Arsenal to take steps to ensure Eddie Nketiah gets game time

Arsenal unhappy with the amount of game time Eddie Nketiah getting at Leeds United

Eddie Nketiah is an exciting Arsenal prospect and it is imperative he gets game time while on loan at Leeds United. The problem is that he simply is not getting anywhere near enough at Elland Road.

The England Under-21 star has featured in seven of 11 Championship games but not started a single one.

Seven sub appearances is not going to cut it. Arsenal needs Nketiah playing regularly and if Leeds cannot provide that then it is time to look for a club that will.

Bristol City, who are on level points with Leeds, have retained their interest in the 20-year-old. They would jump at the chance of signing the young striker.

Arsenal inserted a clause in the loan agreement with Leeds that enables the cancellation of the loan. This means that Nketiah is free to sign for the Robins on loan in January.

Bristol City tried desperately to sign the striker in the summer and was disappointed when they lost out to Leeds. Now, they have a second chance to land a player they believe will help their promotion push.

If Nketiah is unable to get more game time at Leeds then a move to Bristol City makes sense for everyone involved. Arsenal will be happy that their hot prospect is getting regular action. Bristol will be ecstatic they have landed one of the primary targets. Nketiah will be happy that he is playing football and Leeds, well, they probably don’t care.


  1. beilsa needs his head testing. playing uselrss donkeys like bamford and harrison
    and leaving our best striker on the bench.
    crazy am fast losing faith can see why he`s known as el loco.

  2. Why loan him out. We have Carabao FA and europa league competitions. Also could be in match day squad coz adds added depth to our forward line if Laca Auba injured,suspended or rested/ rotated depending on opponents.
    Games can be given to him.

    1. Because Martinelli has shown both in preseason and even more so later on that he’s miles and miles better than Nketiah.

      Nketiah will not get game time at Arsenal as long as Auba, Laca, and Martinelli are all here who are all massively better.

  3. Bring him back in January and send him to a club who really wants him. No point letting Leeds play games with him. Didn’t Bristol City want him? Bielsa thinks too much of himself and makes poor decisions. That’s why Leeds will lose games.

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