if cech is the only big name coming in this summer.

  10. We have 4 CB’s and thats enough, unless one CB leaves. Mertesacker is good but only wished he had more pace.

      1. How could we be happy losing our best CB? Just asking.

        Kos has been everything for Arsenal defense. One of the main reasons Mert has done so well is that Kos compliments his style of play. Unless Wenger has a super solid replacement, it could be suicide.

        And why would Kos want to go to Spain and rot on the bench like every other gunner transfer of the last few years? Even Cesc was unhappy and he went to the seemingly most ideal of circumstance.

        1. God (aW) would be giving and taking away. One door closing and another one opening and all that.

          Isn’t it all Revolving doors in football anyway, with the only the club remaining..

          No saying I want it but it is a remote possibility. Ramos goes to Manc Poo, Real need a replacement and come in with a whopping bid for Kos or say they would be willing to discuss Benzema going the other way as part of a deal. Would AFC not be interested? Who knows..

          As good as Kos is he is not irreplaceable IMO and we do have a real need for a powerhouse striker.

          1. Kos is part of the spine of the team. Honestly, he is irreplaceable. I’d rather have him than most CB’s out there. The amount of quality CB’s are very small compared to attacking players. Kos cannot leave.

  11. The story is way out there but I do have an interesting prediction about Ramos…….

    I would bet Ramos would not do as well in the EPL. He thrives on very aggressive tactics. He gets away with 3 or 4 yellow card offenses nearly every game in La Liga. The refs often finally give him a card very late in the game. (Probably to pretend they are doing their job fairly).

    If the EPL refs did not allow Ramos to commit these many obvious transgressions, he would struggle to stay in the game. He would either become a yellow/red card machine or would need to back off and thus become far less effective.

    1. What? The epl is way more aggressive than Spain so Ramos would be able to continue to be aggressive and probably receive less yellows…..

      1. Ramos gets away with outright criminal mugging. Whether it is because of LaLiga or because Ramos simply gets favoritism I shall leave that up to you.

  12. There is no way we have enough power in midfield or up front to challenge for EPL, and cl, those that think coquellin Walcott combo puts us in the big league are smokin rope … Wenger has failed to understand that for last 5 years so perhaps it was all just wishful thinking that this window would be different …club with absent owner and delusional manager won’t hit the highest notes….will be seriously pissed if Czech is our premier signing

    1. wenger neever does what’s necessary to win the title. I fear he is going to fail in the transfer window yet again.

  13. Arsenal’s transfer process “loads…..&…loads….&…then buffers…&…buffers”
    U better turn to other issues if U think in 4G..

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