Arsenal to try for Mahrez before sealing Sissoko transfer?

One of these two Arsenal transfer targets has already said in the past that he was a big fan of the Gunners while growing up and has made no secret of his desire to follow in the footsteps of fellow countrymen like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira in pulling on the famous red and white jersey.

But despite being one of the France players to make a big impression at Euro 2016 this summer, Moussa Sissoko is still waiting for Arsene Wenger to offer him the dream move to Arsenal and perhaps it is because our manager is hoping to complete the transfer of Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City.

The Foxes manager Claudio Ranieri has said this week that he thinks his star man wants to stay with the Premier League champions, while there have been a lot of reports claiming that the Algeria international wants to move to a bigger club.

There is one way for Wenger to find out, of course, and that is to make his transfer interest in the talented forward more concrete and actually put in a bid or at least pick up the phone. He had better do something soon, however, because The Sun has reported that Sissoko has spoken out about his own situation once again despite making it fairly clear what he would prefer, the Frenchman suggested that he would start to look at other options to get him out of the Championship and Newcastle United.

He said, “My priority is to stay in England even if I’m not against going to search for a new challenge elsewhere.

“I particularly want to play with big players and in top-level matches.”

Sissoko would certainly add some power and attacking flair to the Arsenal squad and Wenger spoke very highly about him this summer, but is he going to go for Mahrez first do you think?


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  1. FFS why are we searching for more midfielders ??! We have ENOUGH of those, what we need is a bloody GOAL SCORER !

    1. We not…this is a made up story just like the rest cause there’s nothings else positive to report.

      1. @Bob Please don’t sugar coat anything for us, We all know it’s only Arsenal and Arsene that TRY’s to signed every good player in the world (Ronaldo, Messi, Ibra and so on) where as every other TOP clubs don’t TRY they just go out and BUY,

      2. I feel sorry for Arsenal fans for now 12 years deceived, cheated lied, humiliated by a mad, stingy, vicious stubborn man Arsen Wenger and every year they think maybe and only maybe moon goes to Mars and Earth to Jupiter and these two greedy man KRoenke and Wenger from goodness of their heart and for the sake of Football do something different. No No No my friends. The best ever you can hope is Wenger Trophy of 4th place and entry to ECL. ARsenal is now turned to mediocre team in Europe and the fear factor is gone, and only changed if both Kroneke, and Wenger is purged from our beloved club. Snake is only dead when the head is crushed.

  2. instead of mahrez or sissoko I would try lure James Rodriguez out of Madrid. at these point he’s no gonna cost up to 50 million.

  3. I am an AKB (since we are now divided as fans) and I must say that I haven’t been more frustrated with how things are going at the club. Yes we already made a good buy in Xhaka but to see the other top clubs spending on the players they need really pains me and have me thinking where we’ll be come next May.

    My brother (Man U fan) said he never felt so optimistic about the new season since Fergie left and I was like “don’t get your hopes up bro. You will still spend over a million and finish behind us. Again!!” But deep down I know that Man United is just a CB short for being stronger than us. If they aren’t already.

  4. Meanwhile elsewhere, where Man C play Bayern, Arsenal organises friendlies against the like of
    MLS All-Stars, Chivas de Guadalajara & Viking FK. The usual beat the minor, to prove we dont need to buy a quality striker and back up CB, then it becomes too late when the season starts and the transfer window is closed to rectify that we cant challenge with the best.
    If AW was so confident of the team without additions, why not organise friendlies away to the likes of RM, Barca and Bayern.

    1. Why omit the game against Man City and RC Lens? Afraid that facts may destroy your moaning habit?

  5. Can’t Wenger spend big at least once in his life time. 110 miilion for Huguine and Mahrez.
    Can sell Wlacott then for 25 million. To form a team capable of winning the PL and CL.
    Does he think that the current team is good enough to win both the PL and CL? or does he lost his ambition to win bid assets .

    Huguine: 60 Million
    Mahrez: 45 million

    What is the issue I do not understand. I mean look at what Mourino is doing in his first season with club
    All our rivals are strengthening and we bought only one without being addressed two of our biggest whole

  6. Mahrez and Sisoko are
    no better than Campbell
    and Iwobi. Besides we
    have 19 midfielders already.
    Offer Napoli 15 mill and Walcott for Koulibaly.
    Offer Real Madrid 30 mill and Chamberlain for Morata.

  7. I am an Arsenal fan but when I see good things going on at another club, I can only wish buy admire such….Manchester United ain’t in the champions league but they are attracting goodplayers still. Some can say is the Mourinho factor but this is a team with ambition. Pogba could be on his way to manu with a scary fee I know….We ain’t even asking Wenger for such a deal. We plead for a 40/50Million pound striker….

    Anyway… ..we can only hope..

    1. This is the 5th season in a row that Liverpool is buying 5 or more new players. Again by the pundits they will be hailed as having a successful transfer window. Sometimes it is not about the names and the money and the quantity.

      We do need a striker and centre back though. Everything else is luxury.

        1. It would be a luxury from peoples point of view in here. If you expect zero signings more, but get a striker and defender to go with Xhaka, well then you should see it as a luxury. Unless people were exaggerating.

    1. Ah, classic one!

      We can’t get Mahrez either as it would stop the development of Wellington Silva.. oh no wait, he didn’t develop at all in 6 years anyways!

      1. That’s not our fault, we sent him out on loan for most part. If you are going to delve right down to the bottom, you will find a Wellington at every club. Guess what pal, some make it and some don’t, you are not highlighting anything of controversy or surprise.

  8. If it was 8-10mil? (which is what he’s worth!!!) maybe a worthwhile investment…
    But no.. for the 20-25+mil fees being thrown around there’s just no way! Personally, I think he’s destined for Liverpool as he’ll flourish more in a fast paced, direct (key word – direct) system.
    Would sell my first born for Mahrez… But not at the expense of not getting an established striker.

  9. Highly doubt we’re gonna buy a man for the flank. It’s simply not a priority right now and besides Mkhitariyan I don’t think Wenger has shown interest in any candidate for the position. I wouldn’t mind the guy at Arsenal but would he really warrant 30 odd million for a position we already have Campbell, Ox and Walcott + youth? Not to mention Aaron Ramsey who will highly likely start there in our strongest XI as the pivot is for Santi + Xhaka.

  10. we have no quality player on the right wing .. walcott campbell ox are average players at best and ramsey is out of position there and less than average as a winger…mahrez would be a big step up and i doubt we would have to pay 45 …anyway selling two of those would rake most of it back… to be honest i would be happy (and shocked) with mahrez and icardi though still prefer the draxler option … having watched what guardiola has done with man city reserve team against bayern reserves yday wenger would be crazier than i thought if he believes he has a squad to compete in the coming epl/cl

  11. Marhez will leave, traditionally foreign players do not have the same principles as English counterparts. It doesn’t stop me fearing another snub though, that would be very hard to take. If Arsenal target this player, they better make bloody sure that they get him. Sissoko, I think if we wanted him we would have signed him before now. Arsene talked him up, not a surprise really considering he is a Frenchman, and considering Sissoko always bigs up the Arsenal.

  12. One thing I learnd in my life: buy better one good shirt than two cheap shirts. Buy Draxler!

  13. Coquelin, Cazorla, Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey
    Do we need another midfielder?


  14. As an Arsenal fan,It is so painful that every transfer market always bring pains to d fans bcus of d failure to do what is needed at d Club….Why dose Arsene N d Board always Live a life of PRETENCE?
    Bliv me, to be an Arsenal Fan these days is a BIG RISK….Well too much of Everything is BAD not to talk of Failures..

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