Arsenal told La Liga striker is a direct replacement for Aubameyang

Alexander Isak has been on the radar of Arsenal for some time now, and he could be the next striker that joins the club.

The Swede plays for Real Sociedad in La Liga and has continued to develop his game.

He first came to the Gunners’ attention at Euro 2020 when he led the line so well for his national team.

The former Borussia Dortmund man has continued to deliver fine performances for his club.

Dusan Vlahovic was Arsenal’s number attacking target, but the Serbian is now edging close to joining Juventus.

It leaves Arsenal with no choice but to sign an alternative striker, and The Daily Mail believes Isak is the closest they can get to signing someone who is as good as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in his prime.

The report says the striker “has excelled through the middle but can also play out wide, in a similar role which Aubameyang has adopted throughout his Gunners career.”

And “knows where the goal is as well, having scored 17 times in LaLiga last season.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Isak has been in very good form at Sociedad and that is one reason he has been on Arsenal’s wishlist.

At 22, he is also at a very good age when he can deliver for us now and in the next few years.

Adding him to our squad means we have secured a good striker for the long haul because he can remain at the top of his game for at least 8 more years.

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  1. saying he’s “in very good form” is a bit of a stretch, as he scored in 3 consecutive matches in October, but he has only scored once since Halloween…hardly an in form player…so let me get this straight, we discarded one of the most proficient scorers in our history, prior to MA’s arrival, then those who have replaced him have struggled for goals, except when we’re facing lesser lights, and now our plan is to sink a considerable sum of money into a player who can’t seem to put up big numbers in a “lesser” League because he’s considered to be a like-for-like replacement for the very player we just excommunicated…that makes sense?!? maybe it’s the piss-poor tactics after all and until that’s fixed we shouldn’t be so quick to flash the cash

  2. as I mentioned on several occasions, both during and after the 2021 Copa, we should have pushed hard to get Diaz from Porto right after the tournament, as he was the best player I watched by some distance…if he goes to Pool, they will have found a perfect Mane replacement at a fraction of the price

  3. To be really frank and despite the thin squad, I cannot see any purpose of spending any more given the brand of football under our manager. There is neither style nor pragmatism to get results.

    May as well finish 8th with the youngsters rather than finish 7th or 6th after spending a further 60 million +.

  4. I think Isak is a good move cos he linked up with Odegarrd b4 they linked up pretty well they know each other it’s a good buy with Saka and Martenellli the front 4 should be formidable

  5. Top 6 has always been the goal. Never top4. No pundit picked Arsenal to make top 4. They all picked City Chelsea Liverpool and Man U. No one picked Arsenal. No one.
    The window so far has been quiet on incommings but most business is done in the shadows of the post ie the last 36 hours so as transfer windows go there is plenty of time.
    Letting go AMN Mari Kola were all signaled a long time ago players who to be fair hardly played so no surprise there.
    Leno most likely stays till the summer but maybe there is time to sell and import another.
    Chambers going out was a stealth deal though.
    Which makes me think the club has some significant business in the offing.
    A CB and or RB must be coming in as we have only 3 CB’s while Tomi is injured and AMN Chambers and Mari have left.
    Xhaka leaving is possible but not likely.
    Another no 10 is quite possible.
    A striker if Auba/Lacazette/Pepe go is possible.
    But after having splashed 50m on Lacazette (who can now leave for free in June)
    60m on Aubaneyang (after having lost Sanchez for free) who is in terrible form on 330k p/w and out in the cold, then 72mill on a thus far flop Pepe and having spent 150m in the summer I can well understand the reticence to splash the cash again. Arteta cap in hand on bended knee begging for more money at the feet of Kroenke is embarrassing to stay the least. Are we that desperate? Really? I woud loan Pepe to Saudi Newcastle FC hoping he would do a Willock and impress in a smaller team who would then buy him for close to what we paid. There is talk around Auba going on loan but we will see. So I do think the window will finish with a bang not a whimper. If we do indeed make significant signings will those who slated the club apologise?

    1. but does Saudi FC wants Pepe?

      Fans loves to decide where the players should go for loan or sale

      but does the other club want our player?

  6. The lack of replacement for outgoing players will be the excuse for MA to continue with Arsenal if he never get Arsenal back to top 4.

    MA’s obsessed fans will use this as an excuse to plead for MA to stay for another 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!

    LET MA and his gang kill ARSENAL THE BRAND!

    Love the club! Not the owner! Not the managers! Not the players!

  7. 6th place was target in the beginning of the season..that was in the beginning of the season…we not there anymore..we’ve long past the beginning of the season…..we were in 4th place and should adapt to change and plan for 4th place…we not taking the opportunity and instead we lack ambition…..we also have good players on loan who play regularly for other clubs but cannot play for Arsenal…something isn’t right there…..something needs to change at Arsenal……!

  8. And throughout all this Arsenal are going to give Mikel a new deal!! Jesus we really have such low ambitions these days, let the manager sweat it out under pressure and accomplish something 1st with this team.

    We will end up sacking him come Novemebr when he has just signed a new deal and we have to, again, cancel a contract and pay the manager (& like we have done with alot of players) alot of money to depart. They never learn.

    If he doesn’t get Top4 considering where we are at in the league with no other distractions, cup wise, then he should not be in the dug out for the opening fixture of 22/23 season.

    Spent £150m in the summer, payed off so many players to leave or cancel their contracts plus just before that Pepe £72m, Laca £52m – walks for free in the summer, Auba £60m – deserved bigger deal then is being forced out and will be paying 50% of his £300k a week wages whenever he leaves or a big lump sum to get rid. Xhaka got a new deal too last summer.

    Wasted alot of money to be fair as all the players values massively decreased with their big contracts & lack of passion for the club.

    Saliba will leave, Matteo & Dino also who would’ve saved us alot of money in buying players.

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