Arsenal told how to stop the transfer rumours around Saka

Alex McLeish has told Arsenal the only way to stop the rumours linking Bukayo Saka with a move away from the club is to give him a new contract.

The attacker has become one of the club’s key men, and he simply keeps getting better.

His contributions are a reason the Gunners have been rebuilding their team well under Mikel Arteta.

Yet, he is one of the lowest-paid players at the club and he also has a deal that expires in 2024.

The likes of Liverpool and Manchester City reportedly hold an interest in his signature and they could pounce to add him to their squad.

But McLeish believes he will not be looking to leave the club now and advises Arsenal to do the obvious.

He tells Football Insider: “He is still a young lad and I feel, in this stage of his career, he has a passion for the club that he is at.

“I can see an extension of that contract coming into play sometime soon. Arsenal obviously want the speculation to stop.

“The only way that will happen is if that gets tied up by the club. That’s the only way speculation will stop.”

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Saka has been one of the finest players we can have and the youngster should ideally stay with us for the rest of his career.

That rarely happens nowadays, but Arsenal can get him to stay and keep performing well by offering him a mouth-watering long-term contract.


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  1. Well Alex, thanks for that incredible piece of insight – no one at the club has ever thought about that, I’m sure.

    I’m absolutely convinced that these pundits and the media think that football fans / supporters don’t have a brain cell between them!!!

    1. Nothing wrong with what Alex has said. The title of the article makes it look like he’s trying to give some kind of unknown insight which of course he wasn’t trying to do

      1. Alex obviously thinks it something that the club hasn’t considered, otherwise why tell us what needs to be done?

        Is Mikel really that nieve, that he needs such insight?

      2. Dgr8xt, Nothing wrong, but only if you believe churning out the bl….ng obvious, which every fan has already known for ages, is worth reading!

        Personally I dont think reading the b…….g obvious is worth wasting my time.

        Perhaps your time is less valuable than many others on JA!

    2. As to your last point Ken. More likely Mcleish and other media dummies might be fu***ng stupid? As Basil once said : “specialist subject.. The bleed*ng obvious?

  2. McLeish says the way to stop the rumours linking Saka to other clubs is to give him a new contract, well I would never have thought of that !! Talk about stating the obvious.

  3. Rumoured he is on about £75 thousand a week at present and a new contract doubling this is on the table.

      1. I find that very difficult to believe but I guess we all just believe which rumours we find, as presumably no one outside of him, his agent and the club know the truth.

  4. I hope any contract negotiations are concluded swiftly to enable young Saka to focus entirely on improving his skills and in particular his first touch which let’s him down on numerous occassions.The fact that he is played on the “wrong side of the pitch” dosn’t help him or the team and I really hope Arteta recognises this quickly .The lad is more than capable of scoring from the left where he can cross on the run with his good peg and cause havoc.The same applies to Pepe who has never really been given a chance to prove it.In all the euphoria concerning our pre season successes I cannot think of anyone who has raised the matter of the part to be played by the very talented ESR a guy who in my opinion can bring as much to our table as friend Saka.What I am getting at is we have absolutely no need to think about bringing in another right winger, when ESR, Martinelli, Nelson and for that matter the very impressive Jesus can operate on the right wing without diluting the potency of our attack.Forgive me if my comments upset some fans but I had to get the issue off my chest.

  5. Best way for anyone to stop rumours… is to stop reading web sites that deal in rumours.

    And yeah, offering him a new contract… why did no-one ever think of that before? Pay a few million, just to stop rumours. Genius.

  6. Until he actually signs, there will always be talk. There obviously is something going on because he has dallyed signing a new contract. He is on 70k a week and apparently we have offered to double that. Well for starters, that isnt going to be enough and he obviously isn’t in a rush because he is hot property.

    1. 680k per month for a 20 year old not enough.Come on Reggie.That must be even more than you earn? I wonder what his agent will make when a deal is concluded at a time when the ordinary man on the street is struggling to make ends meet.

      1. Grandad, i think players should not be on anywhere near what they are on but in the players he has around him and being one of our key players, 140k a week is not comparable. He being one of our better players, will be demanding at least parity or more. Therefore he or his agent will not be keen to sign for less.

        1. That’s why some of us continue to pint a finger at the £100m p/w Nketiah is on. Saka’s agent will demand at least £200k p/w

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