Arsenal told how much they will need to spend to get back inside the top four

Noel Whelan says Arsenal has to spend around £250million in one transfer window to get back inside the top four.

The Gunners haven’t played in the Champions League since the 2017/2018 season and they are not in any European competition in this campaign.

They reached this new low at the end of last season and have spent around £130million to become more competitive.

They have still started this campaign poorly as they look to become a top European club again.

They haven’t made the best of starts and to show how bad they are in terms of quality of players, they spent their transfer budget on at least four players.

Meanwhile, Manchester City signed only Jack Grealish for £100million while Chelsea spent almost the same amount on Romelu Lukaku.

They can afford to do that because they already have a strong squad, but Arsenal doesn’t and has to strengthen several positions.

Whelan says to return to the top four will cost them that huge outlay in one go.

“There’s a lot of things they need to get right at Arsenal,” the pundit told Football Insider.

“They huffed and puffed and got over the line at the weekend. But most teams in the top six will blow Norwich away.

“I love the ambition, but they are four or five years off the Champions League.

“Yes, they are a work in progress and they spent a lot of money this summer but they are a long, long way off those other top teams.

“It doesn’t look like it’s two years off. Man City have strengthened, Man United have strengthened, Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea.

“They are still way, way off winning it, if they ever do again. They are going to have to spend close to £250m in one season to get close to everybody else.

“They need to be in the Champions League to draw these players in, so it’s catch-22.”

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  1. Get a real manager, let the squad settle for at least 6 months, then see where we are actually lacking.

    It’s like giving a new fancy yacht for someone that’s lost at sea, but has no idea how to sail it. Pointless…

      1. Real Manager? Get your grips to the reality of life. How can you suggest that? The more Arteta spends money, the more hes going down the league table. He want to buy titles like his former boss (Pep).

        1. Did he buy the FA and CS? Every grandad, his son, grandson and their pet dog knows that we were having a squad of lazy overhyped overpaid players and Mikel is either shaping them or shipping them. Latest casualty is Nelson, unfit in Holland.Need we say more?
          Good luck Mikel!

    1. Spot on obvious issue: not a player issue but coach.

      Spend all this money is useless; we have no coach; a total joke, not a funny one, 3 rd season, worst & worst; now fighting to survive in EPL.

  2. What has Arteta done/got to say he will get us in top 4? Everything points to him not being capable, i see nothing to suggest otherwise.

    1. Your usual hourly “sack MA post” is running a few minutes late this morning Reggie. Are you slipping or perhaps have overslept?

  3. its not the amount….

    its about signing the right players

    Bayern, Leicester, Lille and etc…..

    they didnt spend big but won….

    Media just love to pressure the club to spend

    they just want the news to sell

  4. After buying 11 players, is there any improvement in the team? There’s no trial and error method in football. The guy lacks football knowledge. Let’s make a comparison of Chelsea and Arsenal teams. There’s no big difference in quality. The only difference is in management

  5. More than big money spending, it is proper team tactics, philosophy and sound management that gives success, prime example in point being Leicester. They won the PL title, are consistently in the top 6 and have a consistent form over the years. We have to focus more on attacking football, positive forward play and be more aggressive in our play. We struggled against Norridge, but in any way it was a good beginning to get off the mark. Bigger tests lie ahead and hope the winning run continues.

  6. Everyone seems to be on same page; not a money issue but management

    Arteta / Edu out, Conté in! They are ruining this club completly for over 2 years!

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