Arsenal to unleash secret Walcott weapon on Liverpool?

It might be a bit of a stretch to say that Theo Walcott is a secret weapon for Arsenal, as the England international flyer has already showed us some great form in pre-season to back up the brilliant way he signed off at the end of last season, with a stunning hat-trick in our final Premier League game and the FA cup final opener at Wembley against Aston Villa.

But if Arsene Wenger does throw the versatile forward into the starting XI of the Gunners on Monday, it will come as a surprise to some, including the Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, as it would be his first competitive start this season.

This has led some to suggest that things are strained between Wenger and Walcott but I really do not see it that way. Not only have the player and the club just agreed a bumper new long term contract extension, and without too much wrangling at that, but the Frenchman has been talking very warmly to Arsenal Player about Theo´s development since joining Arsenal almost a decade ago.

Wenger said, “He has become very mature, he has gone through difficult periods so he is a very strong man,” the manager told Arsenal Player.

“He is a man today, when he arrived here he was a boy, a little boy who discovered a world where he did not know anything about it.

“Of course he had to go through bad injuries and disappointments and I believe he is a man today, a man who knows what he wants and has been faithful to our club. It was a great signing.”

So why has the prof not been playing his protege much, both at the start of this campaign and for much of the last one? One reason, especially after Walcott was just back from injury, is to make sure that his comeback is not spoiled. Secondly though, I think Wenger is holding him back to get Theo really fired up, because it worked so well at the end of last season.

Also, I think that he may see him as a big game player, when his pace and counter attacking threat can be more of use in a tighter game instead of being wasted against a deep lying defence. The fact he started against Chelsea in the Community Shield would seem to support this theory, so are Liverpool set to get our not-so-secret weapon unleashed on them?

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      1. Off topic
        @Admin since when do I have to scroll through a million women before I can read the comments?

  1. Walcott a ‘secret weapon’?? OK THEN…

    If anyone who’s spent 10 years at Arsenal can be labelled a secret weapon you know they’ve not lived up to their billing. Good thing Theo’s not one of our top earners…

    1. Scores goals against Chelsea, United and City. Why do you feel the need to criticize when he actually shows up in big games ? Smh. Quit crying over the Pedro transfer, we never needed him

    1. LMAO. I can’t stop. How about unleashing the treo of Sanogo, Campbell and Chamack upfront. Add also Lord Bendtner and Gervinho to the equation. Put Denilson as the DM. Squillaci and Sylvestre as the 2 CD. Oh, I forgot, left back of Andre Santos, right back Djorou and alumni in goal. Get ready for the spanking of the year. What a team. Am I missing someone…

  2. Exciting season ahead folks!
    I think the first game against West ham was just an accident and we lacked cohesion, consistency and mental strength in that game.
    The battle for the 4TH PLACE TROPHY looks fierce with Everton, Spurs, Southampton, Stoke (with Shaqiri) etc and us.
    Its going to be very tough. But like Wenger, I believe in this squad. I believe that it is very difficult to improve on these champions of the 4TH PLACE that we have. I believe in Giroud to score another 10 to 14 in the league to lead us to the 4TH place trophy. Come on!. I bestow here my undying support in our fight for 4TH PLACE. Come on!!

      1. I believe the Oxford English Dictionary has already accepted the phrase “doing an Arsene” to refer to a decade or more of underperformance by an established high quality institution

    1. How is @Greg allowed to give archaic and parochial comments on “our admin”…..?????
      It’s a free world buddy; freedom of expression YKWIS. Most ppl on this patform are Arsenal fans. Either right or wrong are entitled to their opinion.
      How about unleashing Greg as the CAM. That’s the missing jigsaw to winning the title. lol

    2. Says the guy who contributes “COYG” one liners every article.

      At least some of these guys can be tongue in cheek about a pretty uninspiring transfer window/start to the season for the umpteenth time. I’m curious Greg, do you go to any Arsenal matches?

  3. To be fair only
    City is in form.
    Chelsea Man U
    Liverpool are desperate.
    Arsenal are settled.
    This is Arsenal’s Premiership to lose.

    1. Walcott is behind the ox in the sense that debuchey is behind cazorla
      Different positions, Walcott is now thought of as our second striker, I’d go as far as to say him and giroud are level and will be rotated depending on opposition

  4. If wenger doesn’t start with Walcott against those scouse c###s then I have to say that wenger is more deluded than I thought… Yes! Walcott has matured into a lovely £140,000
    A week bench warmer ?

  5. I’m a little surprised that people think we’re under threat from Liverpool this season. We have a comfortably better squad in my opinion. Liverpool have spent big, but look at their team, would you have any of their players in our starting 11? I’d only have one – either Sturridge or Benteke as our striker. Every other position we have better players, and they have no one the calibre of Alexis Sanchez in their squad. They’re a threat to us in a game of football of course, but so are West Ham as we found out. A threat for our champions league spot? Nope. Only if we throw it away.

    And if anyone wants to try telling me Coutinho is anywhere near as good as Özil, they need to go learn about football.

  6. Liverpool are playing ok but they dont exactly have me shaking in my boots, for us to face them on monday at the emirates!

  7. Lucas Silva,,,,,available.

    Martinez of Munich,,,,,,available.


    Godfred Donsah,,,,available.

    Adrian Rabiot,,,,,available.

    so de dickless dick law n Arsene Wenger doesn’t know that we are short of Dm’s? hmmm.

  8. Walcott won’t start, the OX won’t either. The sad story to all Walcott fans is that I don’t think he’s rated that highly. If an unfit Alexis can be picked ahead of you, you really need to be worried.

  9. @Twig

    Essentially spot on mate, you’ve said it clearly.
    Nothing against Walcott as I truly believed we seriously missed him last season, but the fact is Wenger will bring Sanchez on one leg than a fully fit Walcott…

    Walcott is always dangerous and has improved his defensive duties as he is tracking back more.

    I guess we will see, we have a descent record against Liverpool.

    Anyway, if we “really” want to win the league (I don’t believe it is the aim), those games have to be won, simple!

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