Arsenal to use special tactics for Eden Hazard?

First of all Arsenal fans, I would like to take this opportunity to once again get stuck into Jose Mourinho, as I think that no chance to do this should ever be passed up. The Chelsea boss has been talking out of his rear end again this week so let´s make the most of it.

His comments about Eden Hazard being better than Ronaldo last season have drawn widespread scorn from the football world, with the Arsenal boss contenting himself with a subtle but irrefutable mention of their respective goal scoring exploits.

I do not like Ronaldo personally because of his attitude but you would have to be an idiot to really believe that Hazard was better or even close to being as good a player. Someone get Jose a calculator because 61 goals against 19 from almost the same number of games played seems pretty emphatic in a mathematic stylee to me.

Anyway, I do agree that Hazard is a very good player. In fact he is the outstanding danger man in the Chelsea team. Yes Costa scored more and Fabregas created a lot but the little Belgian is, for me, the one player they have that can win a game on his own.

So should Arsenal go into Sunday´s Community Shield with special tactics designed to nullify him? It´s a tough one because even though that is not the Wenger way, we did do it with great success against David Silva at Man City and recorded a crucial away win.

However, I expect Chelsea to be set up to frustrate us and if we focus too much on stopping Hazard then it could make it easy for them. I would play our normal game but also tell Coquelin to watch for Hazard on the break. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Muzzi Ozcan says Arsenal fans should forget about Benzema!…….. Must be true , cuz he says so … L()L

    1. full of sh*t that muddy ofcom, gets everyone salivating on the ‘signing of the summer’ an what?
      well done mate, click bait cowboy.

      1. Benzema my arss…we ain’t getting nobody. Can’t believe days go by and we are not spending. Mr Wenger should have made to top class signings by now so they could face Chelsea. With the current team I’m sorry we got no chance.I know lecoq played really well last season but he’s not yet a proven DM . he needs to Learn a lot.we should have added a DM and striker by now. Big mistake

        1. When will you get it into your head that you can’t just go and offer a lump sum of money and have the other party just sell you their player. We have had no indication from Benzema (or Lewandowski/Cavani) that he would like to play for us (in fact he’s said on multiple occasions that is he is very happy there). This isn’t Fifa mate, Real have to also want to sanction the sale, and they have first say on anything that happens with Karim, if they say no we can’t do ****. Plain and simple. DM is another situation, and there are options I’d consider obtainable such as Kyrochowiak, who knows. Maybe Arsene is waiting on Flamini to be sold to free up that squad space, there’s a limit for that too you have to consider. Time will tell, it’s not the end all be all if lose to Chelsea, we still have time to bolster the squad.

    2. Wenger already poured cold water over Benzema… and I have no idea why we still have people clinging onto rumours.

  2. Coqueling want let him pass our players like last time. And as far as i remember in the seond game, Bellering played good against him.

  3. Seriously, Hazard is one nutcase……….the manner with which he dribbles and cuts in from the wings into the 18yard box can be so devastating

      1. Hazard is on the same level as alexis…not better. Same fking level..our squad is almost on the same level as Chelsea. We are just two signings away from having the better squad. A world class DM and a WC striker. A total of 70-80mil could make that happen

        1. Benzema 45 mil ( cuz we really don’t have much option) we will definitely get benzema for 45 mil

          Busquets or carvalho 25-35 mil ( we can surely land busquets with 35 mil

  4. Only thing I’d be worried about is that Chelsea have had their starting lineup in virtually all pre-season games. Wenger prefers to shuffle around. Just hope that all the players can gel together.

    Would love to see OX and Theo tearing up the wings but likely Theo up front with Rambo-Ozil behind. I could see Wenger being cheeky and starting one of the U-21’s also. Never know with Le Prof.

  5. No special tactics are better than showing up early and playing like a team helping each other. Mass attack mass defence

  6. Play the mourinio way ( park the bus) to frustrate Costa and mourinio , that’s the only way we can score a goal in the last 10 mins. Also need fair decision from the Ref. Sorry to say I don’t think we can do it

  7. Just foul Fabregas, Hazard and Oscar a lot and don’t give them any time on the ball. I think we should try playing counter- attack this game and not try to open them up with our usual possession football because that never seems to work. I think we should play with a lot of pace with Theo up top and Ox on the wings. Its about time Ozil showed up and bossed a big match.

  8. Hazard is on the same level as Alexis. Im telling you we are two signings away from having the best squad in the entire bpl. I can’t believe Wenger is so calm. If I was the manager I would be spending around 100 mil for two players.fuuuk it I would have won the damn bpl before I retired. I don’t get why Wenger is slimming his chances by not spending the damn money available

    1. On what?

      This isn’t FIFA. You don’t just throw more money at a team until they say yes. If Real do not wanna sell Benzema, they have absolutely no reason to do it. And what defensive mid would you have wanted? Schneiderlin would have been nice I suppose, but he’s not the guy we needed really. I’m sure the team is looking but there has not been a whole hell of a lot of insane pieces moving around this summer.

      Oh, BTW. What ever happened to Pedro to Chelsea being 99% about a month ago?

      1. Why don’t we get carvalho and Pedro???it would cost around 60 would improve our squad

      2. Sacrificial pizza, why Morgan was not the player for us??why???he was a perfect fit for us. Plus there are tons of players we can persuade by offering big salaries and a new challenge. Look at how smart manure have been doing business

      3. On what you say? Some of us have listened to Wenger for far too long over the years they now think and talk like him and equally make the kind of excuses he makes for not buying enough quality. Put enough money on the table and you will get your man, thats how its done. No club will ever admit its willing to sell its quality players in orfer to strenghten their bargaining position. Currently, Benzema, Cavani and Krychowiak are up for sale for any club thats willing to pay the right money. And even Lewandoski as well. But the truth is Wenger has not made any strong formal bids on any top players yet.

        1. No. They’re not. As I said this isn’t your fantasy FIFA universe. Things do not work like that. Why would Bayern, a team who joke about not caring about money and one of the best run clubs financially, need to sell a star player for any amount of money? Why? Tell me one reason? Because it works in your sad little fantasy world, that’s why.

          If the fat spanish waiter really does play Ronaldo in the center. Maybe Benz wants out. We won’t know for a few games into the season. Once again. Real have no reason to sell one of their best players. For any amount of money. Because none of their big money targets are moving this year, so they don’t need to free up any money. So why would they look to sell Benzema for any amount of money when they have to worry about beating Barcelona in the league?

          None of you think. You just criticize and stamp your feet like babies when everything doesn’t go your way. I am sure the team knows we need to make a signing. I’m sure if a big piece is moving we will be in. Chill out and get excited for the season. We have looked great in pre season. Better than we have in years.

          And to the lot saying you don’t see how we will beat Chelsea, we aren’t good enough. Stop supporting this club. You are an embarrassment. Go to Chelsea and don’t come back.

        2. And ffs. Do you even watch Cavani?!?!? I am a Marseille fan as well, and a big fan of Ligue 1. Watch a bunch of PSG games. You people cry about Giroud missing sitters. Haha. Cavani has been miserable. Even playing as main striker. As a Marseille fan, I hope he stays at PSG. He is that bad

  9. its us versus chelsea not versus hazard. why should we give him special treatment alone?

  10. Lewondaski (or whatever his name is) has pledged to stay at his club and the barca chairman has said Pedro is going knowhere…

    However….Andy Carroll is well up for a move.

    Good night and sweet dreams:)

    1. Benzema and carvalho are targets that can actually happen. It would add lots of steel and speed to our midfield and cf. We are missing out on good players! What was wrong with Morgan?why he wasn’t the player for us??crap talk

      1. Sean, I cannot disagree.

        AW on the other hand probably is content with his lot.

        After all is said and done he will say there were no players available who could possibly improve this Arsenal side..

        I and you think differently and we have seen much talent be signed elsewhere.

        There are still many better quality players out there (big names or not) and it remains to be seen if AW believes whether or not they are needed.

        Come his next contract talks, he will be judged on his decisions and the prizes one (or lost), so let’s wait and see.

  11. So Akpom won’t be staying at Arsenal this season? Looks as though he’s on his way to Hull by the looks of it. New striker coming?

      1. I like that lineup, its something different. Mourninho would expect this lineup:
        Bellerin/Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal
        Coq Caorla
        Theo Ozil Ramsey

        If we go like this I am extremely sure Mourinho would have a gameplan to shut us out and we would lose once again. Wenger has to be innovative with his selection and play. If he uses the old Arsenal possession play football, it just isn’t going to work. Mourinho has always struggled against good defensive discipline with fast counter attacking play. It exposes their frailties in aging centre backs like Terry and Cahill. A manager as proud and successful as Wenger surely needs to put an enormous amount of thought into this game and end the no win record once and for all. He has to win the battle tactically. Its a very important match. A victory and a good display would give us enormous confidence to get off to a quick start.

  12. I still have faith in Muzzi Ozcan

    He said “be patient. It will happen” And he said it’s definitely NOT Benzema

    I think it will be one of the following
    1. Lewandowski
    2. Isco
    3. Ibrahimovic
    4. Reus
    5. Draxler

    If not striker than Busquets, but I believe in Lord Harris too and Lord Harris said striker

    In Ozcan and Lord Harris and Arsene and Arsenal I trust

    1. Harris: is rhyming slang

      Originally an ‘arse’ was called a bottle and glass. Then folk got savy to this code and changed it to Aristotle as in bottle.

      Aris or Harris was then used to call someone an Arse.

      He had his own reasons for saying we had £200M in the piggy bank I’m sure, and who knows it may be true but one thing is for sure; it has done AW No favour at all.

      I sense mutiny.

  13. On what you say? Some of us have listened to Wenger for far too long over the years they now think and talk like him and equally make the kind of excuses he makes for not buying enough quality. Put enough money on the table and you will get your man, thats how its done. No club will ever admit its willing to sell its quality players in orfer to strenghten their bargaining position. Currently, Benzema, Cavani and Krychowiak are up for sale for any club thats willing to pay the right money. And even Lewandoski as well. But the truth is Wenger has not made any strong formal bids on any top players yet.

  14. Put a sign on the edge of the pitch saying

    Hazard don’t run on the grass slippery when wet 🙂

  15. Kick him then kick him again! 🙂 seriosuly though need to get numbers close to him quickly but without losing our shape. Costa and cahill confirmed fit 🙁 must be physical and play with no fear in this game. Ot: akpom to follow hayden to hull? Reported by tje BBC. Does this mean we have a striker coming or just reliant on theo, oli and Danny? Oh boy!

  16. Arsenal will beat chelsea Arsenal will run chelsea to the ground We have a great squad and capable of beating chelsea and giving them a good thumb
    We always try hard and get chances these chances this time around will be registered the team is solid and experienced and they have improved as a group for while now this on its own merit can beat chelsea

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