Arsenal told how they can secure Odegaard’s future

Tim Sherwood says Arsenal’s chances of landing Martin Odegaard on a permanent deal would be helped greatly if they return to the Champions League.

The Gunners want to keep the Norwegian loanee beyond his current spell which ends when this season finishes.

He only joined them in the last transfer window, but he has become one of their most important players.

Mikel Arteta clearly likes him and has fielded him in virtually all of Arsenal’s games since he made the move.

As he contributes to helping them end this season in a good position, Arsenal wants to keep him.

That would be a tough ask because his fine form will make his parent team, Real Madrid want to keep him.

Odegaard’s form will also have come to the attention of other top teams and because of that Sherwood says they can probably only sign him if he gets Champions League football next season.

The former Spurs manager also reckons that the Gunners will be thinking about signing him permanently as he would if he was in their position.

He told Optus Sport: “I think they would love to sign him if they possibly could. I would definitely sign him. I think Odegaard might only come to Arsenal if they finish in the Champions League, which means they need to win the Europa League.”

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    1. 😂😂😂 like “oh, thanks for the note, we missed that in our plan and wanted to lose next match”

  1. Whether Arsenal make the Champions league is not a factor in any one joining the club. Leno Luiz Gabriel Saliba Tierney Partey Torreira Guendouzi Martinelli Willian Mari Cedric all came knowing the club would struggle to make CL. Only super stars expect CL and they are not coming to Arsenal and Arsenal could not afford them now any way. Odegaard is not a superstar in fact has done virtually nothing since being signed by RM in 2015. RM paid very little for him so the 25+ mill they want for him in the present financial climate is ridiculous. Arsenal could get him for as little as 9 mill. He seems happy enough just to get game time and be seen in the shop window. We don’t really need him and nor he us. Offer Real Madrid Reiss Nelson and 3 mill and see if they bite.

    1. What the hell have you been smoking this morning my fellow gooner?😊
      Lets hope the £25 million + being a ridiculous price for him is all in jest.
      This £9 million plus Nelson etc is all humour.

      You can’t be serious about that kind of talk, can you?
      Because if you believe what you just wrote then you must be living in a complete alternative universe / reality, not the one we have grown up to know.

    2. WYOMING while not entirely disagreeing withthe comments below yourpost , which ridicule your valuations, I must say thatNO ONE knows for sure just what effect the financial effects of Covid will have wreaked on all player valuations.

      My take is that many will be surprised how FAR previous asking fees will have shrunk , by necessity. TBH, nothing much will surprise me apoart for high valuations which are in thr past IMO, WITH THe POSSIBLE EXCePTIONS OF OIL RICH CLUBS AND THOSE WITH CURRUPT MULTI BILLIONAIRE OWNERS, BUT WHO ALSO LOVE THEIR CLUB(thus ruling out Kroenke)!

    3. Travor noah, eddie murphy, martin Lawrence and even kevin hart aint close to your humor at all, who knows if you consider standup comedy …..if you will become “GOAT”.

  2. What with Tim Sherwood and Wyoming making light work of what The Arsenal need to do, it’s a wonder we have any cause for complaint!!!
    The answers are so simple and life is just a bowl of cherries 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒😂

    1. You’re right Ken; no one is asking Martin Odegaard, what his view is and that is the most important thing.
      Tim Sherwood hasn’t any insight into Spurs let alone Arsenal. Wyoming’s valuation of Odegaard is way off, but also his release clause is in “cloud cookoo land” at any time, let alone in the current covid affected market. Real Madrid have to sell assets; if Odegaard wants to leave, RM won’t risk keeping an unhappy player.

    2. I have just read Wyoming’s comment and it challenged my reality. I have been up since 5am and I thought my interpretation of it must have been due to me still being sleepy.
      I will have to come back later in the day and have a look at that comment again just to make sure I am not still dreaming.

      The “offer £9 million plus Nelson to Madrid for Odegaard” 🤭

  3. And in another scoop I can reveal that if he had more points we would be higher up in the table. So it seems a footballer has ambition. WELL WHOEVER KNEW THAT THEN!
    And congrats to TRVL for beating me to “CAPTAIN OBVIOUS”!

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