Arsenal told how much Declan Rice could cost in the summer

Arsenal is keen on Declan Rice and the Englishman could cost a lot of money before leaving West Ham.

His present deal with the Hammers expires at the end of next season, and he has not yet signed an extension to his contract.

This is a clear sign he wants out and the Irons have no choice but to offload him at the end of this term. Otherwise, they risk missing out on good money.

Rice is one of the Premier League’s finest midfielders and will certainly prove his worth for any side he joins from West Ham.

Arsenal seems to have him on their list as a priority target and a report on Football Insider has revealed how much he would cost.

It reveals the England international will cost around £70-80million and is expected to earn around £200,000 a week.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Considering how inflated the transfer market is, especially for English players, this seems like a good amount to invest in Rice.

West Ham would hardly give a discount because they know at least one of his suitors will be willing to pay that fee for his signature.

If we want a top midfielder with good long-term value, we should also be prepared to pay that much for Rice.

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  1. RICE – £70 or £80 million? You have got to be kidding. Arsenal say that they want him because he is a world class player then they will have to pay the price of a world class player

    1. He won’t make the same mistake Mudryk made . He holds the joker card, with his contract running out in a year. Arsenal hold the joker card as the only London club in champions league next season. And Chelsea and spurs are the biggest jokers around

  2. When Rice moves, this coming summer , as he certainly will, the sale price will be determined only by what clubis prepared rto pay for him and not a penny more. Arsenal would IMO be prepared to go to around £70mill, possibly £80 mill, but I foresee other clubs offering more.

    Rice, however, if he refuses to go elsewhere and wants to stay in London will need to choose between ourselves and Chelsea.

    But Chelsea, if they decide they want him, would go higher than us for him, as all perceptive fans surely know!

    1. Jon, it seems that covid has had no effect whatsoever on both the PL and transfer money.
      If we don’t compete in this market place, then we will have to accept that others will become stronger.
      Is he worth the money?
      Always a gamble as the examples of Odegaard and Pepe have proved.
      I do think he wants to come to the club and there are more pluses than minuses in my opinion.
      If chelsea, city, newcastle or united want him, then we should immediately start looking elsewhere.

      1. KEN an interestingpoint of viww about Covid. I foresee a general fan tightening of the fanbase belt, based not on Covid mostly, but on the general financial hardship that many are undergoing.

        Not all fans pay Arsenal prices of course and many clubs, esp lower down thpyramid are better value for money, relative to the standard they watch week in week out .THIS IS NOT TO DISS OUR STANDARD BUT SIMPLY TO FACE.
        It has been obvious, to me and many other perceptive observers,for decades rather than just years, that this financial race to HELL CAN ONLY END UNHAPPILY, IF IT KEEPS ON GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION.

        I agree with your Rice last lines comment!

      2. Ken, Martin Odegaard is looking a comparative bargain at around €30 million. With regard to Nicholas Pepe, his corrupt over-valuation was not his fault, nor was the fact that he did not suit Arteta’s required playing style.

    2. 80m pounds for Rice would be over the top. I would rather get a decent DM and pay 100m for Victor Osimhen.
      Gabriel Jesus
      That would be a strike force that can bring fear into any defense.
      Gabriel Jesus can also play on the right. This rotating with Saka when the need arises.
      We can get a decent Central Midfield like Douglas Costa, Valverde, or Camavinga(loan)

  3. I think we better be prepared for an offer no less than 100 million to pull this off. May potentially be the most expensive PL transfer ever once all is said and done.

  4. Are you deluded? £70-80m because a tacky website says so 🤣🤣. Rice is £100m+ and will no doubt be far more than that. West Ham have a 12 month extension clause on his contract in excess of the 18 months left. If Arsenal want him they will have to pay up, no matter if West Ham get relegated or not. There is no relegation clause in his contract so his value won’t go down.

  5. That’s just not true. West Ham will still go for 100mill+. They know he’s in demand and big 6 will pay it.

  6. Does anyone think he’s better than partey? If not, it makes no sense to pay so much for a DM.

    I think he could be a fantastic CB, but i hear he doesn’t want to play there. As a midfielder, he’s very good at protecting the defence, but is very limited going forwards from what I’ve seen. Very basic.
    To my mind, partey is fairly similar technically and in playing style to jorginho, but with a physical presence to him – we could do with a young player of that profile, or who could realistically develop into that profile imo. Rice isn’t that..

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