Arsenal told Jesus is not really the saviour they need

Arsenal is closing in on a transfer for Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City, according to multiple reports.

The Brazilian is considered one of the finest forwards in the Premier League and Arsenal needs new goal-scorers.

The Gunners have lost some of their key attackers in the last few months and have just managed to tie down Eddie Nketiah to a long-term contract.

The attacker will not be Arsenal’s main man in the next campaign, and Jesus could move ahead of him in the pecking order.

However, the Brazilian is being sold by Manchester City because he couldn’t become the heir to Sergio Aguero, reckons Adam Shergold for The Daily Mail.

In his latest opinion piece, he detailed that the striker is good, but Arsenal cannot gamble on him becoming the main man for their attack.

This is because he has never had a prolific season to suggest he can get the job done at the Emirates.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Jesus has truly not been a striker you can rely on to score as many as 20 goals in the Premier League per season.

The former Palmeiras man will get us goals, but he will probably not score enough to help us achieve our aims.

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  1. I can understand the doubts about his ability to score a bag full of goals because he was never really a started with City. I’m sure MA sees his potential to become a more prolific striker if he’s given the role on a more constant basis. At £50m that is a massive gamble though. MA and Edu need to prove things are coming together this season with nothing more that top four and even some silverware. Doe’s MA have that much faith in him? I’m also concerned about the amount of Brazilian players we have because of International call-ups etc.

  2. Why wont he? He has never been given a full chance at city due to the already made world class purchases and the rotation policy due to squad depth.

    City only had 1 person over 20 goals last season due to the way they play….this is a stupid argument.

  3. I agree with conclusion
    Why buy him for more than 50m when he has only 1yr on contract left?

    They should concentrate on buying Rafingha and turn him into another RVP. Rafingha has the attributes to succeed as a striker.

  4. I heard Edu has proposed to pay him 265k a month. Too much. Another pending Lacazette/Ozil situation.

    Arsenal never learns.

    May be Edu will take a cut in his 365k wages. I don’t trust South Americans. Remember what Sanhelli is rumoured to have tampered with Pepe’s contract.

  5. This Jesus to Arsenal rumour has failed to excite me. I can’t put my finger on why? May be because I think the £50 million and ridiculous wages he will definitely be on is not worth it.

    I did not know much about Lisandra Martinez until we were linked to him last week, but I really want him at Arsenal after watching some YouTube clips of him. I know they are just video clips but wow, I am impressed. I want him to join before G.Jesus.

    Much more than excited about about his rumour than the Jesus one..

    1. “This Jesus to Arsenal rumour has failed to excite me”

      That’s probably a good thing. Those that have exited have failed miserably in the past. Laca, Pepe.. Remember the folks here screaming PAL.. What happened to that?

      1. “ Remember the folks here screaming PAL.. What happened to that?”

        Arteta that’s what happened.

  6. “Lacazette Mk 2″….He will not be the prolific goalscorer that Arsenal need and for the most part offers no more than Eddie…Possibly his greater experience and winning mentality put him in front of Eddie currently but they are technically and physically very similar….So what is the point of extending Eddie’s contract and then bringing in someone else…only 3 years older to offer exactly the same-hard work and link play.
    If Arsenal want to challenge they need someone as a first choice striker with the ability to dominate defences and become prolific in front of goal .Whilst Osimhen’s likely fee is fairly prohibitive this could be offset by doing a part-ex with Napoli for Torreira.
    Frankly I do not want to see Jesus at Arsenal next Season at all.A player who only managed 13 league goals last season for one of the most prolific scoring teams in Europe and nearly a third of these came in the one game.

    1. He was good enough to start over 20 games for city last year, including league and champions league.

      I think if Pep was happy to play him and trust him that often , to say he is no better at this time then Eddie is just a crazy statement.

  7. the price City wants, and the wages being floated… Arsenal may need to re-align what they want and what is reasonable.

  8. We all look at his stats for last season which stands at 13 league goals, why dont we compare him to Salah,Mane, Son and Harry kane against the number of minutes ratio they played in the league and sea if the others were better off.

    We had Lacazete played more minutes than Eddie but Eddie outscored him when given a chance consistently and this is the same thing Arteta can offer Jesus that city cant. This is where we can really rate the boy.

  9. The fans throwing names such as Osimhen and Scamacca have you really taken time to watch these guys play or do you follow the Seria A closely as some of us do? Apart from them being tall or your preference for a tall Stricker what else do they offer and how well would they gel with Mikel’s tactics, our players and the league?

    We have had a tall ST recently, how did that work out? Fans almost drove Giroud to another club themselves. What’s the worst that could happen with Jesus, buy him at 25 and if he flops ship him off before he hits 29. Atleast Mikel knows the player and he understands the league. They should be a reason other top teams including Arsenal are not cutting down tress over those tall Serie A strikers.

  10. The money to be paid to City for Jesus, upward of 40m for a player with 1yr left on his contract is too much. Same with
    his salary, from 91k a week to 265k a week.

    Has Edu got what it takes to negotiate?
    I mean we should concentrate on securing Rafingha and convert him as a striker.

    He has all the attributes to be a striker the same way RVP was converted by Wenger.

  11. Arsenal cannot offer top tier European football nor can they state that they will be competing against Man City and Liverpool.
    This severely limits our ability to attract top strikers like Nunez or Haaland.
    Personally I think Jesus will be as good as it gets for Arsenal at this stage.
    If we improve then we can look to bid for such players, assuming that Kroenke would bankroll us for that…

    1. Yep I agree. He’s as good as we can do in an established striker right now… with uncertainty about his ceiling as he’s never started centrally week in/out. The only alternative is to go for a younger more unproven player who could become the next big thing three years from now(but might also use us as a stepping stone).

  12. That Gabriel Jesus transfer
    I’m not 100% happy 😳
    Smith rowe scored 10 League goals while Jesus scored 13
    Pls can we get a prolific striker
    And also convert Smith rowe to a left foot
    I think that would work better
    Then we get a prolific striker

  13. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! I’m getting tired of all the links to Jesus. IMO, he will not be our savior, he will not be the chosen one. But what to do after ditching your main striker, PEA, with no one to turn to but Nketiah? We can pray for him to return next season in the form of our legendary no: 14 striker, Theirry Henry – a miracle not likely to happen.

    To avoid being taken to the cleaners, having our pockets picked or turned upside-down and shaken by the Citizens until our last penny falls out, we need a plan B for Jesus. That’s what I believe.

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