Arsenal to unveil a new statue of another club hero

Arsenal will unveil the statue of Arsene Wenger four years after the Frenchman left the club.

Wenger was Arsenal’s manager for over 20 years, and he helped them to win their last Premier League title.

The Frenchman left his role as the club’s manager in 2018, and they have struggled to make the top four since his departure.

Wenger won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups as Arsenal’s manager, and he is a proper legend to most of its fans.

The Gunners are now set to honour him with a new statue that will be unveiled at the Emirates soon, according to Sun Sports.

Thierry Henry, Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp have their statue at the club already, and Wenger will join them.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We are still searching for a manager that can make as much impact as he did when he was our boss, and that shows how great the Frenchman was.

His final years on the bench were unsuccessful, but it takes nothing from his overall achievement with the team, and he deserves to be remembered this way.

Hopefully, this would finally bring him back to the Emirates for the first time since he left his role at the club.

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  1. Why did it take this long to unveil his statue while that of the people who played under him have been up there since. That shows how disrespectful arsenal is to Wenger. If he fails to show up on the said day, don’t ever blame him.

  2. Finally he is returning home where his heart is.

    The Arsenal legend, the Highbury Hero, a true gunner at heart. The genius and the revolutionary, the master tactician, the greatest manager to have ever lived. The truly special one, the one in a million, the once in a lifetime phenomenal.

    The terrific Wenger, the exceptional Wenger, the remarkable Wenger, the extraordinary Wenger, the delightful Wenger, the charming and pleasant Wenger, the captivating and fascinating Wenger, the wonderful and fantastic Wenger, the most brilliant and the man with integrity Wenger, the breathtaking and astonishing Wenger, the bright and splendid Wenger.

    The invincible, the great Arsene Wenger.

      1. Nobody is perfect, but Wenger is the most perfect Arsenal man I know. He could have left many times, but he never let us down. Therefore do I still feel ashamed of our behave and how we let him down. I went to the Merci Wenger game against Burnley in 2018 and I will never forget it ❤️

  3. His final years may not have been successful, but the fact remains that Arsenal becoming a global brand is mostly his making. He turned down many offers including Real Madrid twice just go stay with us. He doesn’t just deserve a statue, a part of the stadium should probably be named after him. Maybe the training ground, or otherwise. Wenger was a brain who transformed not just the club but also how English football is being played. Respect to the man. He’s a living legend.

  4. Yes. Very well respected in every way. Was a genius in his time. It’s a great shame the pigeons won’t, and shit on his statue like they do on all statues. But it is time something was done. Arsenal supporters worldwide worshipped the man when we were winning silverware. A great shame he didn’t win the Champions League. So close, yet so far. I would have him back if we had decent ownership of the Club. I really doubt he would repeat past mistakes. That’s my opinion. He’s the type of man that could reinvent himself. I’m neither Arteta in, nor am l Arteta out, but if we don’t have decent summer signings, I think the 2022/23 season will be a very long frustrating and disappointing season. I hope Arteta and his side kick Edu are up for it. The Arsenal values are starting to be a distant memory

  5. I am trying to decide now,who is going to be the first one to post a disrespectful,dissing, shameful…. comment on the great man himself Arsène Wenger?is it going to be FF?LC?Jon Fox?….. we’ll see.

    1. Probably me Siamois
      Not because I didn’t respect the beautiful football and the unearthing of incredible talent. He thoroughly deserves his statue. I thought HH above’s assessment was hero worship gone crazy and it prompted me to comment on it.

  6. You got it spot on HH!!!
    Can’t add anything more, except to say I hope they put his statue next to Herbert Chapman – two greats of Arsenal Football Club.

    I hope Arsene does return to the club, where the fans want him to be – the famous Merci Arsene T shirts are still worn on match days, as are the DB shirts given out before the first game at The Emirates.

    1. Totally agree with you, they are most important individuals in our history together David Danskin.

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