Arsenal told BIGGER bid needed for midfield star’s January transfer

That January transfer window, and the chance it offers Arsenal to redress the problems in the squad that have seen us fail to win the Champions League qualifying group, once again, and to sit languishing down in 8th place in the Premier League, with just four wins from 12 games so far.

So there will be a lot of work going on behind the scenes, even though the official action cannot begin until the window actually opens on the 1st of January. And a lot of that work at Arsenal will involve identifying and preparing bids for the right player to add steel to the centre of the Gunners midfield.

One of those players, apparently, is the 22-year old Croatian international star Marcelo Brozovic. But his current club Dinamo Zagreb have him signed to them with a contract lasting until 2019, so they hold a very strong hand, which is why their manager has declared that potential suitors like Arsenal will have to come with a better offer than the £5 million being suggested.

But he does not say that they will not sell and there are a number of big European clubs interested, so Wenger needs to make a decision pretty quickly on whether to up the ante or fold and try another hand.

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  1. As far as possible transfer business
    should be completed in the summer.
    The hole at CB is impacting the entire
    team but we should have replaced
    Vermaelen like Wenger said he would.

  2. Personally I don’t Wenger spending any more money on players as I don’t trust him. keep the cash, and extra squad space for the next manager.

    1. Ridiculouse comment…
      Without spending this season will end in desaster. And the signings he MADE this summer have all played brilliantly. It was once again the lack of investment that cost us and not bad buys.

      1. my thoughts exactly jeff we needed a striker brought welbeck,i think wenger see’s chambers as a cb so he is in fact vermailens replacement otherwise why buy debuchy also straight replacement for sagna……he replaced players we needed alexis was a luxury to a degree but would you rather a cdm then him i doubt it ppl……

        1. How was Alexis a luxury?
          Too many average players in this team. If we want to compete with top teams it is essential we buy players of Sanchez’s class.
          Who else in the team is as good a player as Sanchez?

          Luxury buy, stupid comment.

      2. What I meant by that comment was that even if he buys the right players or top class players, we won’t see the best of them under Wenger’s management. For example Ozi l and Santi were very good players, but have gradually gone downhill because of Wenger not playing them in their right positions. Also Koscienly is a top class defender, but we don’t always get the best out of him because he’s paired with the slowest defender I’ve seen.

        Wenger has made some good buys this summer, but overall he’s very poor in the transfer market for a long time. Kim Kallstrom is a fantastic example.

        1. I see what you mean but in terms of defensive option buying is an absolute must. We just don’t have the numbers at the back. All we can hope for is that buys players in positions we need and of course players with the right quality.

  3. Arsen Wanger thinks his Del Boy from Only Fools And Horses ducking and diving with his Robin Reliant three wheeler van but pushing us all to believe its a Ferrari,

    said in his question time regarding Usmanov that when the club goes through a rough patch we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry in public ( words to that effect ) HAHAHA rough patch yes for the past eight years 🙂 I think the whole world knows and been telling you to spend if you have the money and you have had shi! loads in the bank for the past two and a half years, and if it is the board who wont let you spend then resign in protest.

    1. i was in a sports shop just about to buy my friends four year old son his first football team kit so that i can convert him in to an Arsenal supporter like i have done for dozens of kids, but for the first time i said Fluck it and walked away i mean why inflict life time of pain to someone.

  4. January window is the worst & most expensive time to do business. Triggered by panic you end up acquiring cheap talent coz-the classy ones are either cup tied, teams unwilling to disturb their team formation mid season by loosing key players and it is difficult for players/managers to make up their minds mid season. Let me wait and see what you can come up with.

    1. We may not get a world class DM we needed this Jan but there are quite a number of high profile defenders with their contract expire next June. Their club may want to get something rather than seeing them leaving for free.
      1. Scharr
      2. Winston Reid
      3. Ron Vlaar

      They can fill in well as 3rd, 4th choice CB but does not have the quality to displace Mert or Kos yet. Possibly one of the reason we did not buy any CB is that we want an upgrade on what we have (Mert), not another cheap backup who can easily turn into another Squilacci.
      Too bad that CB seem to be at the premium lately Lovren (25M), Mangala (40M), Luiz (50M) – over price and none had been convincing. Benatia is the best of the bunch but also cost a whooping 32M as much as Sanchez.

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