Arsenal to use Giroud as super sub?

Look, as the Arsenal boss says about four times in every press conference, I am not having a go at Olivier Giroud here. I know that a lot of Arsenal fans out there are not too keen on the France international centre forward and like to call anyone who dares to praise or stick up for him a blinkered fanboy, but he is our first choice centre forward and has done pretty well for Arsenal since he signed from Montpellier three years ago.

People seem to have forgotten that Giroud was a massive part of the way that the Gunners lit the blue touch paper in the second half of last season. After saving us from defeat against Everton in August, he suffered that freak leg break and we really struggled without him.

So why am I saying he should be left on the bench and used as a super sub? Well for his own sake as much as ours, because Giroud has often thrived in that situation. He was voted Man of the Match after coming on and scoring a beauty in the Community Shield win over Man City last season. And when he did come back from that tibia injury, Giroud scored with almost his first touch, and what a touch it was, in the game against Man United.

I think the Frenchman just needs something to kick start him this season and being left on the bench but then brought on might just be the thing, while Theo Walcott gives us a really good option. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. @Hafiz, to be honest same time at last season, I wanted Giroud to be injured so Wenger has to forcefully buy someone. I don’t like him as our main striker but we should spare him. He is doing his best from second half of last season. He is at not the level of Aguero or Costa so also we are not paying him salary what they get. We bought him in 10 m range and he has done better than that. He plays with his potential but he has his limit. He will not learn at this age on , how to dribble. He is better than many strikers in PL. It is Wenger’s fault if he can’t find better option until Giroud, Welbz and Walcott are the only strikers we have

        1. Are we going to sign a bloody striker???wtf is going on???Theo is not a striker and will never be.let’s not fool ourselves. Wenger is to blame for this ridiculous transfer window. This has been the worst window ever. I don’t remember being so frustrated in a transfer window like this one. Wenger out. We virtually sukkkk in two main positions, dm and cf.,.and nobody is doing anything about it

      1. Ur dream could turn into reality with the current team we have. Don’t be surprised if we lose again. I’m ready for another defeat. Sorry to be an arsenal fan, I feel ashamed

          1. I wish I was not an arsenal fan. I wish I wasn’t born an arsenal fan. I wish…but sadly I feel so much love for my club arsenal.

        1. You are not an Arsenal fan but an Arsenal critic. That’s not how fans behave. How dare you say you are ashamed of being an Arsenal fan. Go and support another club if you wish but stop you funny antics. A fan should be a fan regardless of how the team performs. If you become a fair weather supporter then you can’t qualify to be called a fan! Alternatively, you are a fan of another club masquerading as an Arsenal fan. Whatever you may want to say the season has just started and many more teams will lose games. Tomorrow either Man City, Chelsea or both will lose points because they are meeting. So the journey is still a long way off. You cannot lose hope after just one game if you are a true fan. So stop fooling us with your crocodile tears!

          1. Truth is bitter and you have just hammered the nail home. There are so many fake Arsenal fans. When the team wins, they jubilate and even praise the same Giroud but when they lose, they become ashame of Arsenal, brand Giroud a mediocre and clamour Wenger out. True fans don’t behave like that.

      1. Behind or front doesn’t matter, the bottom line is that lecoq and giroud are not good enough to challenge for the title. Wenger is an old fart, he has no clue what so ever. Wenger out asap.

  1. If we want “world class” in ever position, we need a new striker, but more importantly a new manager

    1. Exactly, we need a new manager. That’s where the problem is, Wenger should just retire.he will never win the bpl again. Mark my fkin words. If Wenger manages to win the bpl I will never post on this site again and will retire.

  2. Sick of Giroud bashing
    He has scored 58 total goals in 3 seasons
    If fit whole season, he is 20 PL goal per season striker

    He isn’t Suarez or Lewandowski but he is a good quality striker and of course he would be a good supersub

      1. Yes giroud is well worth 10 mil…he has been great for us, its unfair how he gets judged by some fans. Stop comparing him to aguero or Suarez. He has his own qualities. He would make a great second choice striker. We need a WC striker if we are to challenge for the bpl. We need a DM too. I don’t see us getting any of the two. Fked up transfer window, rather go and bang balls.

    1. and he could have scored so many more… He plays 50 games a season so scoring on average 19 goals isn’t exactly great

  3. Off topic: southampton really looked out of sorts and a shadow of themselves, losing 3-0 to a sharp everton earlier!

  4. he’s always having a nice game whenever he comes on. but doesn’t mean Theo should be our main striker, sign a world class striker, Giroud is a decent 2nd choice. # move Theo to the wing, no matter how strong headed he may be,his best days were are from the wings

  5. giroud is not good enough for a title challenging club but what can we do to solve this problem? i’m still waiting for wenger’s top top player at the closing day of transfer market, hope his top top player will not be another welbeck.

  6. Have you people seen the likes of Moah and Ty or whatever their names are? Man how deluded can some of us be.

    Dont be like them. I know that fans have been brainwashed to accept mediocre but dont be like them. Utter pathetic.

    Whats rlly funny and pathetic is that Giroud actully thinks that he is good enough besides many telling him that he is not. And the fact that he asked for explanation and answers from Henry made it even funnier. Bec the guy, i think is rlly thinking that he is good enough.

  7. I think of a super sub coming on should be someone that can out burst tired defenders. My choice for that would be the Ox coming on roughly at 65-70 minutes.
    I would like to see the line up of Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott for a 10 game stretch.
    I feel that gives us the most options and best goal scoring capability.

  8. Giroud is not Arsenal quality, or maybe should start from the bench. I’ve said it many times, U can compete for premier League trophy with Olivier Giroud as ur main Striker. Unless we want to lose our top top players cos of lack of ambition.
    Get us a new Striker & CDM. Show fans some respect Arsene, we deserve better cos we Luv dis club!!!!!

  9. Giroud could be our dzeko. And b4 you say dzeko isn’t good and didn’t score goals please look at his stats before last season where he regularly reached 15 goals coming of the bench and starting only a handful of games. But, then again I believe dzeko to be better than giroud. (Probably going to get slaughtered by delusional giroud lovers).

  10. Leicester two up away to west ham ….. Must have a manger who knows what he’s doing …. We don’t have enough top quality players to create a top team it’s that simple and,you can’t blame them …shit I can’t blame Walcott for taking home 140 grand a week for his mediocre performances …just the idiots who play him and pay him ..same goes for Monreal mert Ramsey giroud …

  11. Giroud is not as bad as fan’s make him out to be,
    Okay… Yes, it is frustrating when he misses alot of chances
    but in the last 3 seasons his goals per games ratio is more or less the same when compared to Benzema.
    And the latter is surrounded with more quality player’s than Giroud.
    So what’s the point in spending £45m on a 28 year old striker that isn’t that much better than Giroud?

    Be realistic!

    1. What are the other options please ? And please tell me the ones who can realistically be bought.

    2. As I’ve said before you cannot look at players stats and say they are equal. if u look at alexis stats at barca you would think he is equal to Giroud and he isnt now that he plays in the same team you can see the difference. watch the players and see for yourself the qualities they have and how it might help the team rather than going to whoscored and looking at player stats. Real Madrid is centered around CR7, Benzema gets scraps to feed off and does well with what he gets.

  12. Seeing how Leicester is beating west ham at west ham’s turf is not at all inspiring for us. We have to win tomoroow no matter what. I wont care if the goal comes of crystal palace player’s arse and we win 1-0.

    People are criticizing United but I fear the way they have gain started to win ugly. In last two season they didnt do that and lost games. I was watching their game and felt how did we let go of schneiderlin and not even bid for him. We missed out on him. period.

  13. Should have bought Cabaye a year ago and then we would not be worrying about a DM now as him and Coq would be sharing the burden.
    Now we have to worry about him being in the Palace team tomorrow especially as he was desperate to play for us. I’m worried about tomorrow!

    1. @BfB
      If we had bought Cabaye last summer as you opined, Coquelin would have ended his contract (with us) on loan. In other words, he’d have gone through a bossman transfer.
      We can’t have them together with Arteta, Flamini, Bielik .

  14. A player like Giroud is not really a super sub ok.He is is just not a super sub.The one who i really call a super sub in the team is Rosicky.He actually is.I am not going to waste my time talking about how good or not he is as it is really plain for everyone to see.The truth shall set you free.There are players in our squad that are not good enough yet fans support them and complain when we win nothing.Let those who have ears hear.

  15. @DavidRusa:
    You’re right Manshitty or chelshit may loose tomorrow or even draw the match; what you forgot to put in mind is the fact that we Arsenal are not at the same level with Shitty or chelshit. Look at how easily we lost to West ham, look @ how easily mancity won their last match amd look at how difficult it was for swensea to maintain a draw against chelshit. This is to show you clearly that manshitty and Chelshit are better prepared than we’re (just like every other season).
    Any football fan in the world will tell you Arsenal are far away from being a team that can challenge for premier league (good enough for 4th place though). Every season we finished below our core rivals, knowing exactly what our problem is. Now, a normal human being will think the next season will be better because those problems will get attention but no; the next season we just make an unnecessary big signing to calm the supporters temper and there we go again.
    Realistic Arsenal fans are in the know that change will never come to arsenal as long as wenger keep convincing you that; right from the first day of transfer, no top quality players available for grab. Let’s just hope we get another champions league ticket next season because Arsenal- the management, the coach, the fans and the players are all ambitionless.

    @Maigari33 – twitter

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