Arsenal to vote in favour of gesture to support the Black Lives Matter movement

Arsenal has been named as one of the teams backing a proposal to show solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping across the world.

The death of American, George Floyd has caused widespread protests across many cities as individuals ignore social distancing rules to ask for an end to racism.

Clubs and players from the German Bundesliga have used their platform to kneel in support of Black Lives Matter and the Premier League has also confirmed that it would not punish any player who performs a gesture in support of the movement.

In the next shareholders’ meeting between the clubs, one of the issues that will be discussed would be how the Premier League can show some solidarity with the movement.

One of the ways they could do that would be to kneel before the games kick off and ESPN reports that Arsenal would vote in favour of such action if they put the matter to a vote.

The Premier League will resume next week with Arsenal taking on Manchester City in their rescheduled game and it is highly likely that we will see something from both teams that recognises what is going on right now.

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    1. Or something to do with the NHS who have been saving thousands of lives. I am with you on this one Kenny.

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