Arsenal to take on French giants in race to sign £26 Million international

When transfer rumours surface claiming Arsenal is interested in signing a player that would take up a significant portion of our transfer budget I tend to wince a little but every now and then there is the opposite reaction, one that makes me think, yeah, I like this one.

That is certainly the case with Celtic defender Kieran Tierney.

According to reports in the European media, French giants Lyon are also interested in the 22-year-old but it is Arsenal that is seen to be in pole position to sign the young Scot due to the Ligue 1 sides interest in alternative targets for the left-back position.

Tierney is a quality player, I have seen him regularly on the box and while any player can look good playing for Celtic in Scottish domestic football he does come across as a strong defender that is calm under pressure and good at bringing the ball out of defence.

Put it this way, he would definitely be an improvement on what we already have in his position.

If there is one concern it is that he has been injured a lot recently and featured in just 19 league appearances last season due to injuries including a hip issue and a double hernia operation.

That said, he is still highly sought after, in addition to us and Lyon, Bundesliga outfit Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona and Manchester United are also reported to be interested in Tierney but not to the extent that we are and his valuation of £26 Million is seen as a little steep, especially by the Spanish champions.

I know that he plays in a weak league and that the transfer fee could be seen as a little high but so many elite clubs are interested in him for a reason and I would certainly welcome him to the Emirates, he has the talent to be something very special.


  1. An excellent young left back who believe me, is on a par with Andrew Robertson of Liverpool.Just ask Virgil V D who has played with both of them.He has all the attributes needed to make it in the P L namely pace, intelligence , composure and positional sense.Would be a great investment for Arsenal.

    1. I don’t think Arsenal would seriously chase him until they manage to sell Kolasinac, because we still have several young LBs waiting for their promotions

      1. Sell Kolasinac? We should just give him away.
        We got him on a free for nothing on the back of him being the supposed best defender/fullback in the German league. All I can say is there must be some piss awful defenders over there then! Buy the lad from a Celtic NOW.

        1. Merts and Mustafi were both many capped German internationals and yet both wer rubbish, Merts because he was a virtual statue with zero speed and Mustafi because he is just bad at everything, apart from an ability to dive in rashly and late, which is no use at all.

          1. Afternoon
            The art of defending is disappearing from the game
            Showing him on to his weaker foot ..standing up and not diving in…man watching rather then ball watching
            There are very few good let alone great defender on the market these days
            And the ones that fall in to the two categories are unfortunately out of our price bracket. The boss has his work cut out replacing the back four on a shoe string budget

  2. 4 assists in 21 Scottish league appearances is pretty good for a young fullback. While he still cannot dethrone Andrew Robertson in their national football team, we could mold him into Ashley Cole’s replacement, due to his stamina and speed

    He could create a good partnership with Ryan Fraser on the left side at Arsenal

    But I think we wouldn’t be able to buy another LB unless Monreal and Kolasinac leave, because we still have Joel Lopez and Cohen Bramall

    1. I really think we should sign either Tierney or Grimaldo/Gaya. But I think Tierney would be the cheapest option.

      I would also get rid of Kolasinac, maybe get like 20m for him. Keep Monreal as a backup for 1 more year or get Alberto Moreno as a backup for free and let Monreal go.

      Bramall is nowhere near the level we need. Joel Lopez too young still.

  3. The van Dijk effect. Hope they get him, hope he lives up to the expectations.

  4. Got An Idea, with respect you are talking nonsense.When they are fit Tierney and Robertson play for Scotland because they are two of the Countries best players.Steve Clark will accommodate them both for that reason .It is not a question of “dethroning”As for Fraser, as an Aberdonian I have seen Fraser since he was a young lad.He is a good little player but not good enough for a Club which is looking to regain its top four status.We desperately need a top quality left back and Lopez and Be small are no where near that level.

    1. You mean Steve Clarke usually plays one of them as an LB and the other as an LW?

      As far as I know, Robertson is the first choice LB in Scotland national football team

      1. Gotanidea,
        Steve Clarke has been playing more of a 3:5:2 recently so as to accommodate both of them when fit, with Robertson playing left CB and Tierney as LWB.

  5. Bring in Grimaldo. He’s cheaper, better and more efficient. Also plays his trade in a much more demanding league.

    1. Agree. Grimaldo has better attacking stats than Tierney, Robertson and Tagliafico

      He has 12 assists and 4 goals from 34 league appearances. In addition to that, he is an ex-Barcelona player and might be able to communicate better with Emery

      1. But what about their defending stats? Isn’t that a little more important for a defender?

        1. Grimaldo averaged 2.2 tackles and 1.7 interceptions per match. Both stats better than any any of Bellerin, AMN, Licht, Monreal or Kolasinac.

      2. @gotanidea

        You seem obsessed with looking at assists for fullbacks, as if that determines whether or not they are good enough. Yes they will join attacks and put crosses in, but their primary objective is to defend. As Declan says, the most important stats are the defensive ones.

        Kyle Walker only got a one assist in all competitions last season, does that mean he’s a rubbish player then?

      3. Ask yourself why you consider a defenders main job is to be an attacker when it is OBVIOUS the real job is to defend. The clue is in the title, a DEFENDER!

  6. Steve bould has been demoted to u23 to replace ljungberg who will now be a part of first team staff. emery has many flaws but he also takes care of bad personnel quickly, lichtsteiner has quickly removed from starting 11 when he struggled, mustafi only played so much because he was the only one who didn’t repeatedly get injured.

      1. Bad news as far as I’m concerned. Ljungberg has been doing a wonderful job with the U23s recently and is all his good work going to be undone by Bould now? Bould didn’t seem to do anything to justify his position as assistant to Emery so I can’t see what he can bring to the U23s.

        1. Ljungberg promoted to the backroom surely means more first team action from our youths? Especially if our transfer business bombs again as it always does 😉

        2. On what basis is Bould coaching the U23’s being bad news?He was promoted to the first team coaching setup due to his successes with the youth teams.I would’ve preferred Ljungberg to stay with the U23’s but him being promoted shows how far he’s come

          1. My opinion why I think it is bad news is in my post, read it again.
            BUT, I love Freddy and if it means he is being groomed to take over from Emery, I’m all for it.

    1. I am curious to know what you , somewhat oddly, descibe as Emerys many flaws. I believe , in stark contrast to you, that he has MANY talents and strengths and unlike you I WILL NAME THEM. HE IS PRO-ACTIVE, DYNAMIC, HAS NO OBVIOUS FAVOURITES, WILL NOT TOLERATE SLACKERS, DRIVES HIS PLAYERS ON FROM THE SIDELINE(RATHER THAN ZIPPING UP HIS COAT, TAKES NOTE OF OPPONENTS WHEN PICKING HIS START ELEVEN, IS NOT AFRAID TO MAKES SUBS WHEN NEEDED (rather than be a slave to the 70th minute). I do not claim perfection for him as that does not exist in any manager but I soberly and with deep thought consider my views about him and list them in some detail for your consideration. It is a shame that your single comment in praise of a fine manager was named among the “many flaws” you think he has.

      1. jon, maybe Ackshay will elaborate “Emery’s many flaws” as exhibited in one season at Arsenal for us in an extended post?

  7. french giants LOL … guess thats a phrase to make it sound like our owners are serious in their endeavours for the club … its like saying english giants leicester city!!!

  8. Yawwwwwwn !
    Transfer period is the worst time to be an Arsenal fan. As the period , goes deeper, CR7, Messi, etc will still be linked with Arsenal.

  9. Yawwwwwwn !

    Transfer period is the worst time to be an Arsenal fan. As the period , goes deeper, CR7, Messi, etc will still be linked with Arsenal.

  10. I hope we bring Bergkamp back to the club in a development role.
    He’s been at Ajax and there is familiar with their system, i would love him to implement some of their success to aresenal.

  11. Harry Maguire and James Maddison. Proven in the EPL and can get better. Hand in pocket Satan Kroenke.

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