Arsenal to use Giroud and back 4 after Leicester injury blow?

Arsene Wenger has had way more than his fair share of injury problems to Arsenal players this season, and almost every year, to cope with so I am not going to waste any sympathy on Leicester City or their captain and defensive rock after Sky Sports reported that Wes Morgan was back in the treatment room and set to miss the trip to north London to face Arsenal this week.

What I do think, however, is that Wenger and the Gunners have a great chance to make the most of this blow to our opponents and the way to do it for me would be to start with Olivier Giroud as our centre forward and hope that his aerial ability proves too much for the rest of the Leicester back four to deal with, as Morgan is usually the man to dominate their box in the air.

The Foxes will still have the massive Robert Huth but without Morgan they should be much more susceptible to balls into the box, which is why I think Arsenal should also go back to the old back four system and get the full backs to get forward and use the whole width of our pitch.

The visitors were always likely to make time and space tight in the middle so along with Morgan’s injury could this be the key to Arsenal getting a vital Premier League win?


  1. Family Enclosure Man says:

    Not sure if I agree with this. It is notable that on the two games we have used the 3-4-3 system we haev been delivering the ball into the box much more directly. When we play 4-2-3-1 we overload attack with too many players who are too close to each other; as a result, the temptation is to keep playing short 5-yard passes to each other and to avoid throwing in crosses. It is too easy for opponents to set themselves in defence against this.

  2. Janssen says:

    Understand your reasoning but don’t share it.

    Firstly with Spurs and Man U to follow, why not give the team another chance to learn the 3 at the back system? It is not like this system doesn’t work against teams like Leicester. Look at Chelsea, Spurs or Everton they have beaten enough teams that were “weaker” with the 3 at the back.

    Secondly Giroud has been unimpressive since being our starting striker again. We didn’t put the game away until he was gone and could have scored more after he was off.

    Bring Giroud in of the bench if needed.

    1. Erasme Da Cruz says:

      I don’t see a reason why we should change this formation as it has worked very well so far. However i can see Wenger reverting to the back 4 because we will be playing at home and our core tactics prefer us to have plenty of possession.

      1. RSH says:

        we’ve been terrible at home too. Posession is overrated. Not even Barca concentrate on possession as much as they used to.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Giroud has scored 2 goals and 0 assists in last 10 pl games and 9 pl goals and 4 assists this season

    He will be our main striker next season
    Give him and Ramsey a bumper contract £140,000 per week

    1. Neilinspain says:


    2. Fortis_Gunner says:

      People don’t understand sarcasm smh

    3. Janssen says:

      Hahaha. Why not give him the captaincy as well.

      1. Janssen says:

        and some free hair gel….

  4. twig says:

    Giroud to Marseille makes sense

    1. RSH says:

      he will be around next season. All the regulars will including Ramsey, Wilshere, Theo, and of course the star of the show, Wenger. Season 22 on the way, who’s ready?

  5. twig says:

    So apparently we can now post to this website without a password. Amazing

    1. lord wafflebury says:

      @ can any tom, dick, harry or spud now…..wont be long before the trolls and hys idiots off bbc comments website will be polluting this….if they are not already !!

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    We were all surprised to see Wenger start the City game with the same formation & lineup that he used against Middlesbrough.
    So I doubt that he will change anything for the visit of Leicester ??

    This may be a little bit premature but it feels as if the shackles have come off and a big weight has come off our clubs shoulders …??Premature it is then ??

  7. Vanpayslip thought of the day - ask Arsene/he ain't 't understand this/ cause 99% of AKBs don't exist says:

    Giroud starting is never a good thing. If a strikers celebration is a past goal he has scored then may be his calling is something else.

  8. vinie2000 says:

    Fellas,we won two games with the 3 at the back but it was not pretty first half at all.Let’s see the game n a objective side, this system works 343 or 352 with a mobile CF not with a Lamppost sorry OG.Alexis should fill that role and I would go with Theo in One side or Lucas.Pace and Dynamic is the key ini this system. Also the DM’s should be energetic in transitions and passing forward to the wingers as quick as they can as Matic and kante do for Chelski or Allegri’s Juventus midfield. they swap targets and close gaps between attack and defence very quick allowing the wing back time to retreat. They are better physically than us and also got better players.we got 35% possession and 5 shots all game on target and said it all.. the formation is not from one game to another but a sequence of at least 10 games as it happened to Chelski after losing against US. i would go back to 4231 and then after scoring or to confuse go to 352 during the game ( PLAN B ) after 20 years.

  9. bonaroca says:

    Bonaroca:- I think the system Mr Wenger has now chosen is giving the Arsenal some results,
    but I can’t understand why still stick to Giraud, Welbeck is a far better centre forward and with a more disposition to help his forward colleagues particularly when his runs down the wings gives openings to his central assisting forwards.
    While Paulista have been playing instead of Bellerin, I still think that later in any game Mr Wenger should make one tactical change which should have been done against Man.City.
    In this case it would have been wise to bring in Bellerin put Paulista instead of Ramsey to
    consolidate the defence.
    As regards Holden at his age, in my opinion in the very near future could be playing for England, The problem with Mr Wenger has sent quite a few talented players with lower clubs
    with the results that in many cases they loose there classy touch to kick upfield soccer.

  10. dutchy says:

    Pleeease just thank the man for his contribution and ship him back to France or China. Wellbeck deserves a few more chances, he is very close to scoring goals. Definitely need CF of quality for next year, even Wenger knows this.

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